Goat Simulator 1.4.19 Download APK

Download Goat Simulator 1.4.19 APK

Goat Simulator Free is the latest in goat simulation technology, bringing next-gen goat simulation to YOU. You no longer have to fantasize about being a goat, your dreams have finally come true!

Goat Simulator Free is all about causing as much destruction as you possibly can as a goat. It has been compared to an old-school skating game, except instead of being a skater, you’re a goat, and instead of doing tricks, you wreck stuff. When it comes to goats, not even the sky is the limit, as you can probably just bug through it and crash the game.

Goat Simulator Free is free to download and play, however, additional levels can be purchased for real money. You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings. Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download Goat Simulator Free.

Goat Simulator Free is a completely stupid game and, to be honest, you should probably spend your time on something else, such as a befriending a real goat, learning a new language or extending your lint collection.

• You can be a goat
• Get points for wrecking stuff – brag to your friends that you’re the alpha goat
• MILLIONS OF BUGS! We’re only eliminating the crash-bugs, everything else is hilarious and we’re keeping it
• In-game physics that bug out all the time
• Seriously look at that goat’s neck
• You can be a goat

Android TV users: a compatible gamepad is required to play

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Goat Simulator 1.4.19 screenshots 1Goat Simulator 1.4.19 screenshots 2Goat Simulator 1.4.19 screenshots 3

>>>Download Goat Simulator 1.4.19 APK<<<

Amazon 8.3 Download APK

Download Amazon 8.3 APK

Retro casino slot machines in the new format! Most favorite classic video slot machines on your phone or tablet absolutely free! Even if you’ve never played these games, you only try once you get into this atmosphere of these games. Five reels, nine lines, two bonus games, the possibility of doubling, original sound, fair play!
– 10.000 free credits
– Bonus every hour
– No need internet connection
– Doubling win in the risk game
– Autoplay
– Mathematics from the real slot machines
We always work on our games: we make them more convenient and reliable. In this version of the game some bugs have been fixed. Good luck, NavoBet

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Amazon 8.3 screenshots 1Amazon 8.3 screenshots 2Amazon 8.3 screenshots 3

>>>Download Amazon 8.3 APK<<<

Manga Comics GO Reader 1.0 Download APK

Download Manga Comics GO Reader 1.0 APK

Enjoy manga on your android with thousands manga collection that you can read, Manga GO reader is completely free.

Main features :
– Support most famous manga file rar, zip cbz and cbr.
– flexible zooming
– file browser to search manga or comics
– swipe the image or tap on the border of the screen to advance the page
– last page remember, you can open and close the application freely wit last page opened
– go to page function

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Manga Comics GO Reader 1.0 screenshots 1Manga Comics GO Reader 1.0 screenshots 2Manga Comics GO Reader 1.0 screenshots 3

>>>Download Manga Comics GO Reader 1.0 APK<<<

Cloth Scanner Simulator 2.0.0 Download APK

Download Cloth Scanner Simulator 2.0.0 APK

Cloth Scanner Simulator app is the best Cloth scanner app which contains many images of girls and boys, upon scanning the images you will be displayed the inner garments which looks realistic. You can use this app to prank your friends that you can now scan the cloths of girls. Do share this app with others and leave your comments along with rating
App Is Made In-compliance with google policy
Bug Fixes

>>>Download Cloth Scanner Simulator 2.0.0 APK<<<

Cloth Scanner Simulator 2.0.0 screenshots 1Cloth Scanner Simulator 2.0.0 screenshots 2Cloth Scanner Simulator 2.0.0 screenshots 3

>>>Download Cloth Scanner Simulator 2.0.0 APK<<<

New York City Bus Simulator 1.14 Download APK

Download New York City Bus Simulator 1.14 APK

“New York City Bus Simulator is Best Driver and parking simulation game for youngsters, teens and mature people who love to play playtime race games in Their smart phone devices. As a New York City bus Duty Driver your duty is to transport passengers between the bus stops around the city more you transport passenger more you can earn. You can buy more powerful Buses from your earning.

