Analytical Geometry Download APK

Download Analytical Geometry APK

In this application you can input the data of the equation of many geometric curves like the parabola , ellipse , circle … etc. After that , just hit the draw button and the application will give you the graph of the curve you entered it’s data. It’s just a simple application made for educational purposes only.
Screen rotation bug fixed

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Analytical Geometry screenshots 1Analytical Geometry screenshots 2Analytical Geometry screenshots 3

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Computer Problems & Solutions 5.5.4 Download APK

Download Computer Problems & Solutions 5.5.4 APK

Download The Official FREE App In Android For Computer problem and its soluation!
when you doing a very important task in your computer suddenly your computer is shutdown so Experiencing a problem on your computer might be frustrating at times but you don’t have toworry so much.Because this is perfect app which will solve all your computer related problem.
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freebieapps Team
Allows read only access to phone
> Clear and Best UI design so you can view clear text …
> You Can Share any Pages in this application with your friends via social media …
> Easy Jump to any pages so save your time for Reading ..

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Computer Problems & Solutions 5.5.4 screenshots 1Computer Problems & Solutions 5.5.4 screenshots 2Computer Problems & Solutions 5.5.4 screenshots 3

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Mentor® by eDriving: Amazon DSP 1.15 Download APK

Download Mentor® by eDriving: Amazon DSP 1.15 APK

Mentor® by eDriving For Amazon DSPs is an app for drivers of Delivery Service Providers engaged by Amazon. This app helps drivers improve their driving safety by measuring their actual driving behaviors, scoring them each day, and providing in-app coaching based on their progress.

With Mentor® by eDriving For Amazon DSPs you can:

· View your overall FICO® Safe Driving Score*.
· See your performance in key areas such as braking, acceleration, cornering,
speeding, and distraction.
· See how you stack up against the rest of your team (a little friendly
· View trending chart for your FICO® score.
· View your trip detail for the day.
· Easily complete and submit your DVIRs from within the App.
· Find “Playlist” of interactive coaching modules and progress reports
customized based on your on-road performance.
Thank you for using Mentor! We regularly update the app to make it better and better. Sometimes we are adding stuff and sometimes we are just improving performance and fixing bugs–making small but important improvements. Get the latest version to access all the current enhancements and features.

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Mentor® by eDriving: Amazon DSP 1.15 screenshots 1Mentor® by eDriving: Amazon DSP 1.15 screenshots 2

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Mimo: Learn to Code 1.4.1 Download APK

Download Mimo: Learn to Code 1.4.1 APK

Join more than 4 million learners: learn to code, make apps/games/websites, automate your life, advance your career, and much more – no matter how much experience and time you have! Mimo creates a personalized curriculum of fun and effective exercises, projects, and challenges that fit into your daily routine and keeps you motivated.

• “This way you can work learning to code into your daily routine, whenever you have a few minutes of downtime.” – TechCrunch

• “The app’s lessons are bite-size to make it easy to squeeze coding into your busy day.” – The New York Times

We help you master
• Programming from scratch
• Making apps
• Making games
• Building websites
• Becoming an ethical hacker
• Automating your life
and more.

These skills include programming languages like:
Python, Kotlin, Swift, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, Java, C#, C++, Ruby, Git, command line, and more.

Mimo is the best and most personalized way to learn to code on a tight schedule. Along the way, keep track of your progress, collect achievements and badges, and join a community of more than 4 million learners.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at [email protected]
Using Multiple Parameters:
Learn how to fine-tune functions with multiple parameters to get the most out of your code. Head on toward the Learn to Code track to find out more.

Running code:
Sprint to the lead with this new UI improvement. The run button is now integrated with the keyboard for both the challenges and the code playground.

Challenges crash:
All aboard the coding train now that we’ve fixed a crash that happened while onboarding to challenges.

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Mimo: Learn to Code 1.4.1 screenshots 1Mimo: Learn to Code 1.4.1 screenshots 2

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Freedom Center 3.8.0 Download APK

Download Freedom Center 3.8.0 APK

Welcome to the official Freedom Center application for the Android.

Check out all kinds of content that interests you. After you’ve downloaded and enjoyed the content, you can share it with your friends via Twitter, Facebook, or email.

For more information about The Freedom Center please visit

The Freedom Center app was developed with the Subsplash App Platform.

