Live Quiz Games App, Trivia & Gaming App for Money 2.0.69 Download APK

Download Live Quiz Games App, Trivia & Gaming App for Money 2.0.69 APK

BaaziNow Live Games App – Play Live Trivia Games, live quiz game, bingo game & live poll game, win & earn money in PayTM or Mobikwik wallets

BaaziNow is a Live Free Games App by Times Internet Limited where you can play trivia quiz game show, bingo game & guess all answers with millions of other users to earn money online. BaaziNow, gaming app features BrainBaazi – live trivia quiz game, BingoBaazi –a live bingo games & PollBaazi an interesting live quiz game where majority wins.
Get ready for BaaziNow – the gaming app and play live quiz game, fun quiz & bingo game to earn money online!

Download BaaziNow app, play BrainBaazi – live quiz gaming app & test your trivia quiz skills at 8:30 PM for Rs. 50,000 everyday & afternoon show at 1.00 PM for Rs. 20,000 Monday to Friday, bingo game at 4.30 PM for Rs. 20,000 or PollBaazi at 3:00 PM for 5,000 & Rs. 9:00 PM for Rs. 10,000 daily.

Refer BaaziNow online trivia quiz games app and money earning app to your family, friends & colleagues for an extra life.
BrainBaazi-Live Trivia & Quiz Game Show to Earn Money Online

BrainBaazi is one of the most innovative online trivia quiz games app in India where you compete with millions of players in live quiz game show. The host asks questions, which you have to answer correctly to win the cash prize.
How to Play Live Quiz Game?

* Download the BaaziNow online games app to earn money
* Sign up using your mobile number & OTP
* The host will ask questions, each having 3 options. Only one of these options is correct
* Players get only 10 seconds to answer each question
* If your answer is incorrect or you run out of time, then use your extra Life to be in the game
* Answer the Q7 Kal-Nayak Sawaal/Agent Rana Sawaal correctly without using your life to get an extra life at the end of quiz game. Both eliminated & non-eliminated users can answer this question
* Everyday 10 minutes before quiz game starts, host shares cheat code to increase your chances of winning

How to play the PollBaazi?

Go to PollBaazi to play & guess the quiz online. The anchor asks 8 questions with 3 options and 10 seconds to answer each. There will be no correct or incorrect answers, options with maximum submissions will be considered correct. Guess all questions correctly to win your share from prize money. You can play even after being eliminated, a late entry to the game or coming back after dropping because of the network glitch, also, use an extra life in the game to continue playing the game even after giving an incorrect answer.
BingoBaazi – Live Bingo Game Show

Participate in BingoBaazi –live bingo game daily at 4.30 PM. Play online bingo game with millions of users & win cash. The anchor will call out numbers live, for which players will get 6 seconds to confirm. Enjoy bingo live game app to win loads of prizes! Download now to enjoy the bingo game!

How to Play Bingo Live?

* Go to BingoBaazi to play live bingo game
* Join the game every day at 4.30 PM to get a ticket, each having 3 rows & 15 numbers
* Players get 4 chances to win top, middle, bottom rows & full house
* Anchor will announce a number, players will get only 6 seconds to confirm each number
* If all the numbers in a row match the announced numbers, you will win the row prize
* After the claim, our system will verify the eligibility & prize money will be credited in your E-wallet
* If all the numbers of your ticket match the announced numbers before 36th call, you will win the grand prize for Full House
* Claimed prizes will be available at the top of the screen
* In case your claim is incorrect, we allow one bogus call per bingo game.

We need the following permissions:
Location: To optimise streaming experience basis your geo
SMS: For mobile number verification
Mobile Number: To link your Paytm/Mobikwik wallet to transfer the winning amount. We also use this to send periodic show reminders
Follow us on Twitter & Facebook
Bug fixes and performance improvements.