● Bus Driver – Drive passengers around the city
● Bus parking – park your bus
● City – Drive passengers through Big City
● Supercharged – Drive bus with tuned and powerful engine
● Passenger scream – sit on passenger seat and watch drive from it’s view

★★★ Features ★★★

☀ Full 3D Big City Environment.
☀ 20 Exciting Levels.
☀ 4 Powerful Big Cool Buses.
☀ Pick up and drop off at the right destination Passengers.
☀ Map for whole City.
☀ Beautiful animation.
☀ Exciting Difficult Missions set in a 3D City Environment.
☀Different camera angles did give you more control.
☀ Amazing background sound to enhance your gaming experience.
☀ You got limited time to clear your missions so be fast As Possible. ”

>>>Download New York City Bus Simulator 1.14 APK<<<

New York City Bus Simulator 1.14 screenshots 1New York City Bus Simulator 1.14 screenshots 2New York City Bus Simulator 1.14 screenshots 3

>>>Download New York City Bus Simulator 1.14 APK<<<

Romantic Pictures 6.2.4 Download APK

Download Romantic Pictures 6.2.4 APK

Hello Dear..
This Application contains beautiful High quality HD Romantic Pictures, Romantic Wallpapers, Love Wallpapers, Love Images, Love Pictures, Love Photos for your Android Phones.
Set these pictures as Wallpapers to look your smart Android Phone look beautiful.

-> High quality wallpapers
-> Download Wallpapers
-> Easy navigation.
-> Set wallpaper.
-> Optimized for all devices.
-> Sharing wallpaper with friends.

-> 500+ Love Images
-> 500+ Love Wallpapers
-> 500+ Romantic Pictures
-> 500+ Romantic Wallpapers
-> 500+ Love Pictures.
-> 500+ Love Photos.
-> 1000+ Romantic Messages
-> 1000+ Romantic Quotes

Romantic Pictures
Romantic Pictures
Romantic Pictures
Romantic Pictures
💖New Romantic Quotes Added.
💖 Romantic Gif Added.
💖User Interface Changed.
💖 Bug removed
💖Smooth Scroll Bar.

>>>Download Romantic Pictures 6.2.4 APK<<<

Romantic Pictures 6.2.4 screenshots 1Romantic Pictures 6.2.4 screenshots 2Romantic Pictures 6.2.4 screenshots 3

>>>Download Romantic Pictures 6.2.4 APK<<<

Popcorn English 1.0 Download APK

Download Popcorn English 1.0 APK

Popcorn English takes an alternative approach to the “Watch movies to learn English” idea by providing a toolset allowing you to find, analyze, and study new words from a given movie or episode before actually watching it.

Popcorn English is for people who fall into one of two categories:
– Those who find that dictionary breaks ruin their favorite shows,
– Those who are fluent enough to understand words from context, but immediately forget them.

* How does it work?
The user finds the movie or episode they want to watch and the app automatically builds a collection containing all words from the script.

* Can I play videos in the app?
We do not provide any content other than words in their infinitive form and their translation.

* Do you have word sets for the latest shows on TV?
The database is updated every day, and in most instances you will be able to find the show you’re currently following.

* Are translations bound to the context in which they were used?
They are not. Dictionary translations for the most common meanings are provided instead.

* There are thousands of unique words in each movie, how to navigate through them?
Words that you know must be removed. Whenever you create a new collection, words you removed in prior collections are hidden automatically.

* So I have this list of words with translations, how am I supposed to memorize them?
There is a set of tools we designed to make studying a little easier, such as flashcards, quizzes, examinations and spaced repetition.
Stay tuned for more features in the upcoming release!

* People tend to forget things – is there an alternative to revisiting collections for a movie which I’ve already seen?
There is! Spaced Repetition. This is a popular technique for learning and revisiting already learned things.
We implemented it in the app – it’s not bound to any particular collection and prioritizes cards based on your feedback.

* How accurate is the app?
It’s about 95% accurate.
Movie scripts include names, abbreviations, slang, foreign words or even misspelled words.
Sometimes this manifests itself as meaningless junk in collections, or the opposite – we may accidentally filter a regular word out.

* Can this app be used to study words from other sources, such as books, songs, etc?
Yes! You can create custom collections and manage them as you like.
* New languages!
* Promocode
* Bugfixes

>>>Download Popcorn English 1.0 APK<<<

Popcorn English 1.0 screenshots 1Popcorn English 1.0 screenshots 2Popcorn English 1.0 screenshots 3

>>>Download Popcorn English 1.0 APK<<<

Simple IPTV Player 📺 3.0 Download APK

Download Simple IPTV Player 📺 3.0 APK

Simple IPTV Player, just put the IPTV List and Watch, Simple and Objective!

