Comic theme: Cute cartoon comic story C launcher 3.9.5 Download APK

Download Comic theme: Cute cartoon comic story C launcher 3.9.5 APK

The Comic Theme Cute cartoon story from C launcher has many favorite comic characters for your love and kids! The Comic theme & cute cartoon from C Launcher is compatible to the wallpapers and lockers of similar launcher products. And it is totally FREE for C Launcher! Install this cartoon wallpaper and funny icons for your android phone and apply this Comic theme!

Do you want to customize your phone background with cartoon characters? The comic theme is a very cute cartoon story teller! This Comic Theme is exactly what you’re looking for! The cute wallpaper and well designed pink heart icons pack will beautify your device. What are you waiting for? This is an incredible theme for kids! Try comic theme cartoon pictures. You’ll love this lovely and fabulous Cute Cartoon in your c launcher Theme
Personalize your phone playfully!
The richest collection of free themes for Android! HD wallpapers and awesome icons, tons of colorful skins, transparent app drawer interface and the unparalleled DIY function which allows you to turn your creative ideas into unique themes right on your phone! No matter what kind of thames you are looking for. Cartoon, cute, cool, nature, love, animals, and so on. You can find it all in C Launcher!

What can be changed with this skin?
– Home screen background;
– Drawer screen;
– Menu screen;
– App icons;
– Folder icons

How to apply this skin?
– Install Comic theme: Cute cartoon story C launcher
– Install the best theme launcher – C Launcher (if you haven’t yet);
– Open C Launcher’s Theme store
– Find your theme in Local
– Click Apply
– And more! Find 5000 + free themes in Launcher! Updates are every day!

What about the compatibility with my phone?
C Launcher Team has already thought about that for you. All beautiful skins have been tested extensively and are compatible with 99% of the major Android devices. They are perfect for Samsung Galaxy, Huawei, Lenovo, and any other!

Can I apply it on my tablet?
Sure, it has high definition format and can be applied both, phone and tab!

DIY a new theme?
No problem! In CLauncher, you are the designer! Mix the thousands of new wallpapers, skins and icon packs together, create new themes. Join more than 30 million C Launcher users worldwide and show them your creativity right on your phone!

Looking for the best skin for Android to show your style?
That’s exactly what we provide! All kinds of skins for all kinds of folk! Cartoon themes, cute themes, cool themes, love themes and more are waiting for you to choose! Designers across the world are coming up with new ideas every day!

And more new features are coming soon! C Launcher Team is working hard on live wallpapers and 3D themes for Android, and they are just around the corner!

Comic theme: Cute cartoon story is customized for C Launcher.

Thanks for choosing this skin. If you found it meet your taste, rate five stars and share it with your friends. Your support will definitely inspire us to design more new themes!

Contact us:
E-mail: [email protected]

>>>Download Comic theme: Cute cartoon comic story C launcher 3.9.5 APK<<<

Comic theme: Cute cartoon comic story C launcher 3.9.5 screenshots 1Comic theme: Cute cartoon comic story C launcher 3.9.5 screenshots 2Comic theme: Cute cartoon comic story C launcher 3.9.5 screenshots 3

>>>Download Comic theme: Cute cartoon comic story C launcher 3.9.5 APK<<<

Comic Time Reader 1.2.7 Download APK

Download Comic Time Reader 1.2.7 APK

Comic Time is the best manga and comic book reader, with panel-by-panel guided view thanks to its panel detection engine … and it’s free!

Take your favourite comics and get ready to get an awesome comic experience in your mobile phone with the innovative technology of the Smart Mode.

Comic Time reader optimizes your comics using advanced processing algorithms in order to detect the panels inside each page. With this comic reader, you will see only one panel at the same time, getting an optimized experienced for the mobile phone screen and allowing you to go through the comic panel-by-panel.

· Panel detection and guided view (Smart mode)
· Movie mode: Each panel is shown individually with transitions between them.
· Comic reader formats supported: CBR (rar) and CBZ (zip)
· Manga reading order supported
· Comic library with categories
· Integration with file manager and downloads
New guided view options: You can choose between a classic guided view navigation or the movie mode.
New option to add all comics in a folder.
Fix some errors:
– File format detection improved
– Avoid false panel navigation when zooming out
– Crash opening settings in some devices

>>>Download Comic Time Reader 1.2.7 APK<<<

Comic Time Reader 1.2.7 screenshots 1Comic Time Reader 1.2.7 screenshots 2Comic Time Reader 1.2.7 screenshots 3

>>>Download Comic Time Reader 1.2.7 APK<<<

Draw Cartoons 2 0.8.9 Download APK

Download Draw Cartoons 2 0.8.9 APK

Discover one of the most exciting and fun ways to express yourself through art. The complicated process of producing cartoons just became an easy task. The app takes care of every aspect of creating cartoons, from drawing characters to publishing.

