OTG Troubleshooter 1.0.5 Download APK

Download OTG Troubleshooter 1.0.5 APK

The app. detects and offers solutions to issues around USB Host and OTG cables. THIS SOFTWARE WILL NOT MOUNT OR SHOW THE FILES ON A USB DRIVE. It verifies your OTG cable is good and that Android can see the USB device. Other software may be required to see the files.

1. Disconnect your OTG cable when prompted.
2. Connect your OTG cable when prompted.
3. If everything is OK, you will get 4 green check marks. If nothing happens or you get less than 4 green checks, tap More Info (Web) for a description of the problem.

Software can not overcome a hardware limitation. If your device does not support OTG, nothing will happen when you connect the cable. Please do not write a bad review because your hardware does not support OTG! If your device does support OTG and it is not detected by this software, please contact me via the “Email Developer” link.

Required hardware:
1. An OTG cable
2. A flash/pen drive, card reader or camera.
+ Fixes for Android 8.0 & Nexus 9
+ New Icon

>>>Download OTG Troubleshooter 1.0.5 APK<<<

OTG Troubleshooter 1.0.5 screenshots 1OTG Troubleshooter 1.0.5 screenshots 2OTG Troubleshooter 1.0.5 screenshots 3

>>>Download OTG Troubleshooter 1.0.5 APK<<<

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