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Live Quiz Games App, Trivia & Gaming App for Money 2.0.69 screenshots 1Live Quiz Games App, Trivia & Gaming App for Money 2.0.69 screenshots 2Live Quiz Games App, Trivia & Gaming App for Money 2.0.69 screenshots 3

>>>Download Live Quiz Games App, Trivia & Gaming App for Money 2.0.69 APK<<<

LINE PLAY – Our Avatar World Download APK

Download LINE PLAY – Our Avatar World APK

Be the best you! Make your own unique avatar and meet friends from around the world!
Over 60,000,000 people are currently playing LINE PLAY around the world!

1. All it takes is 3 seconds to make your own original avatar!
You can make an avatar that looks just like yourself by taking a selfie!
You can set the avatar as your LINE profile pic and decorate it with LINE Camera stickers! It’s also fun to make avatars of your friends and give them to them!

2. The possibilities are endless! Thousands of items are waiting for you!
Produce any kind of look you want with a huge variety of fashion, hair, makeup, and accessory items!
New items are added practically every day! Create whatever vibe you’re in the mood for!
There are even animated items, as well as ones that play music!

3. Lots of tie-ups with popular artists and characters!
Popular real-life artists and celebrities as well as fictional characters from properties like HELLO KITTY and Rilakkuma all come together in LINE PLAY! Your favorite characters could show up in a tie-up at any time!
The tie-up item gachas are also a must-see!

4. Dive into Story World, where you can experience your own unique stories!
There’s a strange library in a corner of LINE PLAY. The fairy Libro lives there, and he needs your help!
Please, help us! The only way to see the endings is to take back the stories!

5. Record special moments in your diary!
Your diary is where you can write down anything from how you feel at the moment to important events in your life!
Post your most stylish avatar outfits and see how many Likes you can get from your friends!

6. Head to the Squares, where you can hang out with people from around the world!
The Squares are where you can chat and play all sorts of fun games!
You can run a cafe, play soccer, or get absorbed in fishing!

7. Enjoy Circles with your friends!
You can start your own Circle, or join an existing one!
Talk with your friends about shared interests, exchange items, and more! Find your perfect Circle!

8. Play every day and become a VIP!
Collect Stars by playing LINE PLAY every day, and get on the road to becoming a VIP!
Once you become a VIP, you can enjoy a variety of benefits including access to special discounted gachas just for VIPs!

LINE PLAY is perfect for anyone who…
…loves fashion!
…wants to make new friends!
…loves cute items!
…wants to make friends with similar interests!
…wants to enjoy life!
…is looking for a new LINE profile pic!
…wants a new app to kill time with!
…wants to start something new with their friends!

Please note:
LINE PLAY is free to download and play, but in-app purchases are available. If you wish to restrict in-app purchases, please go to the Settings of your device and configure it so that a password is required to make purchases.

Visit our official Facebook & Instagram Pages
Treasure World will open soon!
Square event launch and feature improvements
Other minor bug fixes.

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LINE PLAY - Our Avatar World screenshots 1LINE PLAY - Our Avatar World screenshots 2LINE PLAY - Our Avatar World screenshots 3

>>>Download LINE PLAY – Our Avatar World APK<<<

Dubsmash – Dance Videos & Lip Sync App 4.12.0 Download APK

Download Dubsmash – Dance Videos & Lip Sync App 4.12.0 APK

Make lip sync videos and dance videos with your favorite music, quotes and movies! Dubsmash has the world’s largest selection of sounds from your favorite songs, shows & movies!

Find sounds and create a Dub with your best dance or lip sync & share it with friends! Make a dance video to music clips or join a hot or new challenge in the app.

Watch the best trending videos from other Dubsmashers in the feed – and get your own dance featured.

Download Dubsmash today and hit us up on Instagram @dubsmash! Visit for more.


– Find trending music for your videos
– Try a dance challenge or post your dance video
– Join a dance challenge or start one and share to get trending

– Get dancing and make a video to the latest trending sounds
– Lip sync to your favorite songs and quotes
– Add captions to your Dubs
– Record new sounds in your Profile for others to Dub

– Make video Dubs and save them in your profile
– All your Dubs in one place
– See how many views your Dub can get in your Profile
– Share videos to Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat and more!