Enjoy the new characters constructor and new design

List of features
* Building smooth animations by keyframes
* Embedded library of characters and items
* Character constructor (you can create items from scratch or using templates)
* Voice over cartoons or add music
* Export and video files (mp4 format) and sharing them

Some features need to be unlocked through in-app purchases.
* Several nasty bugs have been fixed
* Items editor has autosaving feature now

>>>Download Draw Cartoons 2 0.8.9 APK<<<

Draw Cartoons 2 0.8.9 screenshots 1Draw Cartoons 2 0.8.9 screenshots 2Draw Cartoons 2 0.8.9 screenshots 3

>>>Download Draw Cartoons 2 0.8.9 APK<<<

Dragon Transform Robot 1.0.24 Download APK

Download Dragon Transform Robot 1.0.24 APK

Loving transforming robot games?
Are you tired of transforming robot into car? Now it’s time to do something extraordinary so fly your dragon over the city blow the fire and destroy all the cars, pedestrians present. This game is changed and finest for you if you are a fan of Dragon & robot games! You are going to control a big dragon and which is transformable into robot. Transform your dragon into a robot to defeat enemies and save the humanity and be the hero of the world. You will be a robot, which is ready to protect its people at any price; you will be also able to blow fire in robot war. Balance your dragon & robot in the robot battle and destroy the evil robots. You will fight against other evil robots & get rid of terrorists and you have to defeat them to get access to the next level.

Ancient mythology creature is now awake from a century sleep. Forget other childish stories; the real monster is on the streets! There are several robot transformation games but this game has different features because this RPG game is combination of robot games and dragon games.

This Flying dragon is an action RPG game and it’s all about using your robot and dragon as much as you can to protect the people of city. Your Dragon can transform into robot and back into dragon. That will help you to fight against your enemy robots. In some levels you have to Catch the criminals and throw away them because they will plan badly for you and they are with evil robot and you must have to demolish the city of before they do anything bad to your city.

So, have you finally become a fan of Dragon & robot fighting games? Transform your monster dragon and flash your extreme demolition features. Dig into an incredible composite of monster robot games like never before. Aim and bombard! Get ready for biggest war action to destroy your evil robot enemies by making the best ever fighting strategy in the most addictive robot transforming games of the era. The real monsters are on the streets go and kill them.

Key Features:
Realistic transformation
Different camera view
Thrilling missions
Stunning sounds
Outstanding HD graphics
Superlative robots simulation game with dinosaur
Excellent city environment

>>>Download Dragon Transform Robot 1.0.24 APK<<<

Dragon Transform Robot 1.0.24 screenshots 1Dragon Transform Robot 1.0.24 screenshots 2Dragon Transform Robot 1.0.24 screenshots 3

>>>Download Dragon Transform Robot 1.0.24 APK<<<

Emmanuella Funny Videos 2019 3.2.3 Download APK

Download Emmanuella Funny Videos 2019 3.2.3 APK

Download our Top Rated and Free Emmanuella Comedy App from the Nigeria Princess of Comedy “Emanuella” and Her Little Cousin “Success” Popularly Know as “Aunty Success” of Mark Angel Comedy. Download, Watch and Laffwella until you do away with sorrow.

Why Download Emmanuella & Success Comedy?
– Mark Angel Comedy
– Praize Victor Comedy
– Xploit Comedy
– House of Comedy
– Brother Shaggy
– Live Comedy
– All Nigeria Comedy
– Ghana Comedy
– Uganda Comedy
– South Africa Comedy
– Animation Comedy
– Cartoons
– AY Live Comedy
– All Standup Comedy like I Go Dye, Gordons, Akpororo, Helen Paul, Bovi, Basket Mouth, Pencil, Kenny Blaq etc.
– Ability to Download your favourite Comedy and watch at your convenience
– Other Nigeria and Africa Comedy Videos also included
– Easily receive notifications on new uploaded comedy

