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Download Root Checker | Root Verify 1.6 APK

This application does not root your device, instead it simply verify if it is rooted or not!

What is root?
Rooting (Android OS) equivalent of jail-breaking Truly Own Your Device (TOYD), that means unlocking the operating system so that you can customize your phone anything that you want, Unlock Hidden Features and Install “Incompatible” Apps, delete space-wasting preinstalled apps that coming from default on your device and update the latest OS that you like.

Rooting an Android device is simply the process of gaining full administrator control of a device, it’ll allow you to access the entire operating system and customize just about anything on your Android Phone.

What is BusyBox?
Your phone is rooted? then one of the most common things to do after rooting is to installing the busy box.

BusyBox is a collection of powerful command-line tools in a single binary executable that can be run for LINUX / UNIX based systems, including Android. You need Busy Box installed because some commands are not available to you and you made need them for some root level tasks.

Why root your device?
– Unlock hidden features that available in your phone and install “Incompatible” apps.
– Boost your phone’s speed for better performance and battery life.
– Block unwanted Ads that popping up.
– Remove your device preinstalled apps.

Finally enjoy numbers 123456789 memory game 🙂

This app also gives you the following build information about your Android device.

Device build information
. Board
. Boot-loader
. Brand
. Device
. Display
. Fingerprint
. Hardware
. Host
. Id
. Manufacturer
. Model
. Product
. Serial
. Tags
. Time
. Type
. Release
. Incremental

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Version 1.5

+ Numbers Memory Game
+ What is BusyBox?
+ Busy box status available
+ Device name included

>>>Download Root Checker | Root Verify 1.6 APK<<<

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>>>Download Root Checker | Root Verify 1.6 APK<<<