Sniper Shooter 3D- 2019 Commando Mission 1.3 Download APK

Download Sniper Shooter 3D- 2019 Commando Mission 1.3 APK

Summer here let’s play special forces criminal case resolver alpha beta delta group agent of the best standard offline shooting games will offers missions to survive this terror attack and killing those terrorists conquering in different gangster town army desert outlaws survival games where Commander ABD and ultimate criminal godfather aka Asphalt has been called for WWii battlegrounds of terrorists and infinite warfare of delta force different bottlelands. Fight a critical strike operation as a Counter-Terrorist. Extremely stunning FPS action sniper game. Exquisite sniper rifle and your superior assassination, the enemy will escape nowhere. Fight critical battles & strike enemies in this modern offline FPS arena shooter

Shoot as a forces special agent in the battlelands warfare battle against terror for the freedom of your forces

The Task Force has to survive shooting wars in extreme freedom force conquered enemy battle and combat establish your combat sniper stealth missions impossible with battleship equipment gunner battle of gun shooting game to fire worlds shooting game. Alpha Beta Delta loaded with assault weapons kit include dual pistol, 9mm, machine gun, AK-47, heavy weapons, grenade and health kit. Attack on enemies army shoot them dead before they counter attack. As an army ranger counter attack, user gorilla counter attack super commando war tactics to complete the missions.

Get engaged in different Critical Strike 3D shooting extravaganza games environment take it deep in full of your skill-based portable FPS and survival experience thrill of modern terrorist warfare ultimate warfare. Finalize as an ops and Special Forces criminal agent and chose your next war mission target as it will be a top trending war game against terrorists. Discover your own special forces best strategy for terrorists of sniper free shooting games. Explore 3D shooting games for a new experience and discover new worlds shoot terrorists and throw them out of the territory in this counterterrorist gun shooting game. Become the best shooter gain some hope in this hopeless battlegrounds battle arena shooter game and take your sniper out to attack the distant enemies in the arena of terrorists in this no. 1 free shooting game. Jump into the battle arena from the sky-high grab new guns and wait for the emergency danger time to fight with more terror attack and learn unique and sublime shooting games skills by wearing the bulletproof jacket of success in shooting games 2018.
Feature of Alpha Beta And Delta Strike Game:

• High Quality Graphics & engaging sound effects!
• Challenging gameplay to Scavenge for weapons!
• Gather supplies, guns and war equipment for survival!
• Battle against unknown army squad in world war shooting game!
• Assault shooting and extreme gun fire in war missions!
• Challenge yourself to be the last standing player in finest google play games!

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Sniper Shooter 3D- 2019 Commando Mission 1.3 screenshots 1Sniper Shooter 3D- 2019 Commando Mission 1.3 screenshots 2Sniper Shooter 3D- 2019 Commando Mission 1.3 screenshots 3

>>>Download Sniper Shooter 3D- 2019 Commando Mission 1.3 APK<<<

Anime Girl hd Wallpapers 1.01 Download APK

Download Anime Girl hd Wallpapers 1.01 APK

Anime Girl hd Wallpapers is a fan based application to make your mobile screen more beautiful with HD wallpapers. This application include number of high quality
Anime Girl images and automatically adjust an image to your device background. One click to select a wallpaper of your own choice.

– Lots of perfect Wallpapers in HD Quality.
– Anime Girl hd Wallpapers improve your mood
– Application works offline. No need to download wallpapers.
– Easy to save every wallpaper to your SD card.
– Optimized for all devices.
Note: All the content provided in this app is available in public domain and we do not upload any pictures or not showing any modify images or content.If there is any issue regarding this information kindly email us to fix it immediately.
Reduce ads for better usage of app

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Anime Girl hd Wallpapers 1.01 screenshots 1Anime Girl hd Wallpapers 1.01 screenshots 2Anime Girl hd Wallpapers 1.01 screenshots 3

>>>Download Anime Girl hd Wallpapers 1.01 APK<<<

Hero Anti-Crime Mission – Survive on Land 1.6 Download APK

Download Hero Anti-Crime Mission – Survive on Land 1.6 APK

Hero Anti-Crime Mission – Survive on Land is an action game of shooting mission and sniper game for free. Army Commando experience the most amazing adventure of military games and shooting against dangerous rebels of free games in battle field killing games environment. Experience extreme of kill the enemies in the war field as a world best army commando of combat games. Are you fan of battle games or shooting games? Enjoy the new shooting game to shoot the target. Duty to rescue your nation from the bad criminals and get world class advanced guns to clean battle ground of your country. Anti-Crime enemy attack army unit is the best army action game and best shooting games of bomb counter. Anti-criminal special army ops is the shooting and battle games of sniper attack to expose encounter enemies with special army life Anti Army attack clicker insurgent attackers army attack squad gun is the pure army counter specialist games sniper gun army shooter game ever you played 3D war game and free shooting game. Gun shooter of the modern war is the best shooter of military games and sniper games. Enjoy addictive mission game of free gun games and target shooting to kill attackers. Play the best survival game of shooter games and combat games.
Now you have selected for this mission where you have to fight alone commando eliminate the extremist. Army shooter 3D mission is a golden chance to finish the extremist with guns army as a best military commando you have got training from us armed force critical armed people and learned about sniper guns weapons. Commando survival gun shooting & soldier game 2019 is a free shooting game and gun rebel shooter. Anti-Army criminal attackers & insurgent games is an encounter mission against attacking battle of secret army mission attack enemies. Commando army mission game provide game to kill rebel extremist in commando army adventure army zone and don’t forget to shoot through modern sniper army shooter from a distance shot. Army Anti-Criminal attack sniper is a battle against massacre shoot in an action game in which armed agent experience the most amazing 3D adventure fighting and shooting against dangerous gunman of battle field.
Dark army legends killer game sniper for free first person shooter hero games is one of adventure games where hero army commando use sniper like free sniper games and attack through bullet free shooting game. There are multiple amazing and crazy missions to get much extremist and rebel in which you can perform different exciting ways to play free 3D gun shooter and Anti Army attacker’s team. Secret army mission attack enemies & commando army mission game provide game to kill enemy commando in this free first person shooter games. It is a challenge for you to complete this incredible operation because to live in the mission you have to save yourself and fps shooter game is to destroy insurgents with advanced weapons. Amazing and high definition 3D realistic graphics, realistic background sound effects and smooth control are the best part of it that make your interest in the game. To be a good military you have to show extra ordinary quick and good aim shooting skills. There are wild enemies everywhere around you so fight with them with bravely and eliminate all to get rid of them. So get your best advanced sniper gun and demonstrate your expert shooting and eliminate all them which allows you to perform attack on enemies in the war environment to save the country.
IF you are Finding Best Shooting Game, than check latest update for this Game, Try now!!!!

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Hero Anti-Crime Mission – Survive on Land 1.6 screenshots 1Hero Anti-Crime Mission – Survive on Land 1.6 screenshots 2Hero Anti-Crime Mission – Survive on Land 1.6 screenshots 3

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Sharingan Eye Sticker Art Design 1.00 Download APK

Download Sharingan Eye Sticker Art Design 1.00 APK

FREE for a short time only!
HD picture quality | Free | Full scope | ALL Sharingan eyes
Now you can create incredible Sharingan eyes as often as you want

Sharingan Photo Editor lets you create Itachi and Sasuke Sharingan eyes from the legendary Naruto series. Share your cool pictures with your friends on all social media platforms (Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter).

You’ve always wanted to look like your heroes from Naruto, then get the Sharingan Photo Editor now. Only now for a short time for free!
For an indescribable look, we paid special attention to the optimal HD picture quality. That’s how it works:
1) Download the app
2) Choose a picture from your album or use the camera function
3) With the integrated Photo Editor you can easily miss two Sharingan eyes
4) Use any color filter and edit your image with it
5) Save your photo or share it directly with all your friends


-Free (only for a short time)
Inch HD picture quality
Photo Editor
-Many sharingan templates
Adjust eye size
-Simple condition
-Photo album
Social Media

>>>Download Sharingan Eye Sticker Art Design 1.00 APK<<<

Sharingan Eye Sticker Art Design 1.00 screenshots 1Sharingan Eye Sticker Art Design 1.00 screenshots 2Sharingan Eye Sticker Art Design 1.00 screenshots 3

>>>Download Sharingan Eye Sticker Art Design 1.00 APK<<<

How to draw anime – DrawShow Download APK

Download How to draw anime – DrawShow APK

As an anime lover, do you want to draw Conan or one piece in your mind? However,Facing the animation creation platform of many masters of painting, you could only wait and see. ಠ╭╮ಠ
Just download the DrawShow, this is the best drawing app for beginners! No need any experience or skill, DrawShow guides you with animated tutorials from drafting to coloring. Use your finger and follow the guide, draw your stroke step by step, and you will be able to create a stunning art work by yourself, simple and fun. ٩(^ᴗ^)۶

The artist’s homemade creation tutorial is constantly updated.
Past Events:
[September] Plants OC / Delicacies OC
[August] Summer refreshing Swimwear
[July] Draw your original character set and reset
[June] Everyone has a fairy tale

THOUSANDS OF FREE TUTORIALS daily updated from professional artists and fanart lovers, which includes figures, animals, buildings, vehicles and many other categories. No matter you are a beginner or a master, you can always find something interested.
POWERFUL DRAWING TOOLS, including pencils, brushes, lancing pens, filling tools, color picking tools, rectangular and round tools, etc. You can change the thickness, transparency and line style.
MULTIPLE LAYERS supported. You can create different layers for drafting, coloring and hooking. It makes the drawing process easier and clearer.
VECTOR ZOOMING allows you to smoothly zoom in or out of the canvas without any mosaic or aliasing.
TONS OF MATERIALS in drawing library. The comic frames, holiday cards, and handbook templates bring you more inspiration.
OFFLINE USE supported. You can draw on canvas or learn with tutorials downloaded without a network.

Over two million anime fans downloaded DrawShow and joined in our community. They create thousands of fanart drawings every day, including Boruto, Naruto, Dragon Ball etc.
Artists from all over the world bring different anime art styles: American comics, European comics, Japanese manga, Korean manga and others. It’s a good idea of practicing your foreign language skill in the discussion with artists from another country.
You can find your favorite drawings by sort, tag or search. You can also like, comment or collect the drawings. It’s recommended to follow the author to subscribe the latest submission.
The newcomers are welcome. There’re special billboards for the new users, new submissions or just good at commenting or sharing.

As a responsible community, we conduct a strict review of the user generated content. Please respect the drawing copyright. If you TRACE or REFER to any drawing, you must OBTAIN the PERMISSION of the original author and MARK it.
Any drawing that violates the community terms or infringes on the intellectual property rights will be BANNED. If you find any drawing violated, please feel free to report with feedback function. Thank you for helping us keep it a community that respects copyright.

Terms of use:
Privacy Agreement:

You can submit feedback as below:
1. Feedback function of the main menu
2. Reporting function of the drawing page
3. Send private message to the administrator “CiCi Judgement”
4. Send an email to [email protected]
5. Contact the official account on SNS
a) Facebook:
b) Twitter:
c) Instagram:
d) Weibo:
New function revealed: You can send pictures in chat!

>>>Download How to draw anime – DrawShow APK<<<

How to draw anime - DrawShow screenshots 1How to draw anime - DrawShow screenshots 2How to draw anime - DrawShow screenshots 3

>>>Download How to draw anime – DrawShow APK<<<

Cute Handwrite cartoon theme for android free 2018 3.9.10 Download APK

Download Cute Handwrite cartoon theme for android free 2018 3.9.10 APK

Cute Handwrite cartoon theme for android free 2018 for android free 2018 is the latest cute theme from C Launcher theme store ! Come and install Cute Handwrite cartoon theme for android free 2018 for android free 2018 for android free 2018 and make your phone a adorable new look!

Cute Handwrite cartoon theme for android free 2018 is compatible to the wallpapers and lockers of similar launcher products. And this beautiful theme is totally FREE for C Launcher theme store ! Install Cute Handwrite cartoon theme for android free 2018 for android free 2018 now and enjoy cute home screen on your phone!

Isn’t this a lovely theme? A perfect match for every cute cellphone on every lovely day! The major tone of this theme reminds you of the sweet meringue-based confection Macaron. The background is just like a diary written by a young girl. The sprinkled colorful stars, the cute bowknots and Ukulele can awake the little girl in your heart. All the basic icons are drawn with orange, pink and white colors, similar to the creamy carrot cakes. Other cute icons are designed like colorful cottages where you can put your dreams in. Yes indeed, this theme is like a fantasy box full of sweet memories. You want to fall in the dreams and never wake up again. Install the Cute Handwrite cartoon theme for android free 2018 for android free 2018! You’ll love it!

Personalize your phone playfully!
The richest collection of free themes for Android! HD wallpapers and awesome icons, tons of free themes and skins, transparent app drawer interface and the unparalleled DIY function which allows you to turn your creative ideas into unique themes right on your phone! No matter what kind of thames you are looking for. Cute, cartoon, colorful, painting, and so on. You can find it all in C Launcher theme store!

What can be changed with this cute theme?
– Home screen background;
– Drawer screen;
– Menu screen;
– App icons;
– Folder icons

How to apply this skin?
– Install this beautiful theme;
– Install the best theme launcher – C Launcher theme store(if you haven’t yet);
– Apply Cute Handwrite cartoon theme for android free 2018

What about the compatibility with my phone?
C Launcher Team has already thought about that for you. All beautiful skins have been tested extensively and are compatible with 99% of the major Android devices. They are perfect for Samsung Galaxy, Lenovo, hp,Nokia, Nexus, HTC, and any other!

Can I apply this cute theme on my tablet?
Sure, C Launcher themes has high definition format and can be applied both, phone and tab!

DIY a theme?
No problem! In CLauncher, you are the designer! C Launcher theme is more than just a beautiful theme, it’s a themer. Mix the thousands of new wallpaper, skins and icon packs together, create new themes. Join more than 30 million C Launcher users worldwide and show them your creativity right on your phone!

Looking for the best theme for Android to show your style?
That’s exactly what we provide! All kinds of themes for all kinds of folk! Cartoon theme, cute theme, Paris theme… a world of free themes are waiting for you to choose! Designers and theme lovers across the world are coming up with new themes every day!

If you are looking for simple and cute theme with custom icons, Cute Handwrite cartoon theme for android free 2018 is not your second choice. Now, just “dress up” your Android device with cute themes for C Launcher!

This lovely theme is customized for C Launcher.

Thanks for choosing CLauncher theme. If you found this cute theme cool enough, rate five stars and share it with your friends. Your support will definitely inspire us to design more new themes!

Contact us:
E-mail: [email protected]
C Launcher 3D officially changed the name to U Launcher 3D. Be Ur Launcher! Customize and Beautify your smartphone with FREE cute theme Now!

>>>Download Cute Handwrite cartoon theme for android free 2018 3.9.10 APK<<<

Cute Handwrite cartoon theme for android free 2018 3.9.10 screenshots 1Cute Handwrite cartoon theme for android free 2018 3.9.10 screenshots 2Cute Handwrite cartoon theme for android free 2018 3.9.10 screenshots 3

>>>Download Cute Handwrite cartoon theme for android free 2018 3.9.10 APK<<<

ComicRack Free 1.80 Download APK

Download ComicRack Free 1.80 APK

ComicRack for Android is the companion for the best eComic Reader and Manager for PCs: ComicRack for Windows

Optimized for phones and tablets it allows you to read your eComics anywhere you want.

When used together with ComicRack for Windows it allows automatic synchronization of eComics with your Android device via USB, including reading positions, reading lists and bookmarks. Your synchronized eComics will also be converted and optimized so they can be read fast an reliable on your handheld device. And best of all, this way you can read all the formats ComicRack for Windows supports (PDFs and even WebComics). Optionally the eComics can even be size optimized during synchronization which usually makes them half the size without noticeable quality reduction.

ComicRack includes a Live Wallpaper that shows random covers from your library. You can even start reading by double tapping the background.

ComicRack also includes a highly configurable app widget that allows you to glimpse into your library and start reading immediately if you see something you like.

Short feature list:

• Optimized for phones and tablets
• Reader with single and double page viewing
• Advanced zoom modes
• Auto scrolling
• Right to left reading mode for mangas
• Color adjustments
• Automatic page cropping for small devices
• Full library management with lists and searching
• Management of reading states (unread, completed, bookmarks etc.)
• USB synchronization with ComicRack for Windows
• Reads CBZ and CBR natively
• When used together with ComicRack for Windows it supports CBZ, CBR, CB7, CBT, PDF, DJVU and WebComics
• Live Wallpaper
• App Widgets
• Twitter integration

This is the add supported free version. If you like the program and want to get rid of the ads, get wireless synchronisation and in general do a good thing, please buy the full version.


If you want to use your external SD Card to store Comics on Android 4.4 and above, please follow the the guide in the FAQ.
If you experience any bugs it is best to post your problems in the appropriate section of the user forum.

Online Resources:

Documentation is located at

FAQ is available at

User and Support Forum is at

Even if you have no problems you can join and talk to other ComicRack users.
IMPORTANT: To use your external SD card on Android 4.4 and above follow the guide in

• Android 5.0 support
• Autocrop is now adjustable
• Added “Home” button to folder selector
• Fixed update of values in list after changes in the information dialog
• Fixed constant refresh if read-only directory is selected
• Fixed secondary sd cards (4.4+)
• Fixed uploading cover images in tweets (adaption to twitter changes)

>>>Download ComicRack Free 1.80 APK<<<

ComicRack Free 1.80 screenshots 1ComicRack Free 1.80 screenshots 2ComicRack Free 1.80 screenshots 3

>>>Download ComicRack Free 1.80 APK<<<

Crunchyroll Manga 4.0.3 Download APK

Download Crunchyroll Manga 4.0.3 APK

Crunchyroll, the leader in streaming Anime and Asian content, is set to emerge as the digitally distribution Manga leader, starting with it’s brand new mobile app!

The Crunchyroll Manga app provides users with unlimited access to a variety of the hottest manga emerging from Japan! As soon as it hits newsstands in Japan, Crunchyroll Manga users can read the latest from hit titles like Attack on Titan, Fairy Tail, and Space Brothers.

Premium users will be able to:

* Access the latest manga as it becomes available in Japan!
* Full mobile support (iOS and Android), including ‘Koma-View,’ which allows maximum scale per panel.
* View the entire series catalog anytime, anywhere.
* Unlimited reading access.

This will be any Manga enthusiasts’ one-stop-shop for all their Manga needs.
So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of the free trial today:

Still have questions? Then check out our tutorial showcasing the full manga viewing experience:

Check back with us for the latest updates and additions, here:
Bug fixes and general improvements

>>>Download Crunchyroll Manga 4.0.3 APK<<<

Crunchyroll Manga 4.0.3 screenshots 1Crunchyroll Manga 4.0.3 screenshots 2Crunchyroll Manga 4.0.3 screenshots 3

>>>Download Crunchyroll Manga 4.0.3 APK<<<

Open Comic Reader 0.3.1 beta Download APK

Download Open Comic Reader 0.3.1 beta APK

Want to read comic books or mangas on your android tablet? Give Open Comic Reader a try. It’s a new open source project built around the goal of creating a great comic reading experience without the lag, the cost nor the Ads.

Thanks to github, you are able to communicate back with the developer with bugs that you may find and even request new features that you think would make Open Comic Reader 10x better. Or give some of your time to contribute code to the project.

Project Homepage :
Submit Bugs/Requests :

* Bar minimum permissions
* Opens ZIP/CBZ, RAR/CBR and Image Folders.
* Save reading progress and resume last read page
* Page preloading
* Choose to read from Left -> Right or Right -> Left
* Side taps on the screen to progress through the pages
* Comic library with grid of covers that can be customized
* Pinch to zoom comic pages (one finger zoom, tap and hold to activate)
* Double tap to zoom in, do it again to reset.
* Two folders can be selected to sync comics from
* Tap the left or Right side of a page for next/prev, Or Swipe from edge
* Library Filtering
* Group issues by Series, can even edit series
* ComicRack Meta Data support for Folders and Zip/Cbz
CHANGE LOG : 0.3.1 beta
– Lots of bug fixes.
– Can disable panning in settings (Great feature for phones, not so much tablets).
– Can use volume buttons to move between pages.
– Page sorting has been improved
– When tapping next on the last page will load the next comic (big request for this)

>>>Download Open Comic Reader 0.3.1 beta APK<<<

Open Comic Reader 0.3.1 beta screenshots 1Open Comic Reader 0.3.1 beta screenshots 2Open Comic Reader 0.3.1 beta screenshots 3

>>>Download Open Comic Reader 0.3.1 beta APK<<<

WebComics 1.5.41 Download APK

Download WebComics 1.5.41 APK

WebComics app is one of the most popular comic-reading platforms for American youths! Lots of exclusive legitimate comics are only here. Creators are creating captivating comics every day from everywhere for each of you. Don’t hesitate to join us! Read comics and chat with 8000k comic enthusiasts!٩(˃̶͈̀௰˂̶͈́)و

【Unique highlights of WebComics】
🌟Signed sole contract with many world-renowned creators from America, Europe, Asia, etc, to provide you with exclusive captivating comics!
🌟With high definition and full color! With excellent panels, ups and downs of the plots! We promise, you can’t help reading them!
🌟Share your opinions anytime and discuss the stories with millions of readers! Moreover, communicating intimately with your favorite creators is not a dream!
🌟The fastest update speed! More than 1,000 new chapters are released daily!

【Hot comics recommended in 2019】
🔥「Honey, Don’t Run Away」 #Romance :He is an overwhelming CEO and she is a mother of a four-year-old. They were in love, but she left without saying goodbye. Now they meet again and work in the same company. How will their story go…
🔥「First Crush」#Romance :Because of a song, two completely different fates overlapped. But for some reasons, the invisible line of destiny between them bacame so fragile…
🔥「Related Marriage」 #Modern: She makes a deal with her adoptive mother: if she agrees to an arranged marriage, she can keep the orphanage safe. In order to save the orphanage, she sacrifices herself, but little did she know the identity of her fiancé.
🔥「20 Twenty」 #BL :When I was 20, I drew a picture of you. That was how our story began.
🔥「Lily」#GL: “The most beautiful thing in the world is that I meet the best of you in the best of time.” A girl’s love comic that really makes your heart beat!
🔥「Zombie Breakers」 #Horror :When you woke up from a sweet dream, you found out that everyone turned into zombies. There was no cop, and there was no savior. What would you do?
🔥「Battle Through The Heavens」#Action : Xiao Yan was a talent who broke training record of his family, but life didn’t go as what he expected. He almost lost everything, even his power. With the help of Yao Lao and Xiao Xun-er, together, they vanquished strong enemies.

Get to know the latest comics and interact with your favorite creators.
👉Follow us
Twitter :

If you are a comic creator or you want to be a comic creator, please let us know.
📫Email:[email protected]
📮Customer Service Email: [email protected]

WebComics! One of the best comic platforms. (๑•ㅂ•)و✧
1. Upgraded the reader, you can slide into the next chapter without clicking any button, which make your reading more smoother!
2. Adjusted some sections of the Discovery page
3. OPtimized the performance to improve users experience
4. Fixed some bugs

>>>Download WebComics 1.5.41 APK<<<

WebComics 1.5.41 screenshots 1WebComics 1.5.41 screenshots 2WebComics 1.5.41 screenshots 3

>>>Download WebComics 1.5.41 APK<<<