Jogja Istimewa Download APK

Download Jogja Istimewa APK

Jogja… Jogja. Jogja Istimewa. Istimewa Negerinya Istimewa Orangnya….


Kalian pasti yang pernah tinggal di Jogja pasti akan menjadikan kota ini tempat kembali seperti lagu Yogyakarta.

Kembali ke Jogja semakin lengkap dengan aplikasi ini, mau tahu?


Jogja memang Istimewa, sebuah kota yang sudah pasti menjadi tujuan wisata baik lokal maupun mancanegara. Yogyakarta, terletak di provinsi Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta sebelah selatan Semarang Jawa Tengah. Pusat budaya, sejarah, dan juga kuliner ada di Jogja.

Walau terkenal, bagaimana jika anda baru kali pertama mengunjungi Jogja? Baik anda yang baru kali pertama atau yang sudah familiar dengan Jogja, ada sebuah aplikasi pemandu yang sangat tepat bagi anda para traveler.

Jogja Istimewa, sebuah aplikasi mobile yang merangkum 97% Yogyakarta itu sendiri yang begitu istimewa. Fitur utama yang disajikan adalah informasi antara lain:

– Wisata Jogja
– Kuliner Jogja
– Hotel dan Penginapan di Jogja
– Pusat Perbelanjaan Jogja
– Ensiklopedia Tentang Warisan Budaya DIY
– Kerajinan Jogja
– Layanan Publik di Jogja
– Informasi Jadwal Pesawat Terbang
– Foto Panorama 360 derajat
– TV & CCTV Streaming Jogja
(CCTV Lalu lintas Jogja, CCTV Malioboro, CCTV Alun-alun, dll)
– Jadwal Event menarik di Jogja


masih banyak lagi, dan yang pasti anda tidak akan tersesat di Yogyakarta dengan Jogja Istimewa Apps.
Jogja … Jogja. Jogja Istimewa. Their land Orangnya special privilege ….


You must ever live in Yogyakarta will surely make it the back like a song Yogyakarta.

Back to Jogja addition to this application, want to know?


Jogja Istimewa indeed, a city that has definitely become a tourist destination both locally and overseas. Yogyakarta, located in the province of Yogyakarta Special Region south of Semarang, Central Java. Center of culture, history, and also culinary in Yogyakarta.

Although well-known, what if you are the first time to visit Jogja? Whether you are the first time or who are familiar with Jogja, there is a very precise guide app for you the traveler.

Jogja Istimewa, a mobile application that encapsulates 97% Yogyakarta itself is so special. The main feature is the information presented, among others:

– Visit Yogyakarta
– Culinary Jogja
– Hotel and Accommodation in Yogyakarta
– Shopping Center Jogja
– Encyclopedia About Heritage DIY
– Craft Jogja
– Public Service Jogja
– Schedule Information Aircraft
– Panorama 360 degree photos
– TV & Streaming CCTV Jogja
(CCTV Traffic Jogja, Malioboro CCTV, CCTV Square, etc.)
– Event Schedule draw in Jogja


there are many more, and you certainly will not get lost in Jogja Istimewa Yogyakarta with Apps.
Berkontribusi menambah konten bisa dilakukan di Jogja Istimewa. Jadilah member Jogja Istimewa, dan berkontribusilah menambah konten-konten yang menurut kamu hits untuk membantu menambah informasi pengguna Jogja Istimewa.

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Jogja Istimewa screenshots 1Jogja Istimewa screenshots 2Jogja Istimewa screenshots 3

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Google Street View Download APK

Download Google Street View APK

Explore world landmarks, discover natural wonders, and step inside locations such as museums, arenas, restaurants, and small businesses with Google Street View.
You can also add your own Street View for everyone to see. Create 360 photos using either your phone’s camera or a certified Street View Ready camera, then position them and add connections on the map using the Street View app.
New for Local Guides level 6+ and Street View Trusted Photographers:
Try the new “Video Mode” beta, where you can connect a Ricoh Theta V camera and create Street View as you walk, bike, or drive. This new mode records video from your camera and converts it into connected Street View images when you publish to Google Maps.
• Easily record Street View as you walk, bike, or drive with the new “Video Mode” (available only to Street View Trusted Photographers and Local Guides 6+)
• Quickly preview your Video Mode collections as immersive 360 videos before you publish to Street View
• View your Video Mode collections as a track on a map along with your total distance traveled
• Several bug fixes and other improvements