– Follow other Dubsmash users and grow your own following
– Like other Dubs you see and see how many users like you back

– Featured videos are easy to find in the Feed – just create an awesome Dub and share it with your followers
– Trending music and videos – updated daily!
– Watch videos from Dubsmash creators & follow the best

Feedback or need help? Email us at [email protected] or DM us on Instagram @dubsmash
– Discover other user favs & uploaded sounds on all profiles
– See who uploaded a sound
Feedback? Wanna be featured? DM us on insta @dubsmash

>>>Download Dubsmash – Dance Videos & Lip Sync App 4.12.0 APK<<<

Dubsmash - Dance Videos & Lip Sync App 4.12.0 screenshots 1Dubsmash - Dance Videos & Lip Sync App 4.12.0 screenshots 2Dubsmash - Dance Videos & Lip Sync App 4.12.0 screenshots 3

>>>Download Dubsmash – Dance Videos & Lip Sync App 4.12.0 APK<<<

Archos Video Player Free 10.2-20180416.1736 Download APK

Download Archos Video Player Free 10.2-20180416.1736 APK

The critically acclaimed Archos Video Player app offers an uncompromised video experience on tablets, phones and AndroidTV devices.

*** Play everything ***
– Play videos from your computer / server / NAS (SMB, UPnP)
– Play videos from external USB storage
– Videos from all sources seamlessly integrated in a unified collection
– Automatic online retrieval of Movie and TV show descriptions with poster and backdrop
– Integrated subtitle download

*** Best Player ***
– Hardware accelerated video decoding for most devices and video formats
– Multi-audio track and mutli-subtitles support
– Supported file formats: MKV, MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV, etc.
– Supported subtitle file types: SRT, SUB, ASS, SMI, etc.

*** TV friendly ***
– Dedicated “leanback” user interface for Android TV
– AC3/DTS passthrough (HDMI or S/PDIF) on supported hardware: Nexus Player, NVidia SHIELD TV, Rockchip and AmLogic based tv-boxes
– 3D support with side-by-side and top-bottom playback modes for 3D TVs
– Audio Boost to increase the audio level of poorly encoded files
– Night Mode to dynamically adjust the audio level

*** Browse the way you like ***
– Instant access to recently added and recently played videos
– Browse movies by name, genre, year, duration, rating
– Browse TV shows by seasons
– Folder browsing supported, if you prefer it old-school style 😉

*** And even more! ***
– Multi-device network video resume;
– Use descriptions and posters from NFO files when available
– Scheduled rescan of your network content (Leanback UI only)
– Private mode: temporarily disable playback history recording
– Manually adjust subtitles synchronization
– Manually adjust audio/video synchronization

To get the full version of the application (all features, no ads) you can either buy the Paid app or use the inApp purchase option in the free version (and continue to use the free version).

In case you have an issue or a request about this app, please check our Google+ support group at this address:

If you experience any issue with video hardware decoding you can force software decoding in the application preferences.

Archos Video Player is compatible with Android 4.0 and above
Fix microSD card not seen on Oreo devices.

>>>Download Archos Video Player Free 10.2-20180416.1736 APK<<<

Archos Video Player Free 10.2-20180416.1736 screenshots 1Archos Video Player Free 10.2-20180416.1736 screenshots 2

>>>Download Archos Video Player Free 10.2-20180416.1736 APK<<<

Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare 2.6.2 Download APK

Download Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare 2.6.2 APK


Resist and defy the evil undead in this new tactical survival sequel of Dead Ahead!
Fight for freedom and become a fearless slayer of the undead in one of the funnest survival
games of the year! Kill raid after raid of zombies, collect supplies, look for survivors and
most importantly… create your own legacy!


Defend your bus and endure opponents scarier than any devil or demon! Break through
barricades while you slaughter the corrupt corpses. Gather your team of gladiators and send
them one by one into battle! Use any means necessary to ward off the horde of pixel crazed
flesh eaters! Slash, shoot or burn the dead with barrels, Molotov cocktails and grenades. Be
direct and explosive or stealth kill your opponents.