Compatibility: Simple IPTV Player is IPTV standard compliant and is also compatible with M3U, M3U8, XSPF, WPL, ASX and PLS Playlist standards, it also supports Android TV and Remote Control, or you can use it on your BOX TV Android without problems!

Simple IPTV Player was designed to be simple and without many tabs, because from what I saw, when we use these players with many options on Android TV or BOX TV with Remote Control is very complicated, you will not have this problem in this Simple IPTV Player!

Featured features:
🗒 EPG – Programming Guide.
🔥 Compatibility with ChromeCast Devices, Easy Connection!
❤ Put your Favorite Channels with just one tap!
👀 A List with all recent Channels accessed (You can clean it anytime!)
🌎 A List with all recently used PlayLists (Clean when you want!)
▶ ️ Did not like Internal Player? Watch the External Player you want!
⏲️ Automatic PlayList update, you do not have to keep checking if the PlayList has been updated, the app does it for you!
✔️ Checking Online / Offline items, the system checks to see if the Channel is Online or Offline!
🔗 If you have only the direct link to the video / audio, no problem, the app is also compatible with videos and audio links!

Compatible PlayLists Formats:
👍 PlayLists M3U8 compatible
👍 Compatible with PlayLists M3U
👍 XSPF PlayLists Compatible
👍 WPL PlayLists Compatible
👍 ASL PlayLists Compatible
👍 PLS PlayLists Compatible
👍 Compatible with TXT PlayLists
👍 Compatible with any IPTV PlayList

Compatible devices:
👍 Compatible with SmartPhones / Cellphones
👍 Compatible with Tablets
👍 Compatible with Android TV
👍 Compatible with BOX TV
👍 Compatible with any Android device

PlayLists / Compatible IPTV Lists:
★ IPTV List Free
★ IPTV List Paid
★ Updated IPTV 2018 List
★ IPTV List for Sports / Soccer
★ Updated IPTV M3U / M3U8 List
★ TV IPTV List
★ Channel IPTV List
★ IPTV Movies List
★ Series IPTV List
★ Animes IPTV List
★ IPTV List of Novels
★ IPTV List of Religious
★ IPTV List of Radios
★ IPTV World Cup List
★ Free IPTV Channel List
★ IPTV M3U / M3U8 list
★ IPTV 2018
★ IPTV List 2018 Sports / Soccer
★ IPTV 2019 Updated List
★ List of IPTV Animes
★ Live Football List
★ List For IPTV
★ IPTV Lists M3U / M3U8
★ IPTV Cup Lists
★ IPTV Lista 2018 Free
★ IPTV List
★ World Cup IPTV List

Official Website: http://PlayerIPTV.com
🙈 Corrections for various bugs.

>>>Download Simple IPTV Player 📺 3.0 APK<<<

Simple IPTV Player 📺 3.0 screenshots 1Simple IPTV Player 📺 3.0 screenshots 2Simple IPTV Player 📺 3.0 screenshots 3

>>>Download Simple IPTV Player 📺 3.0 APK<<<

Best Out of Waste Craft VIDEOs 6.1 Download APK

Download Best Out of Waste Craft VIDEOs 6.1 APK

Watch Simple and Easy videos of Best Out of Waste Craft and make brand new things for decoration of home, office, room, garden, kitchen, bathroom, balcony, hall, etc. Best Out of Waste Videos in Hindi, Tamil, English, Telugu, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Punjabi, Urdu, etc Languages.

Best Out of Waste Craft video for toddlers to make new decorative things to decor home. Easy and quick best out of waste from things which are useless. Recyle or reuse the things to make the creative object items from waste material of Office, Kitchen, Bed Room, Birthday Party, Festival etc.

How To Make Best out of Waste
Best out of Waste Step by Step
Best out of Waste Craft Ideas
Art and Craft Best out of Waste

Best out of Waste by Newspaper
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Best out of Waste Videos
Best from Waste
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Best out of Waste Lantern
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Experiment on Best out of Waste
Reuse of Resources Best out of Waste
Best out of Waste Related To Science
Best out of Waste Gifts

Best out of Waste Art Project
Best out of Waste From Quilling
Best out of Waste My Latest Creations

Best out of Waste Craft
DIY Best out of Waste Ideas
Best out of Waste Activity in School
Best out of Waste Recycling

Best out of Waste Home Decor Ideas
Best out of Waste Craft Idea
Best out of Kitchen Waste
Best out of Waste Craft Work

Best out of Waste Xmas Ideas
Best out of Waste Items
Diwali Best out of Waste
Creative Ideas for Best out of Waste