>>>Download Google Street View APK<<<

Google Street View screenshots 1Google Street View screenshots 2

>>>Download Google Street View APK<<<

Freedom Travel 1.0 Download APK

Download Freedom Travel 1.0 APK

С приложением Freedom Travel Вы можете путешествовать по разным странам. Наряду с шикарными VIP турами существуют маленькие города, уютные уголки и места, побывав в которых, Вы получите впечатления на всю жизнь. Стоит попробовать, а если совместить такой опыт с учёбой и повышением своей квалификации – это будет подъёмом  ещё на одну ступеньку своего личностного роста. Добро пожаловать в мир Freedom Travel!
With the app Freedom Travel You can travel to different countries. Along with the luxurious VIP tours, there are small towns, cozy nooks and places visited where you get the experience of a lifetime. Worth a try, and if you combine this experience with their studies and increase their skills – this will rise to one more step of his personal growth. Welcome to Freedom Travel!

>>>Download Freedom Travel 1.0 APK<<<

Freedom Travel 1.0 screenshots 1Freedom Travel 1.0 screenshots 2Freedom Travel 1.0 screenshots 3

>>>Download Freedom Travel 1.0 APK<<<

Offline Maps & Navigation 17.7.0 Download APK

Download Offline Maps & Navigation 17.7.0 APK

Navigation app that combines the best of offline and online features to create the ultimate navigation experience. Compact maps of over 200 countries were specially optimized to take up less space on your phone. Follow accurate voice directions, avoid traffic jams and get speed limit & speed camera alerts. Regular map updates.

• Offline maps of all countries in the world, from TomTom and other providers
• Free map updates multiple times per year
• Voice-guided GPS navigation with precise directions and spoken street names
• Millions of interesting Places (POI)
• Real-time route sharing lets you share your estimated time of arrival & current position on a map*
• Pedestrian GPS navigation with walking directions and tourist attractions (POI)

• Avoid traffic jams with the most accurate real-time traffic information with data collected from more than 500 million users worldwide*

• Advanced safety features make driving in unfamiliar territories easier
• Speed limit warnings show you the current speed limit and the upcoming speed limit changes
• Dynamic Lane Assistant guides you into the correct lane
• Head-up Display (HUD) projects navigation onto the windshield of your car, making driving at night safer
• Dashcam records the road ahead and automatically saves video in case of an accident
• Real View Navigation is an augmented reality feature for even better and safer driving experience

• Park easily with parking place suggestions and live info about prices and availability*
• Set your fuel type and fill up for the best price with live information about fuel prices*
• Avoid speeding tickets with Speed camera warnings*
• Save money on roaming charges with offline maps

*Please note that this feature requires internet connection.

Note: Sharing videos from Dashcam is forbidden by law in these countries: Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Slovakia, Spain.

By installing, copying or using all or any portion of this software you accept all the terms and conditions of this agreement:
* Map update
Up-to date maps with the most recent roads and places
* Get ready to unleash the power of your car’s cockpit. Enjoy the new Cockpit feature in the latest update to stay informed about your acceleration, incline, altitude or speed.

>>>Download Offline Maps & Navigation 17.7.0 APK<<<

Offline Maps & Navigation 17.7.0 screenshots 1Offline Maps & Navigation 17.7.0 screenshots 2Offline Maps & Navigation 17.7.0 screenshots 3

>>>Download Offline Maps & Navigation 17.7.0 APK<<<

Google Maps Go – Directions, Traffic & Transit 98 Download APK

Download Google Maps Go – Directions, Traffic & Transit 98 APK

Google Maps Go is the lightweight Progressive Web App variation of the original Google Maps app, now with navigation support!

This version requires Chrome (if you do not wish to install Chrome, please use in your browser instead).