Please don’t forget to Rate this App 5 Star if you like it.
Removed some phone permission
Enhance App Codes
Apps now load faster
Videos now stream faster

>>>Download Emmanuella Funny Videos 2019 3.2.3 APK<<<

Emmanuella Funny Videos 2019 3.2.3 screenshots 1Emmanuella Funny Videos 2019 3.2.3 screenshots 2Emmanuella Funny Videos 2019 3.2.3 screenshots 3

>>>Download Emmanuella Funny Videos 2019 3.2.3 APK<<<

US Police Robot Car Game – Police Plane Transport 1.13 Download APK

Download US Police Robot Car Game – Police Plane Transport 1.13 APK

You might have played many police transport games but this new robot transport game comes with a different set of challenges from other US police transport games. Police Robot Car Game – Police Plane Transport is a brand new edition to the police robot games from the city of New York with US police transform robot. If you want to be a police airplane transporter and a robot transformation expert all at the same time, then this robot car game is for you. NYPD police and LAPD has collaborated a secret police mission to transform robot car into police robot transforming bots to root out crime from their cities. You will get to drive best police transport truck, car, bike and police aeroplane all-in-one game for NY police. This, combined with the strategy involved in police plane transport games and technique of transforming robot games makes this robot simulator one of the best police games. Transport robot car and bike in police truck to airport and then fly cargo plane as an airplane pilot to the secret island where NYPD police research center is located. The cars & bikes will transform into transforming robots not seen in any other robot police games. Later, transport robot transforming bots in police plane for crime fighting with NYPD. So get into action with fast police car driving of police car games and robot shooting missions of robot action games to enjoy unparalleled entertainment of best robot games in this car transporter game.

In this US Police robot transport game, you will transport the robot cars and moto robots in the police truck & cargo plane to NYPD police quarters to transform them into robots. No car transporter games provide gameplay as holistic as this police robot games. Afterwards, the transforming robots will be trained to kill criminals. In case you are fan of police transport games and enjoy robot transform games, you will love this police plane game. Realistic 3D models of robot cars, police airplanes, moto robots and highly detailed environment makes police robot simulator more engaging than other police robot games. Captivating gameplay from best robot games is combined with vehicle controls of best transport games to push this new police game in the category of best police games. Police Robot Car Game – Police Plane Transport will take you for a ride in the genre beyond what you have seen yet. It would not be a survival mission as depicted in other US police transport games but a test of nerves to carry out top secret robot transformation mission in police headquarters.

If you are ready to become airplane pilot, robot transforming expert & a robot shooting pro all by yourself, we invite you to play robot transport game. Your sergeant will guide you through the police transportation steps, taking US police transport games to an supreme heights and making you a distinguished police officer in a crime city. Add to your portfolio of police robot games and transform robot games with this robot simulator.

Features of Police Robot Car Game – Police Plane Transport:
– Amazing transform robot car, moto robot and plane models
– Highly tuned police car, motorcycle & airplane controls
– Best police aeroplane games sounds & animations
– Detailed NYPD police training centers unseen in best police games
– Multi-role game with car transporter role in plane transport games
– Minor bugs resolved

>>>Download US Police Robot Car Game – Police Plane Transport 1.13 APK<<<

US Police Robot Car Game – Police Plane Transport 1.13 screenshots 1US Police Robot Car Game – Police Plane Transport 1.13 screenshots 2US Police Robot Car Game – Police Plane Transport 1.13 screenshots 3

>>>Download US Police Robot Car Game – Police Plane Transport 1.13 APK<<<

The Cute Cartoon Monkey Theme 1.1.2 Download APK

Download The Cute Cartoon Monkey Theme 1.1.2 APK

The Cute Cartoon Monkey is a mobile theme designed for you to stylize our phone in just a few simple steps.
Download the Cute Cartoon Monkey to customize your phone with exquisite app icons and HD wallpapers, there’s even a large collection of other themes ready for you to choose!
Whether you’re a cartoon fan, science fiction fan, photography fan or automobiles fan, you’ll be able to find that perfect mobile theme right here!
You can even create your own unique DIY theme using our large collection of app icons and online wallpapers, or choose photos of you or your loved ones as the wallpaper to add some personal touch.
Become your phone’s designer with just two simple steps!
So what are you waiting for?
Install the Cute Monkey now and give your phone an instant makeover!

