Video Chat – Live Chat Video Calls 1 Download APK

Download Video Chat – Live Chat Video Calls 1 APK

Video Chat – Live Chat Cam Calls is a Free Random Video Chat App and Free Stranger Chat App for cam to cam , this is the best way to have an online Messaging and free chat with single girls and boys or chatting with women and men, this free chat App with an easy acces , no registration ! allows you to have an Online anonymous chat and Video chat with random strangers singles chatting from United states , United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and people from all over the world .

— Key Features :

* No Signup / No Login 100% the best ay to have free video calls .
* Just 1 click & connect to this Video Chatroullette app
* Simple video calls app , Fast and Fun
* Meet people or chat with people across world
* Fully anonymous and in the same time you can use your videochat .
* One of the best chat apps and strangers chat apps
* Safe messaging app
* Use Free wifi or Internet to connect online with this Video Chatting App

>>>Download Video Chat – Live Chat Video Calls 1 APK<<<

Video Chat - Live Chat Video Calls 1 screenshots 1Video Chat - Live Chat Video Calls 1 screenshots 2Video Chat - Live Chat Video Calls 1 screenshots 3

>>>Download Video Chat – Live Chat Video Calls 1 APK<<<

Private Browser – Proxy Browser 2.8 Download APK

Download Private Browser – Proxy Browser 2.8 APK

Private Browser – proxy browser with built-in VPN
Private Browser – is a revolutionary web surfing solution with unique easy-to-use UI. More than 400 servers in 70 locations and SSL data encryption will keep your private information completely secure.

If you want to browse the internet fast on your mobile with all the advantages of anonymous and private browsing, security and data protection, using a proxy technology over VPN servers, download Private Browser for Android.

Featuring online protection, Private Browser is about secure and anonymous web surfing experience. This application is based on exclusive technology from KeepSolid Inc. Private Browser allows secure online surfing activity and is supported by the use of a variety of encryption methods.

There are no other equivalents of the browser available today on the market. It utilizes only secure connection, which greatly contributes to user’s online safety. As a reliable privacy tool, you can select a server in any country from our list and hide your actual location.

Private Browser is the best alternative for Chrome, Mercury, Firefox, Opera.

Key Features

1. 70+ server locations to choose from
2. Browser Protection with the use of powerful encryption methods
3. Easy global server selection
4. Local security
5. Individual application access

Local Protection

1. Pattern Lock
2. Pass Code Availability
3. Password
4. Touch ID


1. Built-in VPN
2. Anonymous Internet Surfing
3. Fast connection speed
4. Output/Input SSL data encryption
5. Standard mode and improved security mode
6. Clear-all-browsing-data feature

Unique Design

1. Convenient & fast tab scroll
2. Visible & Hidden IP on a Map
3. User-Friendly Design
4. Fast Adapting


1. Open more than 25 tabs simultaneously
2. Basic authorization
3. Google Default Search Engine


1. Bookmark menu
2. Add, move, delete bookmarks and folders
3. Create new bookmark folders
A new update of Private Browser is here! Our top-notch software brings UI improvements and unmatched stability. From now on, you can view our recommendations right in the app. Update to the latest version to enjoy the enhanced performance.

Thank you for choosing Private Browser!

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Private Browser – Proxy Browser 2.8 screenshots 1Private Browser – Proxy Browser 2.8 screenshots 2Private Browser – Proxy Browser 2.8 screenshots 3

>>>Download Private Browser – Proxy Browser 2.8 APK<<<

Members 2.1.4 Download APK

Download Members 2.1.4 APK


Members is a platform for all types of organizations. Whether it is an alumni club, a business society, a company or any type of association. We play all of them!

By means of a simple administration of members and an efficient event management, we enable you to communicate directly with your member.

With Members we create a state-of-the-art solution for networking in the digital era, increasing event participation and ensuring effective use by it’s user.

• Gather all contact informations from any organization your are a member of in one app
• Filter and search your fellow members by person or company
• Call or text by integrated messenger or email directly

All the relevant information for a member at a glance.

• Join & decline an event
• Check the guest list of an upcoming event
• Read the most relevant information about the event such as date, time and location

As an organization you can send invitations about an event directly to your members’ phones. Your member will thank you and will provide reliable and meaningful data for your services.

• Send messages to other members of your network
• Receive messages of other members of your network

Through a simple, yet state-of-the-art messenger, you ease and enhance communication amongst your members.
* Fix event guests list is not updated when users choose Zusagen/Absagen issue.
* Show both images and videos in news details.
* Display user’s avatar correctly on Profile screen.
* Fix events push-notifications cannot be disabled issue on Settings screen.
* Fix crash issue on Events screen when changing guests list.

>>>Download Members 2.1.4 APK<<<

Members 2.1.4 screenshots 1Members 2.1.4 screenshots 2Members 2.1.4 screenshots 3

>>>Download Members 2.1.4 APK<<<

Hello Neighbor 2.0 Download APK

Download Hello Neighbor 2.0 APK

Hello Neighbor! help individual people to connect each other to solve there routine life problem of Electricity, Plumbing, Carpenter, Interior designer, Fashion related, Tailoring Services, etc. in there 3km connected area so they can easily meet & solve problem in a minutes.

Hello Neighbor Goal is to help people to meet each other & they don’t need to spend much more amount for any type of small service & even don’t need make them trouble when problem arrive.

Much more coming in next version.
– Store can Register from Mobile app
– Now internally chat is activated for Store & user
– You can make whatsapp direct from application to store owner

>>>Download Hello Neighbor 2.0 APK<<<

Hello Neighbor 2.0 screenshots 1Hello Neighbor 2.0 screenshots 2Hello Neighbor 2.0 screenshots 3

>>>Download Hello Neighbor 2.0 APK<<<

Cyphr 0.7.3 Download APK

Download Cyphr 0.7.3 APK

Cyphr – Encrypted messaging simplified.

Cyphr makes encrypted messaging easy. All messages are encrypted, private and 100% yours. Generate your public and private key pair so only you can read your messages, start group conversations with friends, and share attachments privately.

ONLY YOU CAN READ YOUR MESSAGES. Cyphr generates a unique public and private key pair so only you and your friend can read your conversation – not us, not your phone company, and not a 3rd party. We take a zero-access approach, and give you total control of your data.

BE AS PRIVATE AS YOU WANT TO BE. Whether you are a casual user or a privacy fanatic, you can adjust Cyphr’s settings to fit your privacy needs. If a feature requires information sharing, you can choose to disable that feature.

PRIVACY WITHOUT SACRIFICES. Cyphr doesn’t sacrifice simplicity or features for privacy. Start single or group conversations, send attachments, and more.

WE DON’T STORE DATA ABOUT YOUR MESSAGES. We do not needlessly store information about you, your recipients or your messages.

MULTIPLE LAYERS OF SECURITY. Cyphr encrypts your messages using a combination of symmetric keys, and public and private key pairs. Cyphr also verifies messages with public key verification to ensure you and your friends know messages are from each other, not an impersonator. All messages are transmitted securely with SSL/TLS to protect your personal data, in addition to the message.

YOUR MESSAGES. OUR SERVERS. NO 3RD PARTIES. At Golden Frog we own our servers, write our code, and manage our own network to deliver the highest levels of security, speed and privacy. Cyphr servers are located in Switzerland for maximum user privacy and protection.

A COMPANY YOU CAN TRUST. Golden Frog’s founders are Internet veterans who have fought to preserve online privacy, security and freedom since 1994. We arm users in 195+ countries with VyprVPN, a secure personal VPN, Dump Truck, a secure online storage solution, and Cyphr, the world’s most secure messaging app. Together these tools allow users to protect themselves online, wherever they go.

HELP US BUILD THE APP YOU WANT. Leave your Cyphr feedback and feature requests so we can make the best encrypted messaging app for you.

• Multi-device capability
• Desktop apps
• Rotate encryption keys
• Gigabyte attachments
• Whatever you want!
Minor bug fixes

>>>Download Cyphr 0.7.3 APK<<<

Cyphr 0.7.3 screenshots 1Cyphr 0.7.3 screenshots 2Cyphr 0.7.3 screenshots 3

>>>Download Cyphr 0.7.3 APK<<<

Meme stickers for WhatsApp 2.0 Download APK

Download Meme stickers for WhatsApp 2.0 APK

Download this app to get meme stickers for WhatsApp (WAStickers), to send to your friends and family.

For now the app contains a sticker pack with classic memes (rage faces) but more will be coming every week.

Contact us over email for sticker requests and suggestions!

Added ten more classic meme stickers! Including ‘not bad’, ‘poker face’ ‘feel like a ninja’ and more.

>>>Download Meme stickers for WhatsApp 2.0 APK<<<

Meme stickers for WhatsApp 2.0 screenshots 1Meme stickers for WhatsApp 2.0 screenshots 2Meme stickers for WhatsApp 2.0 screenshots 3

>>>Download Meme stickers for WhatsApp 2.0 APK<<<

Indonesia Virtual Walkie Talkie 2.1 Download APK

Download Indonesia Virtual Walkie Talkie 2.1 APK

Indonesia Virtual Walkie Talkie disingkat IndoVWT adalah aplikasi yang bekerja seperti Perangkat Walkie Talkie klasik. Namun memiliki kemampuan untuk menghubungkan Masyarakat Indonesia berupa modulasi suara yang dihubungkan menggunakan Teknologi Internet atau TCP/IP (Jalur Wi-Fi maupun Akses Operator Mobile Data).

Aplikasi ini dapat digunakan untuk berkomunikasi secara Real Time dan Memiliki kualitas suara yang baik. Menjalin Silaturahim maupun Menyampaikan informasi beberapa kebutuhan komunikasi yang dapat disolusikan dengan aplikasi ini seperti berbagi informasi antar daerah/posisi pengguna, Konfirmasi/Klarifikasi Cuaca, Kejadian, Potensi Daerah, Kabar Berita, Pantauan Kebencanaan, Koordinasi kegiatan, Seminar/Kuliah Jarak Jauh, Hiburan dan lain-lain.

Data pengguna dapat dipertanggungjawabkan, terutama yang bergabung dan melakukan modulasi suara untuk menyampaikan banyak informasi, karena menggunakan akun Facebook sebagai Otentikasi saat akan terkoneksi dengan server layanan.

Fitur IndoVWT :
* Koneksi dapat menggunakan Wi-FI, 2G, 3G atau 4G.
* Otentikasi pengguna via Akun Facebook.
* Nama Pengguna terhubung dengan Facebook.
* Kode ID keanggotaan yang Unik dan Melekat serta dapat digunakan sebagai CallSign.
* Menampilkan/Menyembunyikan Foto Profil Pengguna.
* PTT dapat menggunakan Handsfree/Headset yang mempunyai tombol.
* Pengaturan letak tombol PTT dan Daftar Pengguna sesuai keinginan.
* 3 Tema tampilan Aplikasi yaitu Klasik, Kamuflase dan Bunga.
* Update informasi keluar masuk user dalam satu chanel.
* Tersedia 1000 Channel.
* Dapat menggunakan Percakapan Pribadi dan mengundang Pengguna lain yang dipilih.
* Pengelolaan Channel dengan beberapa mode pilihan.

Kestabilan komunikasi tergantung pada perangkat dan kondisi internet pengguna. Download aplikasi IndoVWT sekarang, login dengan Akun Facebook resmi Anda, Pilih channel yang disediakan, Tekan tombol PTT, dan mulailah berbicara dan berbagi informasi Positif serta Keceriaan dengan banyak teman, sahabat, saudara dari Sabang sampai Merauke serta Warga Negara Indonesia yang ada di Luar Negeri.

* Fanspage/Halaman Resmi IndoVWT
* Pengajuan Penggunaan Channel dipersilakan Menghubungi Lewat Email. Terima Kasih.
Indonesia abbreviated IndoVWT Virtual Walkie Talkie is an application that works like a Walkie Talkie Devices classic. But has the ability to connect Indonesian Community in the form of voice modulation that are connected using Internet technology or TCP / IP (Line Access Wi-Fi and Mobile Data Operator).

This application can be used to communicate Real Time and Have a good sound quality. Establish friendship and Informing several communication needs that can disolusikan with this application such as information sharing between regions / position of the user, confirmation / clarification Weather, Events, Regional Potential, News Feed, Observation Disaster, coordination activities, the Seminar / Lecture Distance Learning, Entertainment etc.

User data can be accounted for, especially those that joined in and inflections to convey a lot of information, because using your Facebook account as authentication when the service will be connected to the server.

IndoVWT Features:
* Connections can use Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G or 4G.
* Authenticate users via Facebook Account.
* User Name is linked to Facebook.
* Code Unique ID and Inherent membership and can be used as a callsign.
* Show / Hide Photos User Profiles.
* PTT can use the handsfree / headset has buttons.
* PTT button layout settings and User List as desired.
* 3 Theme App view that Classical, Camouflage and Flowers.
* Update the information out of the user in a single channel.
* Available 1000 Channel.
* Can use a private conversation and invite other users selected.
* Manage Channel with multiple-choice mode.

The stability of communication depending on the device and the condition of internet users. Download application IndoVWT now, login with Facebook account your official, Select channel provided, press the PTT button, and start talking and sharing information Positive and Fun with friends, friends, relatives from Sabang to Merauke and Indonesian citizens in Overseas ,

* FansPage / Official Page IndoVWT
* Submissions are welcome Channel Use Contacted by Email. Thanks.
– Penambahan Info Channel di Menu Scan.
– Peningkatan Teks Nama Channel yang Panjang.
– Peningkatan Tombol PTT dari Headset, Headphone, Earphone dan Handsfree.
– PTT Aktif di Latar Belakang.
– PTT Aktif Pada Saat Layar Perangkat Padam.
– Mode Modulasi Bersamaan.
– Mode Komunikasi Suara.
– Peningkatan Tombol di Menu SET.

>>>Download Indonesia Virtual Walkie Talkie 2.1 APK<<<

Indonesia Virtual Walkie Talkie 2.1 screenshots 1Indonesia Virtual Walkie Talkie 2.1 screenshots 2Indonesia Virtual Walkie Talkie 2.1 screenshots 3

>>>Download Indonesia Virtual Walkie Talkie 2.1 APK<<<

BTS Stickers for Whatsapp – WAStickerApps 2.0 Download APK

Download BTS Stickers for Whatsapp – WAStickerApps 2.0 APK

stickers have finally arrived in whatsapp, get your bts stickers for whatsapp, if u are a fan of bts then this WAStickerApps app is made
for you, enjoy sending bts emojis and bts stickers in whatsapp to your friends, enjoy kpop whatsapp, creative stickers for whatsapp,
made for the fans of bts and kpop.
enjoy our BTS stickers for whatsapp, made with love to kpop band bts, and all the memebers jungkook, jimin, suga, RM, rap monster, V..
this is WAStickerApps finally available to bts fans, enjoy bts stickers for whatsapp.

>>>Download BTS Stickers for Whatsapp – WAStickerApps 2.0 APK<<<

BTS Stickers for Whatsapp - WAStickerApps 2.0 screenshots 1BTS Stickers for Whatsapp - WAStickerApps 2.0 screenshots 2BTS Stickers for Whatsapp - WAStickerApps 2.0 screenshots 3

>>>Download BTS Stickers for Whatsapp – WAStickerApps 2.0 APK<<<

WAStickerApps – Games stickers for Whatsapp 1.0.6 Download APK

Download WAStickerApps – Games stickers for Whatsapp 1.0.6 APK

Download figurines of your favorite games in whatsapp quickly and easily, in a single app, fortnite, pubg, clash royale, lol, mario, minecraft, among others.

Stickers for whatsapp
Whatsapp Stickers
Stickers fortnite, Fortnite stickers
Stickers Free Fire
Stickers Pubg, Pubg stickers
Stickers LoL
Stickers League of Legends
Stickers clash royale
Stickers mario
Stickers minecraft
Stickers God of war

>>>Download WAStickerApps – Games stickers for Whatsapp 1.0.6 APK<<<

WAStickerApps - Games stickers for Whatsapp 1.0.6 screenshots 1WAStickerApps - Games stickers for Whatsapp 1.0.6 screenshots 2WAStickerApps - Games stickers for Whatsapp 1.0.6 screenshots 3

>>>Download WAStickerApps – Games stickers for Whatsapp 1.0.6 APK<<<

Christmas Stickers for WhatsApp 1.0 Download APK

Download Christmas Stickers for WhatsApp 1.0 APK

This app allows you to send Christmas Stickers on WhatsApp to your friends and family.

Thanks toMohsen Fakharian for making the stickers. You can check out his website (

The PUBG Trademark and copyrights are owned by PUBG Corporation.
Initial release

>>>Download Christmas Stickers for WhatsApp 1.0 APK<<<

Christmas Stickers for WhatsApp 1.0 screenshots 1Christmas Stickers for WhatsApp 1.0 screenshots 2

>>>Download Christmas Stickers for WhatsApp 1.0 APK<<<