Show that you have real steel to conquer the maps! Be creative and combine different types
of units to win! Use tactically offensive and defensive moves to kill all the zombies and the
barricades! Be creative and assault them for maximum bloodshed. Remember – the rising
dead won’t make it easy for you.


Collect items, earn experience and complete quests to upgrade your units and vehicles. The
more gear you get, the more zombies you will be able to take on! Become the ultimate slayer
of the undead! Banish the banshees to eternal hell! Contrast your high score with other


* Blood-and-guts action-strategy game with a sense of humor
* No hiding in the shade! The undead WILL come for you!
* Resist against the onslaught of zombies and keep your bus safe at all costs!
* A huge world with numerous locations
* Plenty of survivor units and zombies
* Upgrades, special items and optional quests
* FUN!”
Several bugs fixed

>>>Download Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare 2.6.2 APK<<<

Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare 2.6.2 screenshots 1Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare 2.6.2 screenshots 2Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare 2.6.2 screenshots 3

>>>Download Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare 2.6.2 APK<<<

IROKOtv 3.20.1 Download APK

Download IROKOtv 3.20.1 APK

Access the world’s best Nollywood movies & TV series: Thousands of Nigerian & Ghanaian films. Watch your favorite movies and TV shows offline. Keep movies on your device and watch them anytime without using additional data!

How does it work? It’s easy:

• Tap the INSTALL button to get the app!
• Login or sign up with your phone number. You can also link your existing account.
• Browse through our extensive library and find the movie you want.
• Subscribe and watch as many movies as you want.

Need help? Contact our customer service team anytime at [email protected] or WhatsApp us on +234 817 892 4632. (If you give us a missed call, we’ll call you right back).

By using the irokotv app you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.
* Fixed issue with Chromecast

>>>Download IROKOtv 3.20.1 APK<<<

IROKOtv 3.20.1 screenshots 1IROKOtv 3.20.1 screenshots 2IROKOtv 3.20.1 screenshots 3

>>>Download IROKOtv 3.20.1 APK<<<

DRM Info Download APK

Download DRM Info APK

***If you have problem with your media app, contact that app’s support***

Display the information of the Digital Right Management (DRM) module of the device.

Currently support the following DRM module (will display only when supported)
– CENC ClearKey
– Adobe Primetime
– Google Widevine Modular DRM
– Marlin
– Microsoft Playready
– Verimatrix

Media Coverage:
– Support Android Q
– Copy to Clipboard

– Support Android 9 Pie
– No more Multidex (faster cold start)
– Layout is rewritten using ConstraintLayout (fits small screen now)
– Core is rewritten using Android Architecture Components and AndroidX (more stable)
– Night Mode (if you have enabled it in developer options)

>>>Download DRM Info APK<<<

DRM Info screenshots 1DRM Info screenshots 2DRM Info screenshots 3

>>>Download DRM Info APK<<<

New Base Maps for COC 2017 1.0.2 Download APK

Download New Base Maps for COC 2017 1.0.2 APK

It is an Offline app that contains New Base Maps of COC village from Town Hall 1 to Town Hall 11 with 4 category War, Trophy, Hybrid and Farming.
This app will help you to build strong defense maps for war bases, defensive trophy base, strong hybrid base to protect both loot and trophy and best farming base maps to increase and protect loot. It contains latest air sweeper and air defence base maps.

It also contains the latest and top best COC base maps of 2016 and 2017.

★ Strong Star Defense War layout
★ Best Defensive Trophy base layout
★ Strong and attractive Hybrid layout
★ Awesome Farming base maps
★ Easy to use user interface
★ Can zoom in / out each base layout
★ New Best layouts for all town hall levels th1, th2, th3, th4, th5, th6, th7, th8, th9, th10 and th11

Why are you waiting for its fully FREE, Build a strong COC village and share it with your friends!!!

