Guess The Movie Quiz 3.4 Download APK

Download Guess The Movie Quiz 3.4 APK

Guess the movies, TV shows & cartoons with the best movie quiz! Best trivia game about movies!

♥ More than 1 000 000 downloads around the world! Thank you! ♥

Can you guess a movie by its best scene or famous actor’s face? If you like movie trivia games this app will be great fun for you!

In our film quiz game you will find new Daily Challenges. Everyday we will prepare for you a special movie puzzle. After every correct guess you can collect more points and get new hints!

Collect your points and compare your score using our leaderboards!
Challenge your friends to see who knows more movies!

Guess The Movie Quiz is a new free word game from the creators of the “Logo Quiz” ( ).

★ More than 400 movies to guess and a small size of the application!
★ 20 amazing levels!
★ 29 languages support!
★ Learn more about movies after guessing correctly!
★ Helpful clues! Each movie puzzle has 5 hints!
★ 10 free hints every 15 minutes! Free hints are available in our store every day!
★ New hints are granted for correct logo quiz answers.
★ Swipe screen to switch between movie puzzles!
★ Cloud Save! Start game on your phone and continue where you left off on your tablet!
★ Detailed & beautiful statistics!
★ New leaderboard! Compare your scores with your friends!
★ Frequent application updates!

Playing is pretty simple: you see a movie icon and you’re shown a series of scrambled letters, out of which you have to guess the movie title.

More movies coming soon!
Enjoy for Free and Have Fun!

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Copyright © Bubble
The Oscars time! We have prepared something special for you for the Academy Awards Ceremony!

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Guess The Movie Quiz 3.4 screenshots 1Guess The Movie Quiz 3.4 screenshots 2Guess The Movie Quiz 3.4 screenshots 3

>>>Download Guess The Movie Quiz 3.4 APK<<<

Trivial de DragonBall Plus Download APK

Download Trivial de DragonBall Plus APK

Trivial de DragonBall es el juego definitivo de preguntas y respuestas basado en el universo de DragonBall.

Trivial de DragonBall dispone de más de 5000 preguntas, clasificadas en sagas y categorías.

-> DragonBall
-> DragonBall Z
-> DragonBall GT
-> Películas y OVAs

-> Batallas
-> Miscelanea
-> Personajes
-> Técnicas
-> Torneos

Con esta aplicación podrás:
-> Usar un cronómetro configurable para limitar el tiempo de respuesta
-> Leer la pregunta/respuesta por ti mediante su capacidad de síntesis de voz.
-> Conectarte a tu Chromecast para jugar en tu televisor.
-> Incluye un sistema de tiradas para que no necesites un dado físico.
-> No contiene publicidad.

Visita para obtener más información, así como las reglas del juego y el tablero.

* Trivial de DragonBall NO es un juego online multijugador. Trivial de DragonBall pone a tu disposición más de 5000 preguntas sobre el universo de DragonBall. Puedes usarlo por sí mismo o como herramienta para el juego de mesa que encontrarás en
Trivial DragonBall is the ultimate game of questions and answers based on the universe of Dragonball.

Trivial DragonBall has more than 5000 questions classified sagas and categories.

-> DragonBall
-> DragonBall Z
-> DragonBall GT
-> Movies and OVAs

-> Battles
-> Miscellaneous
-> Character
-> Technical
-> Tournaments

With this application you can:
-> Use a configurable timer to limit the response time
-> Read the question / answer for you through its ability to speech synthesis.
-> Go online to your Chromecast to play on your TV.
-> It includes a system of spins to not need a physical given.
-> Contains no advertising.

Visit for more information as well as the rules and dashboard.

* Trivial DragonBall is NOT an online multiplayer game. Trivial DragonBall offers you more than 5000 questions about the universe of Dragonball. You can use it for yourself or as a tool for board game find
Solucionados errores menores.

