Fishdom 2.28.3 Download APK

Download Fishdom 2.28.3 APK

Never Fishdomed before? Take a deep breath and dive into an underwater world of match-3 fun with Fishdom, an all-new free game!

Try challenging and fun match-3 gameplay with unique puzzles as you decorate aquariums to create cozy homes for lovely talking fish. Feed them, play with them, and watch them interact with each other. Hey, your finned friends are waiting for you, so dive in now and enjoy this amazing underwater adventure!

● Unique gameplay: swap and match pieces, design and decorate aquariums, play with and take care of fish—all in one puzzle game!
● Play hundreds of challenging and fun match-3 levels
● Compete with other players to develop your aquarium even faster
● Explore an exciting aquatic world with funny talking 3D fish that each have their own personality
● Liven up fish tanks with breathtaking underwater decor
● Grab your scuba mask and enjoy amazing aquarium graphics
● It’s a blast for everyone: share your Fishdom mania with your Facebook friends!
● No Wi-Fi or internet connection required to play

Please note that Fishdom is free to play, though some in-game items can also be purchased for real money.

Enjoying Fishdom? Learn more: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:

Questions? Contact our tech support at [email protected]
What’s new:
– Bug fixes and improvements

Please update the game to the latest version

The latest Fishdom update is up and swimming!

– Explore a mysterious cave with Hermann the Crab in the new Gold Voucher Rush event!
– Beat the special levels without losing to unlock chests full of gold vouchers and other prizes!

– Meet guests from outer space in the new First Contact aquarium!
– Meet 4 new fish!

– A new match-3 element: Rubber Duck Pool.

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Fishdom 2.28.3 screenshots 1Fishdom 2.28.3 screenshots 2Fishdom 2.28.3 screenshots 3

>>>Download Fishdom 2.28.3 APK<<<

Hello Kitty Cafe Seasons 1.1.1 Download APK

Download Hello Kitty Cafe Seasons 1.1.1 APK

Enjoy this addictive and engaging time-management gameplay where you team up with Hello Kitty and Sanrio friends as you run an already famous cafe. Help Hello Kitty run her busy establishment by handling the seating, delegating tasks to the restaurant staff, and managing the cafe’s equipment and upgrades.

Test your speed and strategic planning! You must serve food to all customers quickly and efficiently in order to keep them from walking out dissatisfied. Getting overrun by an insatiable crowd? Whenever Hello Kitty gets overwhelmed by customers, her friends can lend a paw. You can hire Keroppi, My Melody, Badtz Maru, Pekke, Pochacco, Lala, Kiki, and Purin as part of the cafe staff until your cafe is just bursting with cuteness. Learn how to utilize Hello Kitty’s friends efficiently and train them to become exceptional restaurant workers. Acquire additional seats to accommodate more patrons. Upgrading your equipment also helps reduce waiting times and customer walkouts. If your cafe consistently provides good food and great service, a mystery VIP guest might drop by!

– The cute and cuddly Hello Kitty is back to serve up delights!
– Adorable Moon Festival themed graphics
– Classic time management gameplay
– Purchase upgrades for your café to serve more customers more quickly
– Hire and train Hello Kitty’s friends to help run the café
– Get a visits from VIP’s to earn bonus coins!

*Hello Kitty Cafe Seasons supports both mobile phones and tablets*

** Please note that while the app is free, please be aware that it contains paid content for real money that can be purchased upon users’ wish to enhance their gaming experience.You may control in-app purchases made within this app using password protection which can be enabled from the setting page of the Google Play Store app. **
– Graphic Enhancement
– Compatibility and stability enhancements

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Hello Kitty Cafe Seasons 1.1.1 screenshots 1Hello Kitty Cafe Seasons 1.1.1 screenshots 2

>>>Download Hello Kitty Cafe Seasons 1.1.1 APK<<<

Guess NBA Player 2018 3.2.6z Download APK

Download Guess NBA Player 2018 3.2.6z APK

You have to guess and correctly write the basketball player’s name by selecting the letters available, if you make a mistake you can remove the incorrect letters by simply touching them. If you cannot guess it you can ask your friends which basketball player you cannot guess or use the accumulated coins of the Baseball Players already resolved to obtain hints.