Please rate and review us to encourage us to develop more apps and great games…!
If you have any suggestions or complaints, kindly mail us to [email protected]
★ Performance Improvement

>>>Download New Base Maps for COC 2017 1.0.2 APK<<<

New Base Maps for COC 2017 1.0.2 screenshots 1New Base Maps for COC 2017 1.0.2 screenshots 2New Base Maps for COC 2017 1.0.2 screenshots 3

>>>Download New Base Maps for COC 2017 1.0.2 APK<<<

Flash -VPN: Fast VPN & Free VPN for Android 1.7.7 Download APK

Download Flash -VPN: Fast VPN & Free VPN for Android 1.7.7 APK

VPN (Virtual Private Network)
Flash -VPN, a super VPN, is the one of the most trusted apps to protect your privacy. Protect your data from hackers with one tap. Get Flash -VPN for free now!

[Functions of Flash- VPN]
• Total free VPN client

• Easy to use, just tap to open your VPN gate

• Wide servers coverage, we offer proxy of US, NL, CA, SG, FR, UK,IN etc, and more proxies are coming!

• Unblock all Sites, you can access to any webs or apps you want to.

• Keep your hotspot data safe and avoid the 3rd party tracking

• Keep online activity safe, your IP is strongly encrypted

• No registration or setting needed

[Do you need a VPN?]
• If you are about to travel abroad, you may need a VPN to login some restricted websites at your destination
• If you always link a public wifi hotspot, you will need a VPN online to protect your devices from hackers.
• If you want to browse some restricted websites in office,you may need a VPN to change your IP address to browse what you want.

[What is VPN? ]
A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, help you create a secure connection to another network when you surf the Internet. VPN can be used to access region-restricted websites or app, and shield your browsing activity from hackers on public Wi-Fi. A VPN proxy will encrypt your communication activities .

[Why use a VPN?]
VPN can protect your information security and privacy when your device connect unsecured public Wi-Fi hotspot and help you to watch restricted websites in your country.

[Premium Service Subscription]
1 Week—–USD3.99/Week
1 Month—USD7.99/Month
We provide 7-days free trial for VIP service. If you want to unblock all servers,you can start a VIP service without ads! A VIP account can link up to 5 devices.

Support: We are striving to be the best FREE VPN with unlimitedaccess, so if you have any questions, simply shoot an email to support :

[email protected]

Facebook Fanpage:
fix the bug

>>>Download Flash -VPN: Fast VPN & Free VPN for Android 1.7.7 APK<<<

Flash -VPN: Fast VPN & Free VPN for Android 1.7.7 screenshots 1Flash -VPN: Fast VPN & Free VPN for Android 1.7.7 screenshots 2Flash -VPN: Fast VPN & Free VPN for Android 1.7.7 screenshots 3

>>>Download Flash -VPN: Fast VPN & Free VPN for Android 1.7.7 APK<<<

Granny Square Planner 22 Download APK

Download Granny Square Planner 22 APK

Granny Square Planner is a knitting and crochet planner / calculator to help plan granny square blankets.

Granny Square Planner helps plan blankets using a multi-step process:

Step 1: Plan your blanket width and height in number of granny squares.

Step 2: Set the number of colors per granny square, and the total number of colors that you want to use. For example, you might want 3 colors per square, but 4 total colors.

Step 3: Set border color. If you’re not using a border, then turn off the border option.

Step 4: Set square colors. For each color that you add using the color picker, you should add a corresponding name so that you can view your pattern as text.

Step 5: Choose squares to include on your blanket. This step shows you all of the possible granny squares that your color combinations can make. If there are any that you absolutely do not want, then uncheck the box next to the square.

Step 6: View your granny square blanket. There is a randomize button at the bottom to automatically create a new blanket. If you get a blanket that you like, press the “save blanket” option. If your blanket is close, then touch one of the granny squares to replace it with a new square. This effectively gives you the option to completely plan every granny square.

After your blanket is saved, you can revisit Step 6 and then press the “View As Text” button to see a text-based version of your app.

Granny Square Planner is a new app. More features are planned for the future. Please email the developer with ideas!

Icon adapted from: under the Creative Commons license.

>>>Download Granny Square Planner 22 APK<<<

Granny Square Planner 22 screenshots 1Granny Square Planner 22 screenshots 2Granny Square Planner 22 screenshots 3

>>>Download Granny Square Planner 22 APK<<<