For downloading yo need to download our CM Launche first. Than you can enjoy many different themes made by us.

Hope you download and like our work .please give us 5 ratings and your feed backs….Thank You…:)

>>>Download The Cute Cartoon Monkey Theme 1.1.2 APK<<<

The Cute Cartoon Monkey Theme 1.1.2 screenshots 1The Cute Cartoon Monkey Theme 1.1.2 screenshots 2The Cute Cartoon Monkey Theme 1.1.2 screenshots 3

>>>Download The Cute Cartoon Monkey Theme 1.1.2 APK<<<

Tappytoon Comics & Webtoons 1.87 Download APK

Download Tappytoon Comics & Webtoons 1.87 APK

Comics you’ll love – full of color, character, and charm!

Enjoy the best new comics and exclusive webtoons in Tappytoon!
Tappytoon is the official and trusted place to read hit exclusive comics from top creators. Be the first to access latest chapters of current hits, including Daughter of the Emperor, Light & Shadow, Doctor Elise and more!

Catch up on bestselling series like Bloody Sweet, Cherry Blossoms After Winter, and all-new adventures like Automata, Who Made Me a Princess, I Belong to House Castielo.

◈ NOTE: Remember to open your email inbox and click the “confirmation link” we send you after signing up with an email address! Need help? Let us know: info[@]tappytoon. com

Trial Chapters or Sign up to dive deeper
Try free series and sample chapters without sign-up as an introduction. To buy Tokens and access premium content, view select chapters with ads, create an account — you can sync chapters across devices, view unlocked chapters again anytime and more. With exclusive thrilling stories and art this good, you don’t wanna miss out!

Buy Tokens, Unlock Chapters and continue your webtoon blitz!
After your free intro, purchase and spend Tokens in the app to unlock the next premium chapters.
Plus, save big with discounts when you buy more Tokens at once and get bonus Points too! Thanks for supporting the hard work of our comic artists and creators so they can continue sharing their talent!

‘Unlock All’ or multiple chapters at once and also get bonus Points
Perfect for a late-night binge session, with benefits!

Exclusive, All-New Comics You’ll Love
Premium access to official titles! From best-selling creators and professional webtoon artists — Light & Shadow, Empress of Another World, He, Him & Us, What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim (now a hit TV drama!), What Does the Fox Say, The Abandoned Empress, This Witch of Mine, Flower Boys, The Pale Horse, You at First Sight, Curious Recipe, About Us, Heartthrob Daycare, I Got a Boy, Crossing Code, Valnocia, Dress Him Up, Roommates, Tied Up In Twins, 340 Days, Raeliana at the Duke’s, My Darling Signed In and so much more! With Search, Genres and Rankings, discover your next addiction in Tappytoon!

Daily Updates — New Chapters Everyday
An ever-expanding line up — steamy romance, BL, fantasy, comedy, sci-fi, action, even the hottest K-Pop webtoons! Webcomics for drama lovers and anime viewers. If you love reading manga, tap fiction, snappy short stories, dreamy fanfics, give us a try and you’ll be hooked in no time.

Awesome Full-Color Artwork
Crisp and eye-popping visuals from top original artists. Full-color manhwa and webtoon look amazing, just scroll to read!

Never Miss the Latest Chapter!
Create an account to organize and bookmark series, Subscribe in My Library for new chapter alerts, toggle push notifications, keep track of Recent reading history, unlock paid chapters with Tokens, and more!

Bonus features, special art and more
Exclusive art, special limited content, sneak-peeks at new webtoon series and more from our talented webcomic artists and manhwa creators.

Download now and jump in today!
Premium comics, manhwa, webtoon, graphic novels – Tappytoon

Stay in touch!

Email support: info @ tappytoon. com

At Tappytoon, we love comics and we know you do too. By enjoying your favorites on Tappytoon, your support helps these creators continue to share engaging stories in the best possible way. Thanks for joining us!

Tappytoon comics and webtoons are only available in the English language at this time.
All content on Tappytoon is serviced in official partnership with the respective creators and artists. © Tappytoon / Contents First Inc. – All rights reserved.