App: © 2017 The Church App, Content: © 2017 The Freedom Center. All rights reserved.
– App changes to support push notification improvements
– Added support for Xiaomi devices
– Media player bug fixes

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Freedom Center 3.8.0 screenshots 1Freedom Center 3.8.0 screenshots 2Freedom Center 3.8.0 screenshots 3

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قراءة الأفكار والسيطرة علي العقول 1.11 Download APK

Download قراءة الأفكار والسيطرة علي العقول 1.11 APK

تعلم أساليب قراءة الأفكار والسيطرة علي العقول و التحكم فيها
كل شخص يتمنى أن يصل إلى تلك المرحلة التي تمكنه من فهم الأشخاص الذين حوله فهملاً كاملاً، تمكنه من معرفة شخصياتهم وطرق تصرفاتهم تجاه الأمور المختلفة، من المعروف أن الإنسان كتوم بعض الشيء، ويخفي الكثير من تصرفاته وأفكاره أمامنا، ويظهرها أمام آخرين، رُبما يفعل ذلك؛ ليحقق غرضاً معيناً كأن يخفي علينا مساوئه ويظهر لنا بمظهر حسن ونتقبله ونكون إلى جانبه ولا نتركه بسبب سوء في تصرفاته او تفكيره أو ربما يريد تحقيق مصلحة معينة، عندما يصل الإنسان إلى مرحلة قراءة أفكار الآخرين يكون أكثر تحكماً في تصرفاته لمعرفته بماذا يفكر الشخص الذي أمامه، ويجيد التملص أو الاستعداد في حال قرأ فكرة عند الشخص بإيذائه، إذن قراءة الأفكار تفيد في الكثير من المواقف، وتكون الطريقة للنجاة من بعض الأشخاص الذين يخططون ليوقعونا في المشاكل، ولأن الناس تكذب وتمثل وتتقمص شخصيات غير شخصياتها الحقيقية لا بُد لنا من إتقان قراءة الأفكار لكشف حقيقتهم وإجادة التصرف الصحيح تجاه هؤلاء الأشخاص.