This game has 15 levels where each level is a different basketball player. Do you like basketball? Can you guess all the NBA players?


– Fifteen entertaining levels
– Beautifull images of Basketball Players
– Gain coins when you solve each level that can help you to solve other levels
– Hints to advance the game with ease
– Ask your friends if you cannot guess the player
– Addictive game for the whole family
– Some new basketball players are easy to guess but others not so much
First release for Guess NBA Player 2018

>>>Download Guess NBA Player 2018 3.2.6z APK<<<

Guess NBA Player 2018 3.2.6z screenshots 1Guess NBA Player 2018 3.2.6z screenshots 2Guess NBA Player 2018 3.2.6z screenshots 3

>>>Download Guess NBA Player 2018 3.2.6z APK<<<

Bus Parking – Drive simulator 2017 1.0.2 Download APK

Download Bus Parking – Drive simulator 2017 1.0.2 APK

Bus parking 2017 is one of the best parking games and drive simulator available on store for challenging all the gamers who claim their selves to be an expert and professional in parking and drive simulator.
Play store is full of traditional parking and driving simulation games but the game play of such kinds of games seems to be boring and repetitive.

After installing real Bus parking and bus driving game you will be amused by interesting and lengthy game play. In American Bus Parking 2017 you will enjoy driving and parking of numerous comfortable and luxury double decker buses. After playing smart metro Bus Parking 2017; you will experience that driving luxurious buses are very smooth, easy and joyous but to be professional and expert in parking elevated buses precisely is very complicated and real tough challenging task. This bus simulator pro parking game will be served as driving school game for the bus parking and coach driving lovers.

Bus Parking 2017 is very entertaining game along with challenging tasks and trial of your driving and speed parking expertise.


Multi level bus parking 3D 2017 provides you hours of challenging and interesting coach bus parking tasks. If you want to improve and master your driving and parking skills then this bus parking game is made for you and it will be served as driving school game.
This game contains different dared and challenging tasks which will assess and test your driving and observing abilities. Stunning parking states and positions with hurdles is the key of challenge and excitement in free bus parking challenge 2017.
Modern city environment along with skyscrapers, worth seeing scenes, beautiful light poles, wide and attractive roads with luxurious cars, buses, coaches etc. You will definitely enjoy bus parking in this attractive city environment.


In practical real life you may have experience that no matter how capably you can drive buses and other vehicles but at the time of parking, you get panicking and fed up from observing and measuring little distances because you are not used to it. So this driving school and parking game will let you to increase your observing and measuring abilities in real life too.
The other advantage of elevated bus Parking game is that it will test your driving skills as well as your critical thinking control. Apart from playing and enjoying you learn the moral values like tolerance and patience because you have to be very cool minded and cautious while bus parking as your one mistake can lose the game.
Attractive and HD modern city environment will make this parking game more interesting, because it contains day & night mode, graphics settings and interesting sounds.
Features of Metro Bus Parking 2017 pro
• Day and Night mode
• Multiple luxurious and latest buses
• 100+ challenging levels
• Real Physics controls on all Buses
• Select best color for your favorite bus
• Graphics quality settings
• Control settings i.e. steering, tilt and button controls
• Different luxurious buses can be purchased.
• Precise parking
• Offline game play
• Real 3D modern city environment
• HD graphics
• Amusing sounds

It is highly addictive game for speed parking and driving games lovers. Just download it now and enjoy the thrill of Driving and Parking game.
Enhanced game story
More challenging missions
Many bugs are fixed!!

>>>Download Bus Parking – Drive simulator 2017 1.0.2 APK<<<

Bus Parking - Drive simulator 2017 1.0.2 screenshots 1Bus Parking - Drive simulator 2017 1.0.2 screenshots 2Bus Parking - Drive simulator 2017 1.0.2 screenshots 3

>>>Download Bus Parking – Drive simulator 2017 1.0.2 APK<<<

_PRISM Download APK

Download _PRISM APK

**Nominated for Gamer’s Voice Award at SXSW**
**Nominated for Best Upcoming Game at IMGA**
**Official selection of Stugan Indie Accelerator**

_PRISM is a visually stunning journey through a microcosmic galaxy. Touch shapes and patterns to unfold sacred geometry and reach the ethereal soul. Each level is a push and pull of cinematic design, mythology, and intuitive touch exploration.

