Anatomy Learning – 3D Atlas 2.1 Download APK

Download Anatomy Learning – 3D Atlas 2.1 APK

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··· Languages: ENGLISH & SPANISH

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Anatomy Learning - 3D Atlas 2.1 screenshots 1Anatomy Learning - 3D Atlas 2.1 screenshots 2Anatomy Learning - 3D Atlas 2.1 screenshots 3

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Hearing Test Pro Download APK

Download Hearing Test Pro APK

Pure-tone audiometry is the basic hearing examination which determines the degree of hearing loss in relation to the sound frequency.

Hearing Test features:
* pure tone audiometry using bundled headphones and predefined calibration coefficients from the database (possible for systematically increasing number of devices),
* calibration of the device (in the case of lack of predefined coefficients or for headphones other than bundled).

Additional features:
* viewing tests results,
* adding notes to tests results,
* printing of the tests results,
* adjustment of calibration (calibration coefficients may be adjusted on the basis of your audiogram produced using an audiometer).
* verification of calibration coefficients,
* suppressing of the masking noise for the purpose of free field audiometry.

Pro version features:
* local database (offline access to tests results, without connecting to the server),
* synchronization (your tests results can be stored on a remote account, created for a given email address; data are easy to recover, transfer to/from any other mobile or simultaneously synchronize on different devices).
New features (version 16):
* bug fixes
New features (version 15):
* customization of the test frequencies,
* support for high frequency audiometry,
* estimation of the “hearing age”,
* audiogram interpretation: age norms, speech banana,
* optional hiding of results when tested,
* support for new versions of Android: material design, permission adjustments, documents printing

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Hearing Test Pro  screenshots 1Hearing Test Pro  screenshots 2Hearing Test Pro  screenshots 3

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Ada – Your Health Guide 2.39.0 Download APK

Download Ada – Your Health Guide 2.39.0 APK

Understand what could be wrong if you or someone you care about is not feeling well.
Developed by over 100 doctors & scientists, Ada knows thousands of symptoms and conditions, from a common cold to rare diseases.

Given a 5-star rating by over 90,000 users, Ada helps thousands of people every day to live a healthier life.

How Ada can help you:
1. Tell Ada what’s troubling you
2. Answer personalized, simple questions
3. Understand what could be wrong
4. Get instant information relevant to you

• 100% Private – First names only and your data is always safe
• Share Health Data – Share info about your health and activity with your doctor
• Personalized – Unlike a WebMD search, Ada gets to know you and gives health information specific to you

No topic is off the table. Ask Ada about:
• Skin Problems like Rashes, Acne, Bites
• Urinary Complaints
• Sexual Health Problems
• Pregnancy-related Problems
• Infectious Diseases
• Pediatric Concerns, Children’s Health
• Neurologic Disorders
• Mental Health Issues
• Problems Sleeping
• Indigestion Problems
• Vomiting, Diarrhea
• Flu, Cold, Fever, Sore Throat
• Persistent Coughs
• Chronic Diseases
• Cold Sores
• Pink Eye, Eye Infections
• Rheumatic Diseases

You speak, we listen!
Your feedback helps us to improve Ada.

Just send an email to [email protected]
Thanks for using Ada! This release brings small bug fixes and performance improvements to help you manage your health better.

If you have any questions or need any help with the app, please contact us at [email protected]

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Ada - Your Health Guide 2.39.0 screenshots 1Ada - Your Health Guide 2.39.0 screenshots 2

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DLS MD Portal 5.2.9 Download APK

Download DLS MD Portal 5.2.9 APK

Diagnostic Laboratory Services, INC. is proud to introduce DLS MD Portal for use with Android phones. Beneficial to physicians, pathologists, surgery centers, and hospitals, DLS MD Portal gives healthcare professionals secure access to patient results from their mobile device – no matter where they are. Diagnostic Laboratory Services, INC. has partnered with ATLAS Medical Corp to provide this on-line result review functionality.