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Trivial de DragonBall Plus  screenshots 1Trivial de DragonBall Plus  screenshots 2Trivial de DragonBall Plus  screenshots 3

>>>Download Trivial de DragonBall Plus APK<<<

Kakek Legend – Mobile Kuis Lucu, Garing dan Receh 3.7.7z Download APK

Download Kakek Legend – Mobile Kuis Lucu, Garing dan Receh 3.7.7z APK

Kakek Legend Kuis Receh adalah mobile game kuis trivia TTS atau teka teki yang super sulit yang super receh dan super garing, dengan tokoh utama Kakek Legend yang lucu.

Game kuis trivia mobile Kakek Legend ini berisi pertanyaan aneh yang nggak masuk akal dengan jawaban aneh yang nggak kalah masuk akal juga.

Dilarang baper saat main game ini, karena si kakek juga nggak baper, hanya saja dia sensitif dan kadang suka marah.

Fitur game:

* Ratusan pertanyaan yang diupdate secara rutin.
* Pertanyaan super garing dan receh yang nggak masuk akal.
* Petunjuk yang bisa dipakai jika kesulitan dalam menjawab.
* Tanya teman jika ada teman yang bisa membantu menjawab.
* Beli koin untuk menambah hints.
* Suara ketawa lucu setelah memenangkan level, wkwkwk….
* Lebih dari 35 ekspresi Kakek Legend yang unik dan lucu.
* Setiap ingin memainkan level yang baru tidak perlu update aplikasi.

Sudah siap memainkan mobile game Kakek Legend Kuis Receh? Tekan tombol instal untuk memulai instal dan mainkan Kakek Legend Kuis Receh GRATIS saat ini juga!
Grandpa Legend Quiz Receive is a TTS trivia mobile quiz game or super difficult puzzle that is super loose and super crisp, with the main character, Legendary Grandpa who is funny.

Grandpa Legend’s mobile trivia quiz game contains strange questions that don’t make sense with weird answers that don’t make sense too.

Baper is banned when playing this game, because grandfather is also not baper, it’s just that he is sensitive and sometimes likes to be angry.

Game features:

* Hundreds of questions updated regularly.
* Super crisp and loose change questions that don’t make sense.
* Instructions that can be used if difficulty in answering.
* Ask friends if there are friends who can help answer.
* Buy coins to add hints.
* Laughter sounds funny after winning the level, when …
* More than 35 Grandpa Legend’s unique and funny expressions.
* Every time you want to play a new level you don’t need to update the application.

Are you ready to play the mobile game Legend Grandpa Quiz Receive? Press the install button to start installing and play FREE Grandpa Quiz Receive right now!
Yang baru???
Pesan kakek janganlah cari yang baru
Setia saja dengan yang sekarang
Karena yang baru belum tentu mau

Tapi kali ini ada yang baru
Yaitu suara orang ketawa wkwkwk…
Kriuk… Kriuk… Kriuk… Garing!

>>>Download Kakek Legend – Mobile Kuis Lucu, Garing dan Receh 3.7.7z APK<<<

Kakek Legend - Mobile Kuis Lucu, Garing dan Receh 3.7.7z screenshots 1Kakek Legend - Mobile Kuis Lucu, Garing dan Receh 3.7.7z screenshots 2Kakek Legend - Mobile Kuis Lucu, Garing dan Receh 3.7.7z screenshots 3

>>>Download Kakek Legend – Mobile Kuis Lucu, Garing dan Receh 3.7.7z APK<<<

Guess Image ML x Anime 1.0.9 Download APK

Download Guess Image ML x Anime 1.0.9 APK

Guess Games Picture of ML Hero x Anime is a legends mixed mobile picture guessing game with fun and fun guessing anime images game, There are dozens of questions about anime characters and mobile legends hero ready for you to answer.

Game Features:

* Simple design
* There is a Help Button
* Update problem
* Small size

Let’s play the game Guess the Picture of ML x Anime
* Fix BUG
* Update Question

>>>Download Guess Image ML x Anime 1.0.9 APK<<<

Guess Image ML x Anime 1.0.9 screenshots 1Guess Image ML x Anime 1.0.9 screenshots 2Guess Image ML x Anime 1.0.9 screenshots 3

>>>Download Guess Image ML x Anime 1.0.9 APK<<<

Shinobi Trivia: Naruto 3.9.2dk Download APK

Download Shinobi Trivia: Naruto 3.9.2dk APK

Shinobi Trivia: Naruto is a trivia game for certified naruto fans. The game is divided into ranks (shinobi ranks) with range levels. Find out what shinobi rank are you in. Enjoy!