Playtime: Average 1 hour
For best experience, close running apps and restart device before playing.


“The visuals and sounds of the game create the illusion that you are making a journey into a sacred place.” – Kill Screen

“Full of wonderful eureka moments… one of the best mobile games out there.” – Pocket Gamer

“It’s like Optimus Prime just handed you the Matrix of Leadership…” – The Verge

“The visuals in PRISM are absolutely gorgeous.” – AppAdvice

“An impossible world… with a series of amazingly beautiful geometric puzzles.” – Slide To Play

“You’ll thoroughly enjoy exploring this galaxy.” –


Perfect for anyone looking for a beautiful, meditative experience mixed with puzzle solving. You can relax, take your time to look around and explore at your own pace.

– 13 enchanting levels totaling about an hour of gameplay

– Original, zen-like soundtrack

– Rotate, pinch and zoom to capture the universe through your own personal camera lens

– Based on the Classical Elements, each piece of sacred geometry is a symbol for the elements that build up our lives and our world

All of the art, code, sound, and music has been lovingly handcrafted by a passionate, solo developer. I hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful experience!

>>>Download _PRISM APK<<<

_PRISM  screenshots 1_PRISM  screenshots 2_PRISM  screenshots 3

>>>Download _PRISM APK<<<

Guess the Naruto Character Quiz 6.0 Download APK

Download Guess the Naruto Character Quiz 6.0 APK

Do you enjoy watching Naruto anime, or read the manga? Are familiar with the characters in Naruto Universe? Here is your chance to test if you’re a real fan. It’s extremely fun and it’s free.

Download the app and start guessing your favorite Naruto Characters!

— Hundreds of characters to guess
— Arrange by character popularity e.g. Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi down to villains.
— Clean and intuitive user interface
— HD Graphics
— Hint system
— Reward System
— Easy to Play
— Regular Updates
— Smooth gaming experience
— Mobile optimize
— Compatible with Mobile or Tablet Devices

NOTE: We are constantly adding new songs and features, always check for latest updates

Download Guess the Naruto Character Quiz now for free.

>>>Download Guess the Naruto Character Quiz 6.0 APK<<<

Guess the Naruto Character Quiz 6.0 screenshots 1Guess the Naruto Character Quiz 6.0 screenshots 2Guess the Naruto Character Quiz 6.0 screenshots 3

>>>Download Guess the Naruto Character Quiz 6.0 APK<<<

Mekorama 1.1 Download APK

Download Mekorama 1.1 APK

Help a tiny robot stumble home through 50 puzzling mechanical dioramas.

– Relaxing gameplay
– Charming robots
– Collectible level cards
– Diorama maker
– Small install size

Play Mekorama for free for as long as you like. Then pay what you think it’s worth. I hope you’ll love it 🙂

Martin Magni
– Fixed cards appearing locked when there are more than 127 in total
– Allow long card author names to line break onto a fourth row
– Auto-pause game when backgrounded
– Tilt selected card when tapped
– Use Material theme on Android 5.0 and up

>>>Download Mekorama 1.1 APK<<<

Mekorama 1.1 screenshots 1Mekorama 1.1 screenshots 2Mekorama 1.1 screenshots 3

>>>Download Mekorama 1.1 APK<<<

Color Sense Master (Color Test) 2.9.0 Download APK

Download Color Sense Master (Color Test) 2.9.0 APK

This game, Color Sense Master, shows blocks of the same color except one block.
Look for one box that appears in a different color.
Total 150 various colors are supported.

There are two game modes;
– Tap count limit mode
– Time-out mode

The ‘Statistics’ menu displays user’s cumulative color perception score, which is based on user’s entire game play. Also you can compare your highest level to the level of other players around the world. Challenge the final level 100 to become a master of color.
Let’s start testing your color perception ability!