إن قراءة أفكار الآخرين تحول إلى موضوع أثار الجدل لدي الكثيرين من العلماء، فهناك خلاف بينهم فمنهم من ينكره ومنهم من يثبته ويؤكد وجوده. ما هي قراءة الأفكار؟ هي ظاهرة تجمع ما بين الاستبصار والاحتمال، مع التركيز، أي أنك تركز بصرك على الشخص الذي تريد قراءة أفكاره وتحتمل ما يفكر فيه بناءً على الكثير من الحركات والإشارات والإيماءات التي تصدر منه، وهي علم بحد ذاته، ويعرف في علم النفس باسم (الباراسايكولوجي) أما في اللغة العربية يُعرف بعلم الفراسة، وعلم الفراسة هو علم عربي قديم جداً، وُجد فيما قبل الإسلام، ويتطلب إتقانا ودراسة وتدريب عميق قد تستمر لفترات طويلة. ولكي تكون متمرساً في قراءة الأفكار عليك بالتدريب المكثف والممارسة وتعويد عقلك على التركيز بالتفاصيل التي تكون ذات دلالة كبيرة في قراءة الأفكار.
فن قراءة الأفكار هو من العلوم الحقيقية تعلمها من خلال التطبيق
كيف تتم قراءة الأفكار
قراءة الأفكار
تعلم خدع قراءة الأفكار
كيف أستطيع قراءة افكار الاخرين
كيف اعرف تفكير الناس
إتقان لغة الجسد
قراءة الأفكار عن طريق الجسد
قراءة الأفكار عن طريق الوجه
الحاسة السادسة
مفهوم الحاسة السادسة وأمثلة عليها
التّفسير العلمي و العوامل المؤثّرة على الحاسة السادسة
أقسام الحاسة السادسة
ما هو تعريف مهارة قراء الأفكار
أربع مهارات تساعدك في قراءة أفكار الآخرين
طريقة قراءة الأفكار
كيف أعرف أفكار الآخرين
كيف تحب القراءة
كيف أعرف تفكير الناس
كيفية التخلص من الأفكار السلبية
طريقة فن التعامل مع الآخرين
كيف أقرأ وجوه الآخرين
طرق القراءة الصحيحة
كيف أستطيع قراءة افكار الاخرين
تعلم خدع قراءة الأفكار
التخلص من القلق والتوتر
معوقات التفكير
كيف أكون هادئاً
كيف تسيطر على حياتك
كيف تكون محبوباً عند الناس
كيف تنظمين وقتك اليومي
كيف أقوي ثقة ابنتي بنفسها
كيف تصبح سياسي محنك
كيف يمكن أن تزيد من احترامك لنفسك
التخلص من الملل
كيف تصبح عالماً
طريقة الإقناع
كيف تكون رجلاً شجاعاً
قوة الجذب
وسائل الدفاع
كيف تكون الثقة بالنفس قوية
كيف تسيطر على الآخرين
طريقة فهم الآخرين
كيف أقدم نفسي للآخرين
كيفية فهم الآخرين
كيف أجذب الناس بكلامي
كيف أتكلم بطلاقة
كيف احكي عن نفسي
كيف أهدئ أعصابي
كيف يمكن تطوير الذات
كيف تتخلص من كثرة التفكير
كيف أنمي مهاراتي العقلية
كيف أتخذ القرار الصحيح
كيف أعرف طريقة التكلم مع الناس
كيف أفهم نفسي والآخرين
كيف أكون ظريفاً
كيف يمكن إقناع شخص
كيف أبعد التفكير السلبي
كيف استمتع بالحياة
كيف أحسن من نفسي
كيف أستطيع تطوير نفسي
كيف يمكن أن أصل إلى هدفي
كيف افرض شخصيتي
كيف أؤثر على الآخرين
التأثير على الآخرين عن بعد
كيف أحافظ على شخصيتي
كيف تتعرف على شخصية الآخرين
كيف افرض شخصيتي
اختبار عمر الدماغ
كيف يمكن أن تكون قيادياً
كيف أجعل أعصابي قوية
كيف يمكن أن تكون قيادياً
كيف تكون قيادياً
Learn ways to read ideas and control and control minds
Every person wishes to arrive at that stage that enables him to understand the people around him completely, to enable him to know their personalities and ways of behaving towards different things. It is known that man is a little bit innocent, and he hides many of his actions and ideas before us and shows them to others. To achieve a certain purpose as if it hides its disadvantages and shows us the appearance of good and accept him and be beside him and not leave him because of misconduct in his actions or thinking or perhaps wants to achieve a certain interest, when the human to the stage of reading the ideas of others be more control in his actions to know what the person thinking in front of him , And is good at evading or If people read the idea of ​​insulting him, then reading ideas is useful in many situations, and the way to escape from some of the people who plan to implicate us in the problems, and because people lie and represent and take characters other than their real characters we have to master the reading of ideas to reveal their truth and to act well Right to these people.

Reading the ideas of others has turned into an issue that has aroused controversy among many scholars. There are differences among them, some of them deny it and some of them prove it and confirm its existence. What is reading ideas? Is a phenomenon that combines the foresight and possibility, with focus, that is, you focus your vision on the person who wants to read his ideas and bear what he thinks based on a lot of movements and signals and gestures, which is a science in itself, and is known in psychology as (parapsychological) either In Arabic it is known as phonology, and phonology is a very ancient Arab science, found in pre-Islamic times, and requires thorough training, study and training that may last for long periods. To be an expert in reading ideas, you need intensive training, practice and your mind to focus on details that are very meaningful in reading ideas.
The art of reading ideas is a real science learned through application
an introduction
How ideas are read
mind reading
Learn to trick the reading of ideas
How can I read the thoughts of others?
How do I know people’s thinking?
Mastery of body language
Reading thoughts through the body
Read ideas through the face
sixth seance
Sixth sense concept and examples
Scientific explanation and factors affecting the sixth sense
Sixth Sense Sections
What is the definition of the skill of readers of ideas
Four skills help you read others’ ideas
Method of reading ideas
How do I know other people’s ideas?
How to love reading
How do I know people’s thinking?
How to get rid of negative thoughts
The art of dealing with others
How to read the faces of others
Correct Reading Methods
How can I read the thoughts of others?
Learn to trick the reading of ideas
Eliminate anxiety and stress
Constraints of thinking
How to be calm
How to control your life
How to be loved by people
How to organize your daily time
How can I strengthen my daughter’s confidence on her own
How to become a seasoned politician
How you can increase your respect for yourself
Getting rid of boredom
How to Become a Scientist
The method of persuasion
How to be a brave man
The force of attraction
Means of defense
How to be strong self-confidence
How to control others
The way others understand
How do I introduce myself to others?
How to understand others
How to draw people with my words
How to speak fluently
How to tell about myself
How to calm my nerves
How to develop self
How to get rid of too much thinking
How to anime my mental skills
How to make the right decision
How do I know how to talk to people?
How to understand myself and others
How can I be cute?
How to convince someone
How to move negative thinking away
How to Enjoy Life
How better than myself
How can I develop myself
How can I get to my goal
How to impose my personality
How to influence others
Impact on others remotely
How do I keep my character?
How to recognize the personality of others
How to impose my personality
Test the life of the brain
How can they be leading
How to make my nerves strong
How can they be leading
How to be a leader
تعديل في مواضيع

