Crypto Messenger 1.2.6 Download APK

Download Crypto Messenger 1.2.6 APK

Crypto Messenger is end-to-end encrypted messaging application. It’s a part of my Cryptography application and all it’s workings are describe at my website. It’s not intended to replace any bigger messaging applications. You can find link to documentation at app’s about dialog.

New version notes
30/9/2018 update has breaking changes which changes the whole behavior of the app. It may be still full of bugs but the biggest thing is that all old versions stops working all together.

Understanding the bigger picture
Don’t use Crypto Messenger if you use it for normal chatting just like instant messaging platforms. Don’t use this app if you require that your conversation messages stays stored forever or long time during to update flow. I cannot guarantee that conversations stay active for ever, so have a backup route to give your recipient a new uid other way. Use Crypto Messenger if your requirement is to send true end to end encrypted messages without need to really store messages forever. Think Crypto Messenger like messaging that “never took place”. Crypto Messenger is working as a true working demo for my Cryptography application.

Main features
• No any logins or any user credentials needed.
• End-to-end encrypted.
• AES algorithm for encrypting messages.
• RSA algorithm for exchanging AES key.
• RSA keys are changeable by user.
• You can choose RSA key size and also view them as Base64.
• Minimal permissions needed.
• Check for new recipients feature.
• Add recipients via QR codes.
• Kill switch feature to delete all your records at one go.
• Long click message to copy it into clipboard.
• Vibration as feedback. You can toggle off at settings.
• Paste into message field fast via right corner menu button.

• Camera due QR code reading feature. Asked when needed.

Pin code view:
– ChaosLeong,

Old android users
30/9/2018 stopped supporting Kitkat. Must have >= Lollipop OS.

You should read more here:
• Scramble keyboard feature.
• Optional pin code for kill switch.


>>>Download Crypto Messenger 1.2.6 APK<<<

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>>>Download Crypto Messenger 1.2.6 APK<<<

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