——-Shinobi Ranks Matrix——
Level 1-20: Genin
Level 21-40: Chuunin
Level 41-60: Jounin
Level 61-80: Special Jounin
Level 81-100: ANBU
Level 101-120: S-Class Ninja
Level 121-140: Kage

>>>Download Shinobi Trivia: Naruto 3.9.2dk APK<<<

Shinobi Trivia: Naruto 3.9.2dk screenshots 1Shinobi Trivia: Naruto 3.9.2dk screenshots 2Shinobi Trivia: Naruto 3.9.2dk screenshots 3

>>>Download Shinobi Trivia: Naruto 3.9.2dk APK<<<

Basket 2K18 – NBA Trivia Quiz 1.2.0 Download APK

Download Basket 2K18 – NBA Trivia Quiz 1.2.0 APK

This NBA Trivia Quiz will deliver extraordinary experience to all NBA fans. This NBA Trivia is the great way to test, how good you are in NBA players and statistics. Here you can gain points by guessing and comparing statistics of prominent NBA players and teams, like this :

Who scores more points per shot?
Anderson Varejao or Andre Drummond, Jason Smith?
Andrew Bogut or Andrew Nicholson ?
Aron Baynes or Boban Marjanovic ?

Who has higher FPG%?
Boris Diaw or Chandler Parsons ?
Clint Capela or Dirk Nowitzki ?
Dwight Howard or Dwight Powell ?

Who is better in freethrows shots?
Ersan Ilyasova or Evan Fournier ?
Goran Dragic or Isaiah Thomas ?
Jj Barea or Jose Calderon ?

Who is more effective in attack?
Jose Juan Barea or Kelly Olynyk ?
Kristaps Porgzings or Lemarcys Aldridge ?
Luol Deng or Manu Ginobillli ?

Who scores more per shot?
Mario Hezonja or Nicolas Brussino ?
Nikola Mirotic or Nikola Vucevic ?
Pau Gasol or Reggie Jackson ?

Which player earns more?
Salah Mejri or Sasha Vujacic ?
Timofey Mozgov or Tobias Harris ?
Trevor Ariza or Weslye Matthews ?

Who is more accurate in 3-points shoots?
Zaza Pachulia or Iman Shumpert ?
Serge Ibaka or Larry Nance Jr ?
Doug Mcdermott or Arron Afflalo ?

Who has higher shots accuracy in percentage?
Dante Exum or Marreese Speights ?
Emeka Okafor or Jonas Jerebko ?
Spencer Dinwiddie or Etwaun Moore ?

Who brings more three points shoots every game?
Evan Turner or Enes Kanter ?
James Harden or Anthony Brown ?
Julyan Stone or Reggie Bullock ?

Who has more Assists per game?
Terry Rozier or Julius Randle ?
Elfrid Payton or Shane Larkin ?
Shabazz Napier or Jodie Meeks ?

Who has more 3-Points attempts per game?
Joakim Noah or Langston Galloway ?
Tristan Thompson or Tim Hardaway ?
Josh Huestis or Michael Beasley ?

Who has more 2-Points attempts per game?
Montrezl Harrell or Tyson Chandler ?
Anthony Tolliver or Gerald Green ?
Jordan Clarkson or Wesley Matthews ?

Who has made more clutch shots?
Raymond Felton or Harrison Barnes ?
Josh Mcroberts or Dangelo Russell ?
Nick Collison or Taj Gibson ?

Who has more 3-Points attempts per game?
Corey Brewer or Victor Oladipo ?
Mario Chalmers or Denver Nuggets ?
Jae Crowder or Kyle Singler ?

Who is better in defense?
Hassan Whiteside or Dewayne Dedmon ?
Ian Clark or Marcus Morris ?

Play, guess, compare and win!!
Brand new Basketball and NBA Trivia is Live!