Taking up 100 times less space on your device than the full Google Maps app, Google Maps Go is designed to run smoothly on devices with limited memory and on unreliable networks without compromising speed to provide your location, real-time traffic updates, directions, and train, bus, and city transit information. You can even search and find information about millions of places, such as phone numbers and addresses.
• Find the fastest route combining two-wheelers, metro, buses, taxi, walking and ferries
• Ride the metro, bus or train with live city public transport schedules
• Navigate your car or two-wheeler with Navigation for Google Maps Go (
• Step-by-step directions with route preview, helping you plan your trips ahead of time
• Get there faster with real-time traffic information and traffic maps

• Discover and explore new places
• Search and find local restaurants, businesses, and other nearby places
• Decide on the best places to go by reading customer reviews, and viewing pictures of food
• Find the phone number and address to a place
• Save places you want to or visit often, and quickly find them later from your mobile

• Available in 70+ languages
• Comprehensive, accurate maps (including satellite and terrain) in 200 countries and territories
• Public transport information for over 20,000 cities
• Detailed business information for over 100 million places

Become a beta tester:
• Support URLs
• Bug fixes

>>>Download Google Maps Go – Directions, Traffic & Transit 98 APK<<<

Google Maps Go - Directions, Traffic & Transit 98 screenshots 1Google Maps Go - Directions, Traffic & Transit 98 screenshots 2

>>>Download Google Maps Go – Directions, Traffic & Transit 98 APK<<<

Live Street View Maps Navigation Satellite Maps 1.2.3 Download APK

Download Live Street View Maps Navigation Satellite Maps 1.2.3 APK

Live Street View Navigation & Satellite Maps is for you with amazing & helpful live maps with street view & Best global earth maps features. Street live view navigator app determines your current live location & show panorama view of this location (if available) and you can search any place in the satellite world map and see live building, live traffic status, live location & road view. You can see live 3D view navigation of world seven wonders.

Live Map easy navigate app gets your current location and show on satellite earth map live & you can make easy navigate and shortest route of destination view with the help of 2D and 3D route+ navigate from your current location to your desire destination and search transits, hotels for booking and reservation of luxury rooms and flats. Use the Street live view: 2D & 3D Route app and enjoy the fun and give feedback.

Current view of Live Location:
Street live view: 2D & 3D Route Free GPS navigation app is very amazing for the tourist, route+ drivers & travelers. If you make a plan of the tour and you don’t know about the place and there beauty so you can see clear 3D view or satellite view of that place than plane your tour, also you can get direction rout assistant of that places with live navigation, GPS route & location finder and voice route instructions. This satellite view maps app will update turn by turn and road by road navigation route. Really it’s a good feature for the users as a co-travel. Live Navigation Maps & Street View app is really good to find the other live places with GPS tag, family map, Costarica map, Live map of UK, Indian village and town maps,(online map), maps of France, & gps Japan home.

Current Location & Draw route:
Street live view: 2D, 3D Route & map is provided an attractive feature for you. You are going in other cities, back country and stop on the road due to you see the main road is divided in many linked roads and you are confused & not understand what you do, and where you go? So your job is that open this map app and writes your final destination and makes a shortest and easy route and show your traveling time and accurate distance. If you forget your current location, so there is no need to ask from the people, just tap guide map and get your current location and share it through GPS Live Location finder app to your family, friends, and relatives. Now it’s very easy to visit the world with GPS Navigation traveling assistance app, enjoy your journey.

Nearby Place:
If your stay in other cities and you want to go urgent nearby or around me places, you can search nearby Public place as like transits, hotels for booking and reservation of luxury rooms and flats, ATM, Hospital, Police station, Restaurants, Entertainment Place, Hotel, Restaurant, mosque and other places.

Seven Wonders:
In satellite world map free GPS direction App, the Main feature is this. If you cannot go there due to lack of time and money or other reasons. You can see 360-degree pictures of seven wonders. Enjoy it.

We inform to “Live Street View Navigation & Satellite Maps” users, maybe live street view didn’t show in some city areas due to unavailability of 3D view in those areas. But doesn’t worry you can use 3D satellite View map in these areas.We use google maps api in our application to make more trusted and optimized map system for play store user.