>>>Download قراءة الأفكار والسيطرة علي العقول 1.11 APK<<<

قراءة الأفكار والسيطرة علي العقول 1.11 screenshots 1قراءة الأفكار والسيطرة علي العقول 1.11 screenshots 2قراءة الأفكار والسيطرة علي العقول 1.11 screenshots 3

>>>Download قراءة الأفكار والسيطرة علي العقول 1.11 APK<<<

Easy Car Game 1.5 Download APK

Download Easy Car Game 1.5 APK

This is a fun free app that can be played by touch!

There are two maps: “Jack-in-the-Box” and “Casual Drive.”

The “Jack-in-the-Box” map contains many puzzles such as dice, switches, building blocks and more!
The “Casual Drive” map is a map with a never-ending road. Drive along the road, hit obstacles… do what you like!

There are 11 cars for you to try out; we even included police cars, fire engines, ambulances, and garbage trucks.
Drive the car of your choice!

With two driving modes (“Joystick mode” and “Touch mode”), you can choose the one you feel more comfortable with.

=== How to play ===

The car will turn when you swipe the screen, and move towards the place you touch.
You can switch cars by pressing the bottom-right button.
The buttons at the bottom-left adjust the speed of the car.
Pressing the top-left button when playing “Casual Drive” will make other cars appear / disappear.
The menu button at the top-right leads to the audio settings menu.
Minor bug fixes.

>>>Download Easy Car Game 1.5 APK<<<

Easy Car Game 1.5 screenshots 1Easy Car Game 1.5 screenshots 2Easy Car Game 1.5 screenshots 3

>>>Download Easy Car Game 1.5 APK<<<

Basic Geometry Concepts 1.0 Download APK

Download Basic Geometry Concepts 1.0 APK

1.1 Points, Lines & Planes
1.2 Line Segment
1.3 Rays and Angles
1.4 Some special angles
1.5 Angles made by a transversal
1.6 Transversal across two parallel lines
1.7 Conditions for parallelism
2.1 Introduction to Triangle
2.2 Sum of the angles of a triangle
2.3 Types of triangles
2.4 Altitude, Median and Angle Bisector
2.5 Congruence of triangles
2.6 Sides opposite congruent angles
3.1 Definition of polygon
3.2 Terminology
3.3 Sum of Interior angles of a Polygon
3.4 Sum of exterior angles of a Polygon
3.5 Trapezoids
3.6 Parallelograms
Conditions for a parallelogram
3.7 Square, Rectangle and Rhombus
4.1 Perimeter
4.2 Square
4.3 Rectangle
4.4 Parallelogram
4.5 Triangle
4.6 Trapezoids
4.7 Circles
5.1 Introduction to similarity
5.2 Ratio and Proportionality
5.3 Similar Polygons
5.4 Basic Proportionality Theorem
5.5 Angle bisector theorem
5.6 Similar Triangles
5.7 Properties of Similar triangles
6.1 The Right Triangle
6.2 The Theorem of Pythagoras
6.3 Special Right Triangles
7.1 Introduction to circle
7.2 Lines of a Circle
7.3 Arcs
7.4 Inscribed angles
7.5 Some properties of tangents, secants and chords
7.6 Chords and their arcs
7.7 Segments of chords secants and tangents
7.8 Lengths of arcs and areas of sectors
8.1 Introduction to Solid Geometry
8.2 Prism
8.3 The cuboid and the cube
8.4 Circular Cylinders
8.5 Pyramids
8.6 Right circular cone
8.7 Sphere
9.1 Points and Co-ordinates
9.2 Co-ordinates and Axes
9.3 Quadrants
9.4 Distances and Distance Formula
9.5 Mid point Formula
9.6 Slope of a Line
Slope of Parallel Lines
9.7 Equation of a line