>>>Download Basket 2K18 – NBA Trivia Quiz 1.2.0 APK<<<

Basket 2K18 - NBA Trivia Quiz 1.2.0 screenshots 1Basket 2K18 - NBA Trivia Quiz 1.2.0 screenshots 2Basket 2K18 - NBA Trivia Quiz 1.2.0 screenshots 3

>>>Download Basket 2K18 – NBA Trivia Quiz 1.2.0 APK<<<

Hardest Girl to Get – Kode Keras Cowok dari Cewek 1.92 Download APK

Download Hardest Girl to Get – Kode Keras Cowok dari Cewek 1.92 APK

Hardest Girl to Get is a Visual Novel games that challenge your skill to pick up girl that you have a crush on. You have to remember one thing though, “Girl is always right”, yeah, to get the woman that you love and break your single status, you have to learn the girl’s code first, so that you know what to do on every situation that you might encounter with your girlfriend.

This game is a viral game that have been played by millions user, and made it as a top rated and top free games. Based on Indonesian culture, this game originally named “Kode Keras Cowok dari Cewek”. The game also can be played both offline and online, which make it very comfortable to play. With the best story line and unique, it will guaranty to make you curious for each story and the challenged. You have to make the right choice, so that you can get the girl, if not then the game is over. But don’t worry, since you playing a character that is a time traveler, you can kept getting back in the past to make sure you make the right choice so you can kept continue.

Here you will become Adit, a time traveler that can goes back to the past, so that you can fix all the wrong choice you have made in your life. So, even if you are just a clueless boy now, after playing this game, you will know how to approach girl and get their hearts 🙂

The number of episodes of this Visual Novel already so many, with 24 episodes in this season, including the next season, it’s guarantied that this game has a loyal fans that are loving the love story between the boy and the girl in this game 🙂

This game also can be played together with your friends and family in your spare time.

For the latest info our games, please follow our instagram @digital_artha.

PS : Don’t take it too personal bro, happy playing!
Kode Keras buat Cowok dari Cewek ( ig : @digital_artha )

* Perbaikan tombol Play
* Tambah Fitur Checkpoint saat keluar dari aplikasi
* Tambah Fitur Multi Language

Ps : Ini adalah episode terakhir dari Season 1 game Kode Keras Cowok dari Cewek, untuk cerita selanjutnya, silahkan download Kode Keras Cowok dari Cewek 2 – Back to School di playstore.


Jabat erat & follow instagram kami @digital_artha untuk info dan update terbaru dari game kami.

>>>Download Hardest Girl to Get – Kode Keras Cowok dari Cewek 1.92 APK<<<

Hardest Girl to Get - Kode Keras Cowok dari Cewek 1.92 screenshots 1Hardest Girl to Get - Kode Keras Cowok dari Cewek 1.92 screenshots 2Hardest Girl to Get - Kode Keras Cowok dari Cewek 1.92 screenshots 3

>>>Download Hardest Girl to Get – Kode Keras Cowok dari Cewek 1.92 APK<<<

Basketball – NBA Trivia Quiz 3.2.3z Download APK

Download Basketball – NBA Trivia Quiz 3.2.3z APK

Looking for real NBA Trivia challenge? Well, try Basketball – NBA Trivia Quiz.
This is not a typical guessing game. Its a combination of 4 Pics 1 NBA Player, NBA Trivia, Guess The NBA Player, Scrambled NBA player name, and who own the stats and achievements.

– Simple and relaxing graphics and gameplay
– Play this offline while you’re riding in a bus or while taking a break.
– Fun and challenging trivia quiz.
– Need answers, Ask your friends for hints

Enjoy Playing and Please don’t forget to rate Basketball – NBA Trivia Quiz.
Got any suggestion or you want something to say. Post your comments
Add Random Rewarded Survey for free coins

>>>Download Basketball – NBA Trivia Quiz 3.2.3z APK<<<

Basketball - NBA Trivia Quiz 3.2.3z screenshots 1Basketball - NBA Trivia Quiz 3.2.3z screenshots 2Basketball - NBA Trivia Quiz 3.2.3z screenshots 3