Features of Live Street View Navigation & Satellite Maps:
Easy and simple for use
360 degree Seven wonders pictures
Make your 2D & 3D shortest routes
Turn by turn route update with instruction
Reroute feature available
Live street view with easy and shortest routes
Search nearby places
Auto get your current location & update every 5 second late
Free for the Android Users
Share Your Location
Bug Fixed

>>>Download Live Street View Maps Navigation Satellite Maps 1.2.3 APK<<<

Live Street View Maps Navigation  Satellite Maps 1.2.3 screenshots 1Live Street View Maps Navigation  Satellite Maps 1.2.3 screenshots 2Live Street View Maps Navigation  Satellite Maps 1.2.3 screenshots 3

>>>Download Live Street View Maps Navigation Satellite Maps 1.2.3 APK<<<

Live Street View – Global Satellite Earth Live Map 3.9 Download APK

Download Live Street View – Global Satellite Earth Live Map 3.9 APK

“Live Street View & Live Maps” – Satellite Earth Navigation application can let you search Google live map and see your area Google street live view both function. Similar to Google earth maps live.

Live Street View Maps uses live maps satellite to fetch your location on panorama and gives location of your street for a 360 degree and a clear picture of traffic in your area with google earth. Its very simple and easy to use. Just type the name of your favourite location in the search box and let Live Street View do the magic itself.

It is free to download Live Maps, GPS Navigation & Street view . Live Street View & Live Satellite Maps app is designed to help you and understand your exact location with live map view. 3D Street view app is very amazing and helpful application.

Live Street View & 3D Live Maps Navigation Features:

• Get Realistic Street View Map with zoom capability.
• Advanced, updated and interactive 3D maps
• Highly Quality Panoramic 360 View with Map Navigation.
• Very light in size.
• View Someone’s House or another places Via Satellite.
• Beautiful and user friendly Material Design.
• Draw route using Earth Map and see Navigation more details.
• Search building name or street name or city name.
• Travel around the world and navigate using any transportation.
• Navigation with local traffic help you find the fastest route.

Street Live View – Satellite View Allow you to determine Your location and view building around you or in any point all over world also Traffic Status And Updated Maps.

Maps range from satellite maps to street view as well as Traffic and transit maps are available:

• Live Street view – See exteriors for museums, restaurants and many more

• Walking maps – Explore your city on-foot with detailed walk-friendly maps

• Hiking GPS – Find hiking trails or plan your next backpacking trip too

• Satellite view from “Google maps” – Enjoy the Satellite view from the space

Live Street View – Global Satellite Earth Live Map, provides live street view for world’s seven wonders and also share live street view for famous places.

High precision and beautiful digital compass. This compass supports magnetic north and true north calculated using network or GPS location coordinates, which can be copied, shared and viewed in a map.

GPS Speedometer can track your speed, time, location and also can get start time, time elapsed etc. Your phone is now a fully functional analog speedometer. Analog speedometer shows speed just like your car’s speedometer using a dial and a needle.

Download now Live Street View & Live Maps Satellite View and get news of every single street from worldwide…!!!
bug fixes and performance improvements

>>>Download Live Street View – Global Satellite Earth Live Map 3.9 APK<<<

Live Street View - Global Satellite Earth Live Map 3.9 screenshots 1Live Street View - Global Satellite Earth Live Map 3.9 screenshots 2Live Street View - Global Satellite Earth Live Map 3.9 screenshots 3

>>>Download Live Street View – Global Satellite Earth Live Map 3.9 APK<<<

Webcams 1.6.6 Download APK

Download Webcams 1.6.6 APK

New to the Webcams app? Good news! We’ve recently enhanced the user experience by including all of EarthCam’s cameras in the “Buy All” package! For one low price, you can access more than 175 webcams, as well as any added in the future. As a “thank you” to our fans who have been with us since the beginning and purchased one or more packages, we are unlocking the “Buy All” feature automatically, letting you travel to any EarthCam destination for no additional fee!