With DLS MD Portal physicians can:
– Review push notification alerts for Critical and STAT test results
– View new / unread patient results, with abnormal result flagging
– Access complete patient reports, with interpretive notes
– Verify individual patient demographics to ensure patient safety
– View historical results

This application requires the physician be a registered DLS Web Results user. If you are a user associated with more than one site, you will have the option to select applicable location at log in. If you are not a registered user, contact Diagnostic Laboratory Services, INC. to learn more about the DLS MD Portal solution. Patient health information is kept private and secure through the use of access codes, personal ID’s, and passwords. Each user controls their password, and the account cannot be accessed without that password.

With DLS MD Portal you have the convenience and security in knowing that wherever you are, the DLS MD Portal application will enable access to accurate patient results — anytime, anywhere.
Download the free app today!

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DLS MD Portal 5.2.9 screenshots 1DLS MD Portal 5.2.9 screenshots 2DLS MD Portal 5.2.9 screenshots 3

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Online Pharmacy Australia 1.0 Download APK

Download Online Pharmacy Australia 1.0 APK

“Online Pharmacy Australia offers some of the very best online pharmacy stores in Australia providing discounted prices on medicines and pharmaceutical products. These online pharmacies stock a great range of branded and non-branded products, ensuring you great value for money when you buy through our FREE Android App. Most of the Australia online pharmacy stores offers quick delivery and a simple payment procedure to take the hassle out of shopping. Areas we deliver include Sydney, Canberra, Darwin, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Tasmania, Cairns, Gold Coast, Hobart etc.

Shop by Medical Conditions:
* Acid Reflux Treatment and Heartburn Relief
* Acne Treatment
* Asthma Treatment
* Baby Medicine
* Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment (BV)
* Blood Pressure Monitors
* Calming Medication
* Cold Remedies
* Cold Sore Treatment
* Contraceptive Pill
* Cystitis Treatment and Relief
* Diabetes Treatment
* Ear Drops and Ear Infection Treatment
* Eczema Treatment
* Erectile Dysfunction Treatment (ED)
* Excessive Sweating
* Eye Drops
* Feminine Care Products
* Fertility Treatment
* Flu Treatment
* Fungal Infection Treatment
* Genital Warts Treatment
* Gout Treatment
* Haemorrhoids and Piles
* Hair Loss Treatment
* Hay Fever Tablets and Allergy Treatment
* Head Lice Treatment
* High Cholesterol
* Home Testing Kits
* Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)
* Indigestion and Constipation
* In Vitro Fertilisation Treatment (IVF)
* Malaria Tablets
* Men’s Health
* Migraine Medication
* Morning After Pill
* Oral Care
* Pain Relief
* Period Delay Tablets
* Pet Medication
* Pregnancy Tests
* Premature Ejaculation Treatment
* Psoriasis Treatment
* Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment
* Salcura Skincare
* Screening Test Kits
* Sickness and Diarrhoea
* Skin Care Products
* Smoking Cessation
* Sun Protection
* Threadworms Treatment
* Travel Medicine and Products
* Travel Sickness
* Traveller’s Diarrhoea
* Traveller’s Diarrhoea
* Urinary Incontinence Treatment
* Vitamins and Supplements
* Waterproof Protection for Casts and Dressings
* Weight Loss Pills

Australia Top Online Pharmacies:
* – Australia’s # 1 Pharmacy Since 1998
* – 100% Australian Pharmacy Since 1999
* – Australia’s Cheapest Online Pharmacy
* – Pharmacy and Health Food Super-Mart Since 1996
* – Australian Discount Chemist Online

Your feedback is welcome at [email protected]

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Online Pharmacy Australia 1.0 screenshots 1Online Pharmacy Australia 1.0 screenshots 2Online Pharmacy Australia 1.0 screenshots 3

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Arrhythmias and Dysrhythmias Download APK

Download Arrhythmias and Dysrhythmias APK

We’ve been a Top 10 Medical App in the USA Apple Store and in the Top 100 in over 100 countries worldwide, #1 medical app in many countries! Arrhythmias is now available for the Android systems!

The app includes basic ECGs (static) for all of the major arrhythmias and dysrhythmias. This is a great cardiac reference for those learning and those needing a refresher! It is made in a simple way such that it lends itself to being used at the bedside.

Arrhythmias included:

Normal Sinus (NSR)
Sinus Arrhythmia
Atrial Fibrillation (AFib)
Atrial Flutter (AFlutter)
Supraventricular Tachycardia (SVT)
Atrioventricular Nodal Reentry Tachycardia (AVNRT)
Premature Atrial Contractions (PACs)
Premature Ventricular Contractions (PVCs)
Multifocal Atrial Tachycardia (MAT)
Wolff Parkinson White Syndrome (WPW)
Ventricular Tachycardia (VTach)
Ventricular Fibrillation (VFib)
Torsades de Pointes (Torsades)
First Degree AV Block
Second Degree AV Blocks (Wenckeback and Mobitz II)
Third Degree AV Block (Complete Block)
Brugada Syndrome
Lown-Ganong-Levine Syndrome
Pulseless Electrical Activity (PEA)
Sick Sinus Syndrome

Developed by: Abe Balsamo MPAS, PAC with the intent of developing high quality, point-of-care apps for health care professionals and the general public.

***This app is for information only and may not be used to treat a patient. Information may at times by out of date and thus is for information only! Updates are done regularly, but treatments change. Do not use this app in any way to treat a patient.

If you haven’t yet reviewed the app, please take a moment to leave a review, and thanks again!

Follow me on Twitter @appsbyabe.
New app by AppsByAbe is a port of the award winning Apple App “Arrhythmias”.

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Arrhythmias and Dysrhythmias  screenshots 1Arrhythmias and Dysrhythmias  screenshots 2Arrhythmias and Dysrhythmias  screenshots 3

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Freedom Knee v1.6.3 1.8.1 Download APK

Download Freedom Knee v1.6.3 1.8.1 APK

The Freedom Knee(R) Surgeon Library was developed to provide the global orthopedic medical community with on-demand access to the latest Freedom Total Knee System information. From at-a-glance overviews of the system’s innovative components and instruments, to in-depth design rationale briefs, comprehensive training tools, surgical videos and case studies, the app provides surgeons with the resources needed to assess and implement the best Freedom Total Knee system options for their patients.

Highlights include:
– System overviews for partial, primary and revision Freedom Knee systems
– Videos, presentations and manuals of surgical techniques
– Sizing options of the Freedom Total Knee System
– Interesting case studies from around the world
– Industry news that is updated weekly to ensure you are always “in the know”
Sharing of Downloaded contents

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Freedom Knee v1.6.3 1.8.1 screenshots 1Freedom Knee v1.6.3 1.8.1 screenshots 2Freedom Knee v1.6.3 1.8.1 screenshots 3

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MFA Hearing Test 1.0 Download APK

Download MFA Hearing Test 1.0 APK

“MFA Hearing Test” uses UnlimiterHear’s MFA Inside technology, a hearing detection algorithm, so you can quickly know your personal hearing status. Users with iPhone or iPad with headphone can take the hearing test. Individual test results can be uploaded to the cloud server, and the hearing arguments can be downloaded from the cloud and to the MFA assisted listening devices, and become secondary personal hearing device.

MFA hearing test is only a informational purposes only and is not intended to replace professional hearing test. Test results can not be used as a diagnosis. If you want to like to know more about your hearing, you should visit a qualified and licensed hearing professional.

– Hearing test
– Support storing more than one hearing test results
– Support uploading information to cloud service

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MFA Hearing Test 1.0 screenshots 1MFA Hearing Test 1.0 screenshots 2

>>>Download MFA Hearing Test 1.0 APK<<<