>>>Download Basketball – NBA Trivia Quiz 3.2.3z APK<<<

Trivia DBS 3.1.6z Download APK

Download Trivia DBS 3.1.6z APK

★ El Mejor Juego de Preguntas y Respuestas de DBS:

Disfruta de este excelente juego de preguntas y respuestas relacionadas con la nueva serie de Akira Toriyama “Dragon Ball Super”, solo si vistes la serie completa podas resolver cada pregunta que se presente y si no la sabes podrás preguntarle a un amigo o algún familiar fanático de la serie. Te garantizamos que te entretendrás por horas con este juego ya que es un juego familiar y muy divertido.

★ Cómo jugar “Trivia DBS”:

Cuando inicies el juego, deberás seleccionar el nivel apropiado o bien en el que te hayas quedado. A continuación en la pantalla de tu terminal te aparecerá un imagen con la pregunta que de veras resolver, no tiene tiempo así que tendrás el tiempo necesario para resolver la pregunta y recuerda este juego es gratis así que no de veras pagar nada por el.

★ Sistema de monedas:

Dentro de “Trivia DBS” palabra tendrás un sistema de monedas el cual te dará acceso a diferentes opciones. Si usted adivina la respuesta, recibirá una cantidad de monedas. Cuando junte suficientes las podrá usar en forma de pistas para resolver el siguiente nivel, descartar letras o mostrar letras en la solución. En caso de quedarte sin monedas, podrás pedir ayuda a un [email protected] o familiar para que te apoyo en tu misión de completar todos los niveles. Ya sea vía whatsapp, vía Facebook o demás rede sociales.

★ 100% Adictivo:

Solo si vistes las series completa podrás resolver fácilmente todo el cuestionario de “Trivia DBS”, el juego cuenta con 100 niveles muy fáciles, por ejemplo: ¿Como se llama el personaje principal de DBS? o ¿Quien es el Dios destructor del universo 7? etc.

Para ser un juego básico de inteligencia y para seguidores de la serie animada es muy fácil de responder.

Compártelo con tus amigos y familiares y en las redes sociales.

★ Información Adicional:

Este juego es completamente gratis y todas sus preguntas fueron creadas por AndrewNex GamesApps, la imágenes relacionadas con los personajes de la serie fueron sacadas de la Internet libre y se crearon sin ninguna intención al daño.
★ The best game Q & DBS:

Enjoy this great game of questions and answers related to the new series of Akira Toriyama, “Dragon Ball Super” only if you wear the series complete pruning solve each question is presented and if you do not know can ask a friend or a fan family series. We guarantee that you’ll be entertained for hours with this game because it is a familiar and very fun game.

★ How to Play “Trivia DBS”:

When you start the game, you must select the appropriate level or where you’ve been. Next on the screen of your terminal a picture with the question that really solve will appear, no time so you can have the time needed to resolve the question and remember this game is free so do not really pay anything.

★ System coins:

Inside “Trivia DBS” word will have a currency system which will give you access to different options. If you guess the answer, you will receive an amount of coins. When you gather enough of you can use as clues to solve the next level, rule out letters or letters show the solution. If you run out of coins, you can seek help from a friend or family member to support you in your quest to complete all levels. Either via WhatsApp via Facebook or other social rede.

★ 100% Addictive:

Only if you wear the full series you can easily solve the whole questionnaire “DBS Trivia” game has 100 levels easy, for example: How is called the main character of DBS? o Who is the destructive God of the universe 7? etc.

To be a basic game of intelligence and fans of the animated series is very easy to answer.

Share it with your friends and family and social networks.

★ Additional Information:

This game is completely free and all your questions were created by AndrewNex GamesApps, the images related to the characters in the series were taken from the Internet and were set free without any intention to harm.

>>>Download Trivia DBS 3.1.6z APK<<<

Trivia DBS 3.1.6z screenshots 1Trivia DBS 3.1.6z screenshots 2Trivia DBS 3.1.6z screenshots 3

>>>Download Trivia DBS 3.1.6z APK<<<