>>>Download Basic Geometry Concepts 1.0 APK<<<

Basic Geometry Concepts 1.0 screenshots 1Basic Geometry Concepts 1.0 screenshots 2Basic Geometry Concepts 1.0 screenshots 3

>>>Download Basic Geometry Concepts 1.0 APK<<<

JEE-Circle Coordinate geometry Download APK

Download JEE-Circle Coordinate geometry APK

Circles coordinate geometry ebook grade 11,12 high school, engneering students
Definition, Standard forms of Equation of a Circle, General equation of a circle, To Find the Centre and Radius of a Circle whose Equation is Given, Intercept Made by the Circle on the Axis, Equation of a Circle on a Given Diameter, Equation of a Circle in Some Special Cases, Parametric Coordinates, Position of a Point with Respect to a Circle, The Least and Greatest Distance of a Point from a Circle, Intersection of a Line and a Circle, The Length of the Intercept cut off from a Line by a Circle, Tangent to a Circle at a Given Point, Equation of the Tangent to the Circle in different Forms, N

A mush have series of books for all the JEE aspirants grade 11, 12 students and high school students
JEE Prep series of books is avilable for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics for JEE aspirants. Every book contains detailed theory and solved examples. Good number of problems from previous years IITJEE and AIEEE papers have been explained in detail. The books are written in a manner so that an individual student can understand the concepts and problems. Students are suggested to solve the problems on their own then match the solutions, It will boost their confidence to take this challenging exam.
So go and get the books and give a boost to your JEE preparations !
You can also mail your suggestions at [email protected] or call (91)9099020032
All the Best !

>>>Download JEE-Circle Coordinate geometry APK<<<

JEE-Circle Coordinate geometry  screenshots 1JEE-Circle Coordinate geometry  screenshots 2JEE-Circle Coordinate geometry  screenshots 3

>>>Download JEE-Circle Coordinate geometry APK<<<

Protein Synthesis 1.0.0 Download APK

Download Protein Synthesis 1.0.0 APK

The Science Education Institute (SEI) in partnership with the Advanced Science and Technology Institute (ASTI) and in cooperation with the Department of Education (DepEd), Philippine Normal University (PNU) and University of the Philippines-National Institute for Science and Mathematics Education (UP-NISMED) developed these information and communication technology – supported learning innovation to upgrade and improve science and mathematics education in the country. The Science and Mathematics Coursewares are provided for free to public schools and are also made available online as supplemental resources for teachers and students. A fun and interactive approach to e-learning, the DOST Courseware for Grades 1-6 is composed of 56 lessons in mathematics. Modules are divided into three parts: Activities, Fixing Skills and Evaluation. Alongside the production of the technology package for elementary is the Courseware in Science and Mathematics for first year and second year levels of secondary schools which are also intended as supplementary materials. Both featured all-original characters and local setting.

The Grade 7 Courseware is composed of 73 lessons in Science where it covered the domains on: Matter; Force, Motion and Energy, Living Things and Their Environment and Earth and Space while the 60 lessons in Mathematics covered the domains on: Numbers and Number Sense, Patterns and Algebra, and Geometry.

The Grade 8 Courseware is composed of 60 lessons in Science where it covered the domains on: Parts and Functions, Ecosystems, Heredity: Inheritance and Variation of Traits, Structures and Functions, Biodiversity, and Evolution, while the 60 lessons in Mathematics covered the domains on: Linear Equations, Quadratic Equations, Rational Algebraic Equations, Integral Exponents, Radicals, Arithmetic Sequence and Geometric Sequence.
DOST Courseware 1.0.0

>>>Download Protein Synthesis 1.0.0 APK<<<

Protein Synthesis 1.0.0 screenshots 1Protein Synthesis 1.0.0 screenshots 2Protein Synthesis 1.0.0 screenshots 3

>>>Download Protein Synthesis 1.0.0 APK<<<