With EarthCam’s Webcams app, you can travel the globe, visiting scenic and landmark destinations via our unique network of live HD streaming video and megapixel snapshot cameras. Explore the Hall of Fame to enjoy the best image archives submitted by visitors and share your favorites via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, text message and email. Have top destinations you like to visit? Create a personalized list of favorite webcams for a customized experience!

Please note: some streaming cameras may take a moment to load based on your internet connection. A camera marked with “HD” denotes a live streaming camera. A camera marked with “MP” denotes a megapixel photography camera, which shows a high resolution updating image. Webcams listed are subject to availability and may change from time to time. New views are added regularly, so be sure to check back for new releases.

If you’re enjoying Webcams, please take a moment to leave us a positive review on Google Play. If you’ve left a review before, kindly repost as the reviews are reset with every update. Thanks for your support and for traveling the globe with EarthCam!

Run into trouble? Want to let us know what you love about our app or have suggestions for future updates? Please contact us at [email protected]
What’s New:
– Fixes to an issue that prevented app use on most Android 4 devices
– New video player for smoother streaming and an enhanced viewing experience
– Additional improvements and bug fixes

Check out the latest locations to join the EarthCam Network!
– Tamarin Cam – Utica, NY
– Discovery Bay, CA
– Maldives
– Lake Tahoe, NV,
– Lake Glenville, NC

>>>Download Webcams 1.6.6 APK<<<

Webcams 1.6.6 screenshots 1Webcams 1.6.6 screenshots 2Webcams 1.6.6 screenshots 3

>>>Download Webcams 1.6.6 APK<<<

WalletPasses | Passbook Wallet 1.2.3 Download APK

Download WalletPasses | Passbook Wallet 1.2.3 APK

With WalletPasses, you can use passes on your Android phone to check in for flights, get and redeem rewards, get in to movies, or redeem coupons. Passes can include useful information like the balance on your coffee card, your coupon’s expiration date, your seat number for a concert, and more.

WalletPasses Saves Your Battery
The app only consumes battery when you use it, no power consuming operations are performed in background.

WalletPasses Respects your Privacy
The app requires only minimal permissions to work and you keep full control of the data shared with pass issuers.

WalletPasses is fully Passbook compatible
The app supports all great features of Wallet / Passbook passes:
* Automatic Pass Updates & Change Notifications
* Relevance based Display of Passes (Time, Location, iBeacon)
* Embedded Scanner

WalletPasses is backed by the Wallet Passes Alliance, a consortium of firms that develop and promote an open platform for the mobile wallet

Based on your feedback we have made the following improvements:
– ability to increase the barcode by tapping on it
– ability to export / share passes
– settings to enable / disable relevance instructions
– ability to scan more barcode formats

Other improvements include
– share an URL or copy it to the clipboard in order to open it in our in-app browser
– easily import existing passes via android sharing functionality
– new translations
– bug-fixes and stability improvements

>>>Download WalletPasses | Passbook Wallet 1.2.3 APK<<<

WalletPasses | Passbook Wallet 1.2.3 screenshots 1WalletPasses | Passbook Wallet 1.2.3 screenshots 2WalletPasses | Passbook Wallet 1.2.3 screenshots 3

>>>Download WalletPasses | Passbook Wallet 1.2.3 APK<<<

PLAYBOX VR 1.0 Download APK

Download PLAYBOX VR 1.0 APK

플레이박스 VR에서 완전히 새로운 세상을 만나보세요. 인간공학에 근거한 체감기술로 보다 쾌적하고 기분 좋게 가상 현실의 세계에 몰입할 수 있습니다. 단 하나의 프레임도 놓치지 않는 99%의 체감률!
개발자 연락처 :
대한민국 제주특별자치도 제주시 첨단로 245-2
Meet a whole new world to play in the box VR. Better than pleasant experience with technology based on ergonomic and comfortable, you can immerse themselves in the world of virtual reality. Do not miss a single frame of 99% of chegamryul!

>>>Download PLAYBOX VR 1.0 APK<<<

PLAYBOX VR 1.0 screenshots 1PLAYBOX VR 1.0 screenshots 2PLAYBOX VR 1.0 screenshots 3

>>>Download PLAYBOX VR 1.0 APK<<<