Best out of Waste Craft Ideas for Home Decoration
How To Make Best out of Waste Items
Best out of Waste Products
Best out of Waste Made from Ice Cream Sticks
Recycled Craft Idea

Best out of Waste Greeting Card Ideas
Best out of Waste in 1 Hour
Best out of Waste from Jute
Exhibition on Best out of Waste

Best out of Waste Lamp Shades
Best out of Waste Easy Things To Make
Do It Yourself Best out of Waste
Best out of Waste Material at Home

Key Holder, Basket, Necklace, Kandil, Keyboard, Toilet Paper Rolls, Clock, Nest, Peacock,
Key chains, Letter Holder, Science Projects, CDs, Plastic Spoons, Old Items, Rocket, Nature, Garden, Cartoon, Toys, Models, Ship, Boat etc.

Theme, Vehicle, Flower Vase, Puppets, Crochet, Fan, Card, Christmas, Book, Buds, Bottle, People, Characters, Numbers, Alphabet, Letters, Thermocol Sheet, Plates, Bowl, Accessories, Clothes, Thread, Candle etc.

Outfit, Teddy Bear, Costume, Clip Art, Wood, Music Instruments, Ribbons, Dressing, Vegetables, Fruits, Shapes, Tissue, Visiting Cards, Jeans, Jewellery Box Making, Lunar Eclipse, Jet Car, Jewelry, Art, Pen Stand, Tin Can Lanterns, Photo Frame, Tray, Chemistry, Scenery, Popsicle Sticks & Cardboard.

Best Out of Waste for Art Flower, Animal, Birds, Decoration, Kitchen, Attack, Articles, Aeroplane, Aquarium, Airplane, Candy Sticks, Village Scene, Bottle Cap, Electronic, Button, Old Tires, Drawing, Cloth, Car, Tennis Ball, Bangles, Box, Socks, Rose, CD, Broom, Design, Ganpati, Plane, Examples, Balloons, Lotus, Plastic Bottle, Straw, Paper, Fighter Plane, Doll, Save Earth Day, Rabbit, Vacuum Cleaner, Matchsticks, Wax, Real, Artificial.

Environment Day, Egg Tray, Electrical, Old Keys, Shoe Box, Paper Cup, Pop Up Cards, Ganesha, Guitar, Games, Gift Items, Gun, Coconut Shell, Train, Wind Chime, Gadgets, Tin, Wall Hanging, Helicopter, Home Decor, House, Hat, Purse, Handicraft, Hut, Turtle etc.

Best Out of Waste for Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, College, Primary, High School, Secondary, Competition, Project, Kindergarten, Preschoolers, Adults, UKG, KG 2, LKG, Jr KG, Kids, Children, Boys, Girl, Activities, Students.


The content provided in this android app is hosted by Other Website and available in public domain. We don’t upload any videos to those websites or not showing any modified content.

Note: Kindly report to them or Send Email, for any violation purpose.

>>>Download Best Out of Waste Craft VIDEOs 6.1 APK<<<

Best Out of Waste Craft VIDEOs 6.1 screenshots 1Best Out of Waste Craft VIDEOs 6.1 screenshots 2Best Out of Waste Craft VIDEOs 6.1 screenshots 3

>>>Download Best Out of Waste Craft VIDEOs 6.1 APK<<<

Remote Trainer for GTA V 3.4.targetSDK27 Download APK

Download Remote Trainer for GTA V 3.4.targetSDK27 APK

With this app you can spawn over 170 different vehicles and edit almost all of them vehicles in GTA V. Also you can teleport (ability to create your own teleports) and see your position on map (on phone screen).

You must download mod and java server to use this app: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/gta-v-android-remote-trainer

Editing vehicles:
-Windows Tint
-Plate number and design
-Custom wheels
-Side skirts

-open/close doors, trunk, hood
-down/up induvidual windows
-change time or sync it with pc time
-change weather

App is in beta!
Now supporting latest android devices (up to Android 8.1 Oreo)

>>>Download Remote Trainer for GTA V 3.4.targetSDK27 APK<<<

Remote Trainer for GTA V 3.4.targetSDK27 screenshots 1Remote Trainer for GTA V 3.4.targetSDK27 screenshots 2Remote Trainer for GTA V 3.4.targetSDK27 screenshots 3

>>>Download Remote Trainer for GTA V 3.4.targetSDK27 APK<<<