Princess Mina – My Talking Cat 1.3 Download APK

Download Princess Mina – My Talking Cat 1.3 APK

Here comes another lovely cat which is going to talk to you and become your best friend! This one is coming from the kingdom, and her name is Mina.


Download free 👑Princess Mina – My Talking Cat👑 today and start the adventure with a lady that will very quickly become very dear to you. Once you open the game, you will see the cat dressed in a beautiful pink gown, with crown on her head, and a neat updo. You will need to take care of her so she would be healthy and so you would reach other levels, so make sure that she is never hungry, that she is happy, and that she gets enough sleep.

By taking care of virtual pets children will learn to be responsible, so talking animals will benefit the youngest ones and help them to become better people. Also, if you have a toddler at home, it will be interesting for her/him to talk to sweet Princess Mina and hear her repeating every word. One more thing that children can learn from the newest 👑Princess Mina – My Talking Cat 👑 is to keep good hygiene! They will need to take cat to the bathroom and clean her teeth and take her to the shower. By doing that, they will see that they should always be clean and that they should never forget about their hygiene.


The latest 👑Princess Mina – My Talking Cat 👑 game brings so many cool things your way, and you won’t be able to stop playing it! Your new virtual friend won’t like to wear the same outfit all the time, and that’s why her wardrobe is equipped with the best clothes! You can experiment with all of them if you want to, but in order to get them, you will need to have enough coins, and for some items you will have to wait to reach certain levels so you could get them. One of the outfits that your virtual pet can wear is purple dress with wings! She will look like a fairy, and you could combine that with pink flats. Also, she could wear dark blue sweater with beautiful sparkling necklace, and grey high-waisted pants. She will look very beautiful dressed like that for sure, and she could wear different types of dresses, and other clothes too.

A lot of cool things are waiting for you in the top 👑Princess Mina – My Talking Cat 👑 game. You can change her hairstyle, you can buy different types of accessories for her, and you can also change the look of her house! Decide if you want a living room that reminds of the bottom of the ocean, the one with space theme, or a romantic one with hearts. As for the bedroom, you could opt for a bed that looks like a castle, or the one with stars! There are a lot of different designs for kitchen, living room, and toilet, as well, and you will have so much fun decorating the house and making it look the way you like the best.

In the Princess Mina – My Talking Cat , you can:

→ Talk to the cat and hear her repeating your words
→ Feed Mina and take care of her
→ Change her hairstyle and clothes
→ Decorate Mina’s house the way you like

In order to buy all of the furniture and clothes, you will need to earn money, and you can do that in a few ways. First way to earn coins in the latest 👑Princess Mina – My Talking Cat 👑 is by playing mini games! We have prepared some of them for you, and you will have so much fun playing them for sure. Another way is to play with puzzles. At first you will have to put a few pieces together, and then it will get harder and harder, and more challenging as you make a progress. Also, one more way to earn money is when you upgrade to another level, and we have prepared a prize wheel for you too with which you can win additional coins and potions. So, make sure that your virtual cat is always satisfied and complete all of the levels! Also, don’t forget to share the popular 👑Princess Mina – My Talking Cat 👑 with your friends and family, and tell them all about it! There is no doubt that you will love using this top talking cat game and that it will very quickly become your favorite.

>>>Download Princess Mina – My Talking Cat 1.3 APK<<<

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>>>Download Princess Mina – My Talking Cat 1.3 APK<<<