• fresh new look, more colorful & official comics
• unlock multiple chapters at once and get bonus Points
• use banked Points to unlock more chapters individually
• performance improvements

• High Quality image mode
• bonus Points with every purchase of Tokens!
• Push Notifications for Subscribed series
• ‘Bookmark’ a series to My Library

Every comic you enjoy in TappyToon supports our creators that make them. Thank you for showing your love by valuing their hard work ^_^

>>>Download Tappytoon Comics & Webtoons 1.87 APK<<<

Tappytoon Comics & Webtoons 1.87 screenshots 1Tappytoon Comics & Webtoons 1.87 screenshots 2Tappytoon Comics & Webtoons 1.87 screenshots 3

>>>Download Tappytoon Comics & Webtoons 1.87 APK<<<

Manga Comics GO Reader 1.0 Download APK

Download Manga Comics GO Reader 1.0 APK

Enjoy manga on your android with thousands manga collection that you can read, Manga GO reader is completely free.

Main features :
– Support most famous manga file rar, zip cbz and cbr.
– flexible zooming
– file browser to search manga or comics
– swipe the image or tap on the border of the screen to advance the page
– last page remember, you can open and close the application freely wit last page opened
– go to page function

>>>Download Manga Comics GO Reader 1.0 APK<<<

Manga Comics GO Reader 1.0 screenshots 1Manga Comics GO Reader 1.0 screenshots 2Manga Comics GO Reader 1.0 screenshots 3

>>>Download Manga Comics GO Reader 1.0 APK<<<

Challenger Comics Viewer Download APK

Download Challenger Comics Viewer APK

Challenger Comics Viewer is a FREE (NO ADS) advanced comics, manga, books and PDF viewer.
It’s really simple to use. You just have to scroll ! Pages are automatically loaded and displayed (no need to click to go to next page).
This version works perfectly on phones AND tablets.

Supported image file formats are JPG, PNG, GIF, WebP (Android 4.0+) and BMP.
Supported book file formats are PDF, CBZ/ZIP, CBR/RAR, CBT/TAR, CB7/7Z, DjVu and ePUB.

Main features are :
• Automatic page loading
• Zoom using multi-touch
• Vertical/Horizontal scrolling
• 2 display modes (Simple View which displays pages one by one and Multiple Image View which displays all pages one after the other)
• Scale filters: Bilinear, Bicubic, Lanczos4
• Library with covers displayed to quickly open comics (multiple kind of views available)
• Automatically switch to next issue when last page of the comic is displayed
• Border cropping
• Read from left to right or right to left
• Actions can be customized
• Single page and “2 page” display mode
• Filter to improve displayed image quality
• Manual scrolling by moving finger on screen
• Autoscrolling by long pressing on screen
• Tap to go to Next/Previous pages
• Fit to Width/Height/Screen display
• Multiple Image preview type
• Option to direct access to page
• History management
• Support multi-language (for now, english, french, russian, italian)
• Border can be display over Bitmap to easily identify each pages
• Contrast/Brightness/Saturation management
• Screen brightness management
• Application can be moved to SD Card
• Cached data can be stored in internal memory or SD Card
• Supports Samsung “Multi-Window” mode
• Color themes

Files can be accessed on the device or network.
Supported network protocols are :
• Google Drive
• OneDrive/SkyDrive
• Mega
• Ubooquity (
• DLNA/Upnp (Need Android >= 4.0.3)
• OPDS (beta)
• Windows/SAMBA/CIFS
• DropBox
• Webdav/Cloud (like,,, …)

The application needs a phone/tablet with lots of memory and a powerful processor, so don’t be disappointed if your phone is quite old and performance is not good.
For instance, it works perfectly on Nexus 4, Nexus 7, Nexus 10, Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S7, Galaxy Tab, …

Documentation is available at :
An FAQ is available at :
The English forum :

Please add comments if you like this app or if you have some new features idea.
To report bugs, don’t hesitate to send me e-mail.
Thanks !
Version 2.1.28:
• Added support of DjVu file format
• Added Share cover action
• Added Collection cover management (using folder.jpg file or using Set collection cover action)
• Added button to send log file to developer by email (in Options => System => About => Send logs to developer)
• Added new library sort mode (display Last read first)
• Improved overall performances
• Improved Google Drive access
• Upgraded Dropbox API to v2
• Fixed minor bugs

>>>Download Challenger Comics Viewer APK<<<

Challenger Comics Viewer screenshots 1Challenger Comics Viewer screenshots 2Challenger Comics Viewer screenshots 3

>>>Download Challenger Comics Viewer APK<<<