Morpheus Mobile 0.1.28 Download APK

Download Morpheus Mobile 0.1.28 APK

Morpheus Mobile is a complete Sales/Field Force automation tool for managing, scheduling & monitoring team activities in real time. Morpheus tracks and analyses activities so you can plan, execute and monitor better, leading to reliable and up-to-date data.

Some Features Include:
-Daily Calls
– Business Intelligence
– Geotagging, GPS & Maps
– Free Form Audits/Checklists/Surveys
– Unlimited Price/Product Lists
– iOS or Android
– Content Library
– On- Device Ordering
– Online/Offline
– Centralised Admin Console
Added new GPS location capture feature
Added new warnings for customer visits
New check in/check out buttons
Improved diagnostics

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Morpheus Mobile 0.1.28 screenshots 1Morpheus Mobile 0.1.28 screenshots 2Morpheus Mobile 0.1.28 screenshots 3

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SuperLiveHD 1.8 Download APK

Download SuperLiveHD 1.8 APK

SuperLiveHD is a specially developed monitoring software for the Android Pad(Only Android 3.0/3.1/3.2. No ICS).
Customers can view real time video streaming, control operations on the Android Pad.

Function description:
1.Support real time video streaming
2.Support 1/4/6/8/9 split screen display
3.Support PTZ control(Direction/Zoom/Focus/Iris/Preset Points/Cruise)
4.Support channel video capture/record/playback
5.Support channel audio play
6.Support talk
7.Support device list. No number limit
Optimize the quality of video display
Compatible new device:AHD, TVI, hybrid DVR
Auto check the lastest app version
The max limit changed 4 channels with previewing NVR or IPC
modified in Android5.0 system into a client crash scene
modify the equipment IPC sub-stream, device-side rate is not the right questions
Modify the Android 5.0 system, the login screen when using google input button flashes problem
Fix some bug

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SuperLiveHD 1.8 screenshots 1SuperLiveHD 1.8 screenshots 2SuperLiveHD 1.8 screenshots 3

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Mobile Inventory 4.6.5 – Breithorn – pr Download APK

Download Mobile Inventory 4.6.5 – Breithorn – pr APK

*Recommended for Small and Medium-sized businesses

Some free features available:

– Stock management
– Take stock
– Take stock from Stock management
– Locations management
– Import in batch or add items one by one
– Barcode / QR code scanner & Search to quickly identify items
– Filter items by category / counted / tags / custom fields / locations
– Built-in calculator
– User defined tags
– Operations history
– Custom fields
– Change products list display
– Switch Barcodes / QR codes between inventories

Premium features:

– Export data to .xls / .xlsx file
– NFC support
– External barcode scanner support
– Backup & Restore data

Mobile Inventory is an easy to use application that helps you to manage your inventory and do from time to time “take stock” operations.

Why Mobile Inventory? Because it’s simple, intuitive and does its job!


1) Populate your products list

It’s your decision how to do it: add products one by one, import from an excel / csv list or get the products from another inventory.

2) Manage stock entries

Beside products, inventory management needs entries to be added. In a very quick manner you can add inputs, outputs and movements between locations

3) Manage inventory by locations

Your inventory could have one or more locations to manage. That why Mobile Inventory allows you to define locations, manage transactions and extract reports by location.

4) Get real time stocks and navigate easily through transactions

Real time entries mean real time stocks … Analyze the entries by using friendly tools: filters, sort, quick search, etc.

5) Export inventory – stocks and entries

Transfer your work to an excel file (locally, on drive, shared via email, etc.)


1) Get products from Predefined lists / Stock management or Add products manually

Populate products list by choosing from the alternatives: importing from a predefined Excel (.xls, .xlsx, .csv) product list, taking over from Stock management at a certain date, adding products manually one by one.

2) Count items

Add collected quantities by using: barcode scan, quick search, category filter, calculator, tags, counting history, batching factor.

3) Export counting results (excel file)

Capitalize your work and export inventory list in a .xls /.xlsx format file. The exported list is especially designed for following matching processes and can be saved locally, on drive, shared via email, etc.

For detailed information visit and .

If you have additional questions about the application, improvement suggestions or feedback please contact our support team at [email protected]
Quickly authenticate via Google or email account
Automatic backup for authenticated users
Interface for managing locations, tags, fields
Setting – auto add entry after a barcode scan
Multiple devices synchronization – in Beta

>>>Download Mobile Inventory 4.6.5 – Breithorn – pr APK<<<

Mobile Inventory 4.6.5 - Breithorn - pr screenshots 1Mobile Inventory 4.6.5 - Breithorn - pr screenshots 2Mobile Inventory 4.6.5 - Breithorn - pr screenshots 3

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WELS Supplier Warehouse 1.0.5 Download APK

Download WELS Supplier Warehouse 1.0.5 APK

Receive stock orders, cargo, transportation tickets and more. Use the Pick list to get items for today and send off your cargo packages. Search your inventory to find the items you are look for. Scan QR codes to get information about your stock items.

The use of WELS Supplier Warehouse requires a valid WELS Supplier user account.
Upgraded Android SDK to 28 API level.

>>>Download WELS Supplier Warehouse 1.0.5 APK<<<

WELS Supplier Warehouse 1.0.5 screenshots 1WELS Supplier Warehouse 1.0.5 screenshots 2

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LinkedIn SlideShare 1.6.8 Download APK

Download LinkedIn SlideShare 1.6.8 APK

Boost your knowledge anytime, anywhere with the official LinkedIn SlideShare app. Explore over 15 million presentations, videos and infographics in stunning, full-screen layout. No time to read now? Save favorites to read later – even offline!

Use the official LinkedIn SlideShare app to:

– Explore over 15 million professional presentations, infographics, and videos in stunning, full-screen layout
– Discover content in your favorite topics, with over 30 to explore – from Technology and Leadership to Engineering and Healthcare
– Save your favorites to read later (even offline!) on your phone or Android tablet
– Check out the top presentations trending in your social network, and share the ones you like with friends and colleagues on SlideShare, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter
– And now you can clip the best content on SlideShare and organize your research into Clipboards, all in one place.

LinkedIn SlideShare has something for everyone!

– LinkedIn SlideShare is the world’s largest community for sharing presentations and professional content, with 60 million unique visitors a month and more than 15 million uploads
– So much more than just slides! Find infographics, videos, how-to guides, data & analytics reports, industry research, thought-leadership articles, Q&As, DIY instructions, visual guides and more
– Follow companies and organizations like Dell, Ogilvy, the White House, Netflix, NASA and more, who share their expertise on SlideShare
– Learn from industry pros like Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman, Silicon Valley entrepreneur Guy Kawasaki and more
– Explore keynotes from top industry conferences like SXSW and Dreamforce
– Students can use SlideShare for academic research, professionals can deepen their industry knowledge, and everyone can explore interesting topics to learn something new!

– Full Topics List: Editor’s Picks, Art & Photos, Automotive, Business, Career, Data & Analytics, Design, Devices & Hardware, Economy & Finance, Education, Engineering, Entertainment & Humor, Environment, Food, Government & Non-Profit, Health & