Tumile – Meet new people via free video chat 03.01.21 Download APK

Download Tumile – Meet new people via free video chat 03.01.21 APK

Online chat officially changed its name to Tumile.

Tumile is a great online video chat app. Get connected to anyone in the world with just one click with live video chat!

With Tumile, you can video chat with millions of people and have real-time conversations with talented or humorous people from different countries. Our new video filters and video stickers let you personalize your look. Tumile has a lot of interesting features, not just video chat, compared to other online random video chat apps.

Salient features:
👯Video Filters and Stickers
 – Add a variety of video filters and stickers to your live video to make live video chat more interesting.

📱Free video call
 – You can make free video calls with your Tumile friends without any restrictions.

📲Mobile streaming
 – Live video chat on your phone anytime, anywhere.
 – Video chat or text with your friends to express your love and support!

📹 Random Video Chat
 – Free live video chat with people from all over the world.
 – You can video chat with people you are interested in, or swipe left to change the match.

💬 Chat History
 – Keep your chat history privately. You can read it anytime.
 – Always keep in touch with your Tumile friends.

📱 text chat
 – If you don’t like face-to-face video chat, you can choose to use free text chat. If you are shy, just send an emoji and say hello directly through text chat.
 – Equipped with a variety of GIFs and Emojis that you can use to chat actively.

🆓Sign in quickly and easily
 – Use Facebook to quickly log in to Tumile without having to sign up for trouble.
 – Or, use your phone number to easily sign in and start enjoying the free random video chat right away.

More importantly, it is an excellent platform for learning foreign languages ​​with people from all over the world. Start a video chat and take classes with your language teacher in a one-on-one video chat room. Wherever you are, Tumile will take you there. Tumile can do all of this for you, and it’s free! The connection is simple and convenient.

Follow us on our Facebook page and follow us: https://www.facebook.com/livechatApp/

– Optimized user interface.
– Fixed bugs. Improved performance and user experience.
Tumile – Meet new people via random video chat

>>>Download Tumile – Meet new people via free video chat 03.01.21 APK<<<

Tumile - Meet new people via free video chat 03.01.21 screenshots 1Tumile - Meet new people via free video chat 03.01.21 screenshots 2Tumile - Meet new people via free video chat 03.01.21 screenshots 3

>>>Download Tumile – Meet new people via free video chat 03.01.21 APK<<<

Pixels – Mental Self-Awareness 3.1.6 Download APK

Download Pixels – Mental Self-Awareness 3.1.6 APK

Pixels is a minimalistic yet flexible approach to bullet journaling, that allows you to track in a simple, quick and easy manner your moods and emotions as time pass by. Every pixel represents a day! You can add notes and select the emotions you felt.

The app has been repeatedly recommended by therapists around the world and tons of people use it alongside with their therapy process. It allows you to see patterns in your mood and change the way you see your mental health.

Privacy and transparency are key. You are the only one with access to your data and the development of the app is clear and public in our Discord community, which you can join.

I use my free time to maintain, improve and add features to the app. I don’t want to heavily monetize it adding banners nor intrusive ads. If you want to, you can help me by seeing an ad pressing the heart button on the main screen! I would appreciate it a lot! 🙂

If you want to help me further than by looking ads, check out ‘Pixels Plus’, a premium customization feature. It allows you to select two colors for one mood, instead of only one, creating a beautiful gradient! It also comes with carefully selected and designed color palettes.
It will receive updates with new features in the future. If you purchase it now there will be no need to do it again to get those.
You can try it extensively before buying it. You can also test palettes for a limited time seeing rewarded ads!

* Log moods, emotions, and notes
* Create a Year in Pixels
* Customizable, change the colors and add your own emotions!
* Reminders
* Dark mode
* Security password
* Export to image
* Minimalist design and lightweight

Original idea from @PassionCarnets, go check her Instagram account! https://www.instagram.com/passioncarnets/
A face-lift! A new identity, new interface, and improved user experience!
NEW! Patterns feature: find patterns in your logs and moods!
An improved dark mode, toggle it on/off with a simple switch.
NEW! Check the last auto backup date in settings.
Reduced app size to almost half!

>>>Download Pixels – Mental Self-Awareness 3.1.6 APK<<<

Pixels - Mental Self-Awareness 3.1.6 screenshots 1Pixels - Mental Self-Awareness 3.1.6 screenshots 2Pixels - Mental Self-Awareness 3.1.6 screenshots 3

>>>Download Pixels – Mental Self-Awareness 3.1.6 APK<<<

Hashtags for Instagram 1.1.0 Download APK

Download Hashtags for Instagram 1.1.0 APK

Hashtag is created by placing a pound sign # (aka hash character) in front of a word or unspaced phrase. It’s widely used on social networks to tag/categorize posts. With the help of hashtags, users can easily find content (photos, videos, text etc.) related to same topic. Best hashtags does not only define your post but can also make your photos and videos go viral. If you have a public profile on Instagram and looking forward to get more followers on Instagram, then you should use popular instagram hashtags for getting more likes on your posts and followers to your Insta account.

If you’re getting confused with which is the best instagram hashtag that could define your post and bring your posts more attention, likes and followers, then you really need this app. We’ve a good collection of hashtags for instagram to tag your posts with.

Why install the app?

Define Your Post : A whole sentence might fail to define your post but just one hashtag can define it easily. Checkout the top instagram hashtags and make your Instagram posts more appealing.

Get More Instagram Followers, Likes : If you are regularly posting your life memories or good photographs on Instagram, then you really need this app to grow audience for your posts. The best thing about getting likes and followers from these hashtags is : “you get it all for free”.

Make Your Posts Go Viral : If you have got good photography skills or making some awesome videos and want world to see them, why don’t try posting them on Instagram with best hashtags? Every Instagram user Is scrolling down to find some awesome content to watch. So, why don’t make your own posts viral? Check out our trending Instagram hashtags and make your photos and videos popular around instagram and internet.

App Features :

Regular Updates : Regularly receive best hashtags to tag your Instagram posts with. You can also find trending instagram hashtags for making your posts go viral easily.

Categories : There are 20+ categories to choose your desired hashtags from. You can find most popular instagram hashtags for your selfies, nature photographs, sports related posts, gaming videos, family photographs, gadgets etc.

Save Hashtags : If you have an Instagram profile dedicated to one specific niche or you’re using same kind of hashtags continuously, then we’ve got a feature for you : “Save Hashtags”. You can click on hashtags and select the save tags option and after naming a bunch, you can save those hashtags.

Search Hashtags : Search for your desired hashtags to save your time.

Other Features : Select multiple hashtags, copy hashtags and share the hashtags with your friends on social networks like Instagram direct, Whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger etc.

Stay tuned for more upcoming updates! Install the app now and make your posts go viral on Instagram.
Bug fixes.

>>>Download Hashtags for Instagram 1.1.0 APK<<<

Hashtags for Instagram 1.1.0 screenshots 1Hashtags for Instagram 1.1.0 screenshots 2Hashtags for Instagram 1.1.0 screenshots 3

>>>Download Hashtags for Instagram 1.1.0 APK<<<

Talking Alan Alien 5.0 Download APK

Download Talking Alan Alien 5.0 APK

Talk to Alan the talking alien. He answers with his funny voice and reacts to what you say or your touch. Now with a lot of exciting inside games
It is not a dream, neither an Aliens invasion; it is just a friendly neighbor that came from another galaxy to make your acquaintance.

If you like talking animal games, alien games or talking apps in general you will love Talking Alan Alien! Enjoy hours of fun and laughter with this talking and free virtual alien app! If you like Talking Alan Alien then please rate it with 5 stars. Thank you!

Features of Talking Alan Alien:
✔ Talking Alien – Talking Game
✔ High quality 3D graphics
✔ Voice interaction/animations
✔ Special effects: falling down, somersault, hit face, flying saucer/ufo, etc.
✔ Exciting games
✔ Fun for all

Extra content and games:
★ Kids paint: Super entertaining tool to try and draw a picture with your fingertip. There are also a lot of predefined cartoon pictures that can be colored such as a wonderful princess, animals, cars, fast rockets and many more. Discover the artist in you!

★ Sliding puzzle: Touch and slide the pieces of the puzzle where they belong to recreate the original image.

★ Robot shooter: Shoot the lumberjack robots down with the different color bubbles

★ Fruit Match: Match up(slide) at least 3 same looking fruits in a row to remove them from the grid.

★ Different match-3 fall games: touch where at least 3 same looking objects are fallen to score point and empty the quickly filling space.

★ Many other funny games are waiting for you

Talking Alan Alien is a free app – download Talking Alan Alien now and enjoy it!
More Fun

>>>Download Talking Alan Alien 5.0 APK<<<

Talking Alan Alien 5.0 screenshots 1Talking Alan Alien 5.0 screenshots 2Talking Alan Alien 5.0 screenshots 3

>>>Download Talking Alan Alien 5.0 APK<<<

Good Night Kiss Images 3.5 Download APK

Download Good Night Kiss Images 3.5 APK

Good Morning My Dear, Good Night My Love.., Good night Kiss Images.
All the three wishes in a single app with more than 500 images…
User can share all the images with their beloved Via Whats App, Facebook, Email, Hike and all shearing modes. ( Good Night Kiss images)
Simple and attractive user interface. ( Good Night Kiss images)
Designed in Material Design theme. ( Good Night Kiss images)
Features of the App:
Good Night Images.
Good Night Kiss Images.
Good Night Love Images.
Offline Good night kiss images
Online good night kiss images

Good Night Images
Good Night Kiss Images Team.
💋New images added.
💋New category added.
💋Good Night Gif Added.

>>>Download Good Night Kiss Images 3.5 APK<<<

Good Night Kiss Images 3.5 screenshots 1Good Night Kiss Images 3.5 screenshots 2Good Night Kiss Images 3.5 screenshots 3

>>>Download Good Night Kiss Images 3.5 APK<<<

Woman Titanium Ring 1.4 Download APK

Download Woman Titanium Ring 1.4 APK

If you are looking for an inexpensive alternative to the gold rings that are traditional for weddings and special occasions, titanium might provide a solution. Similar in appearance to white gold, this sturdy metal can stand in for its more expensive cousins. Titanium is already in use by jewelers, so you should have no trouble finding styles that suit your needs. As with all things, titanium jewelry offers both advantages and disadvantages you should be aware of before you buy. Titanium is an abundant metallic element that is used to make jewelry, golf clubs, watches and even aircraft. It was discovered in the late 18th century and was named after the Titans, mythical Greek giants who ruled the earth and personified different forces of nature. Titanium is one of the transitional elements on the periodic table of elements and is found in many forms.

Titanium is lightweight, which makes the ring comfortable and easy to wear. It is a strong and resistant metal. It is much less expensive than other ring materials, such as gold or platinum, yet it is attractive enough for use as wedding jewelry. Titanium is hypoallergenic, so it is perfect for anyone with metal allergies. Unlike white gold, titanium can be left as is and will continue to look great over the years, instead of needing the occasional recoating that white gold needs. Also, titanium can be colored into a wide variety of colors.
Titanium cannot be made into a ring with a prong setting, so it can’t be used for a traditional-looking engagement ring unless the prong setting is made of a different metal and riveted onto the titanium. People can avoid this by having only the groom’s wedding band made out of titanium and using a different material for the bride’s set. Another disadvantage is that titanium rings can be difficult to fit. Titanium cannot be soldered, so if your ring is too large, it cannot be made smaller. If you need it made larger, the only option is to remove the material from the inner part of the band to make it slightly bigger
While titanium is surprisingly strong for how lightweight it is, it can still show signs of scratching and other wear. Titanium can usually be polished by a jeweler. If you want a colored titanium ring, consider that the color can wear and may need to be reapplied periodically.
Whether a titanium ring is right for you depends on what you want. If you want a diamond engagement ring that matches the wedding band and that can be resized easily in the future, then a titanium ring is probably not right for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Learn and get more stunning and creative ideas from this application of Woman Titanium Ring. Here, you can see many pictures related to the topic so you can get more inspiration. Moreover, you can save your favorite picture in your memory card and share it with your friend, remember sharing is caring!
Download now and enjoy!

>>>Download Woman Titanium Ring 1.4 APK<<<

Woman Titanium Ring 1.4 screenshots 1Woman Titanium Ring 1.4 screenshots 2Woman Titanium Ring 1.4 screenshots 3

>>>Download Woman Titanium Ring 1.4 APK<<<

🎭 Face Swap App – Photo Studio Editor 🎭 1.3 Download APK

Download 🎭 Face Swap App – Photo Studio Editor 🎭 1.3 APK

Our new “face swap camera” is the “best free photo editor” because it’s multifunctional – it’s a great “photo blender”, a funny “face swap app”, a write on picture app, an “animal face swap” and also a “gender swap app”. It has ALL YOU NEED – amazing “photo filters”, many cool “photo frames” and “stickers for pictures”. What more could you wish for?

👶 〰️ 🧔

With 🎭Face Swap App – Photo Studio Editor 🎭 you can “put your face on another body” and switch your face with a face of your friend or your dog. You can even “change your face” with some celebrity and create an awesome “photo montage”! But this editing app is not just an ordinary swap editor. You can also decorate your photos with “pic frames” and apply “camera effects” to create an amazing pic montage. Our fun app is also a “sticker app”! And that’s not all – this “photo editor download” is completely free of charge, so you have to try it right now!

👨 〰️ 🐶

👫 Try to “swap your face” with a face of other person or animal;
👭 It’s very easy-to-use – just take a photo with your camera or select an image from your gallery;
👫 Do face adjustments if you want: scale, rotate, resize or remove pictures;
👬 Suggestion: for better results use straight head pose photos;
👭 Create a face-bomb – a technique that involves taking one face in a group and applying it to all subjects in the photo;
👫 Add “photo effects” and stickers like hats, sunglasses or flowers;
👬 Personalize your pic with text in different fonts and colors;
👭 “Switch faces in pictures” with 🎭Face Swap App – Photo Studio Editor🎭 and save your photos in the gallery;
👫 Share your “face merge” prank on all social media!

🐱 〰️ 👩

Create hilarious faces by changing the eyes, nose and lips or the color of your skin. Download 🎭 Face Swap App – Photo Studio Editor 🎭 and enjoy great “face morph”! BOTH KIDS AND ADULTS CAN USE IT because it’s very easy! First “change faces on a picture” and when your “face change” is done, you can add some funny effects and “photo stickers”. Resize the photo to make the best fit and that’s it – you’re done!
👧 〰️ 👵

It’s easy as 1-2-3 with our “face changer app”! You can make your pet look like you, your father like a woman, or a friend like some popular tv star! Transform your face into a new one in a second! But be careful – once you start using this “app that changes your face”, you’ll not quit all day! It’s sooo addictive!

👱 〰️ 👴

Our new “replace face in photo app” is a great opportunity to change your look and become an expert in “photo editing”! With our “face mixer” you can align your face and your look will be completely different! Don’t waste your time – try 🎭Face Swap App – Photo Studio Editor🎭 – one of the best “face changer photo editor” apps for free!

👦 〰️ 👱

Just take a photo with a person that you want to swap faces with, and then start a “face swap challenge” with this 🎭Face Swap App – Photo Studio Editor🎭. Don’t hesitate and start creating “face combiner” montages. And then share your “photo morphing” masterpieces with friends and family on any social networks! Our “face swap generator” is the best “photo editor” app for you! So, download our “funny face” application and enjoy the photo manipulation for free!

>>>Download 🎭 Face Swap App – Photo Studio Editor 🎭 1.3 APK<<<

🎭 Face Swap App - Photo Studio Editor 🎭 1.3 screenshots 1🎭 Face Swap App - Photo Studio Editor 🎭 1.3 screenshots 2🎭 Face Swap App - Photo Studio Editor 🎭 1.3 screenshots 3

>>>Download 🎭 Face Swap App – Photo Studio Editor 🎭 1.3 APK<<<

Mirror 3.7.5 Download APK

Download Mirror 3.7.5 APK

Mirror Plus is a unique experience. With superb camera quality, beautiful classic design, and easy gesture control, you’ll have the ability to share your best looks from within the app. Check your look in seconds, then freeze the screen and save a photo.

Or take it a step further and use our special 3D feature to record your look from left to right, or from top to bottom, so you can show off your amazing outfit or hairstyle to your friends! You can also share the clip on social media from the app, making it easier and more fun to show your style to your friends or followers.

Why is this mobile mirror app better than using your phone camera?
– Fun 3D experience gives you a great Instagram post
– Simpler to use than your phone’s camera
– One-touch lighting control
– On-screen zoom function
– Image freezing so there is no more need to open your gallery after every photo!
– Access to all captured images via app gallery
– No hassle sharing photos or selfies through social media or email

Join the millions of users enjoying Mirror Plus. Keep this app handy, and never carry a compact mirror in your bag again!

This mirror speaks your language! The app is available in English, Deutsch, Español, Français, Bahasa Indonesia, Italiano, Nederlands, Polski, Português, Türkçe, Pусский, Українська, 中文, 한국어, 日本語

Mirror Plus (C) 2019 Digitalchemy, LLC
– Our app is now a “Plus” app, and we have updated the look
– We added the ability to export your 3D experience as a video
– We added focusing where it can be supported.
– Fixed minor issues reported by users
– Please send us your feedback!

>>>Download Mirror 3.7.5 APK<<<

Mirror 3.7.5 screenshots 1Mirror 3.7.5 screenshots 2Mirror 3.7.5 screenshots 3

>>>Download Mirror 3.7.5 APK<<<

PadTV 1.0.12 Download APK

Download PadTV 1.0.12 APK

PadTV lets you watch Free-to-Air TV anywhere you go using your Android Phone and Pad device. Enjoy Free to view channels without using your airtime, 3G/LTE or any internet connection! PadTV is a portable tuner that receives live, high-quality broadcast TV to your Android Phone or Pad.

– Supports Android 5,0 OS
– Watch live FTA TV and change channels
– Record FTA TV shows and store in your mobile device
– Playback your recorded TV shows
– View EPG to check for TV Program Guide

Note for users:
PadTV is designed for use in Europe, Australia, Asia, South America and Africa, as it supports both FTA DVB-T and FTA ISDB-T transmissions. PadTV does not work in North America.

System Requirements:
– PadTV with compatible TV tuner
– Dual Core Android device with 1 GHz or up
– Android OS 4.1 or higher
– USB Host mode functionality
– MPEG-4/H.264 video playback requires a processor with NEON support
Add Pakistan in Channel Search Country.

>>>Download PadTV 1.0.12 APK<<<

PadTV 1.0.12 screenshots 1PadTV 1.0.12 screenshots 2PadTV 1.0.12 screenshots 3

>>>Download PadTV 1.0.12 APK<<<