Q. How do people differentiate colors?
The color is identified by the ‘cone cell’ in the human eye’s retina.
There are three types of cone cells to distinguish colours. One is particularly sensitive to red light wavelengths, another to green light, and a third to blue light.
Cone cell distribution ratios for the ‘red region’, ‘green and yellow region’, and ‘blue region’ are generally composed of [40]: [20]: [1].
Due to the relatively small number of cells that detect blue, many users in this App review say blue identification is the hardest.

Q. How are scores determined in the statistics feature?
– At Low difficulty
If the answer is correct, slight score is added.
If the answer is wrong, a relatively big score is subtracted.
– At High difficulty
If the answer is correct, a relatively big score is added.
If the answer is wrong, slight score is subtracted.

* Please take a break after the game for a certain amount of time to protect your eyesight.
* This game is free, and does not contain any stimulating content, so anyone can enjoy it.
* Comments on translations are always welcome.
* If you have any questions or bug reports, please e-mail us.

[email protected]
Language Translation Updated.

>>>Download Color Sense Master (Color Test) 2.9.0 APK<<<

Color Sense Master (Color Test) 2.9.0 screenshots 1Color Sense Master (Color Test) 2.9.0 screenshots 2Color Sense Master (Color Test) 2.9.0 screenshots 3

>>>Download Color Sense Master (Color Test) 2.9.0 APK<<<

BTS from heaven 1.5 Download APK

Download BTS from heaven 1.5 APK

Hey A.R.M.Y, this tribute game for BTS is absolutely fit your needs. Believe me or not! Check out its features:
*** Special game play – a mash up of puzzle and brick breaking game.
*** 300+ dope puzzles about BTS for your to exploring.
*** Puzzles keep falling down from the sky, aim and shoot them. Remember: stay bulletproof.
*** Break those puzzles before they get down to the floor. There will blood, sweat and tears
*** When you break a puzzle, you’ll face a question about our bangtan boys in luv.
*** There are 4 types of puzzle, about fan art, mv, music and members profile.
And remember, you never walk alone, share the play joyful with other A.R.M.Y by visit the fanpage
Hope you have fun 🙂
2018 Apr:
*** Fix the wrong BGM song name, so sorry about that 🙁
I also add “re-download” for you to get again some songs in list, may it’s not exacly the song you wanted, but that’s the best I can do, cause I did not track your history
*** Switch server to solve loading photo problems

>>>Download BTS from heaven 1.5 APK<<<

BTS from heaven 1.5 screenshots 1BTS from heaven 1.5 screenshots 2BTS from heaven 1.5 screenshots 3

>>>Download BTS from heaven 1.5 APK<<<

Pixel Art: Color by Number 4.5 Download APK

Download Pixel Art: Color by Number 4.5 APK

Blow your stress away coloring by number! Discover tons of FREE 2D and 3D artworks or create your own pixel art. Color by number. Relax. Enjoy!


• So many artworks to choose from. Color by number Mandalas, Flowers, Sweets, and other coloring pages from easy to very detailed;
• Fresh new pictures every day. Get daily new coloring pages;
• 3D artworks. Get extremely fun and entertaining coloring experience by painting by numbers 3D objects;
• Pixel Art Camera. Take selfies or use your photos to turn them into pixel art!
• Coloring by number tools. Use Magic Wand to paint cells of the same color and drop Color Splash to paint areas

Coloring has never been easier! No stress of picking up colors. Just relax and color by number!
– Performance and stability improvements

We read all your reviews and always try to make the game better. Please leave us some feedback if you love what we do and feel free to suggest any improvements. Color. Relax. Enjoy!

>>>Download Pixel Art: Color by Number 4.5 APK<<<

Pixel Art: Color by Number 4.5 screenshots 1Pixel Art: Color by Number 4.5 screenshots 2Pixel Art: Color by Number 4.5 screenshots 3

>>>Download Pixel Art: Color by Number 4.5 APK<<<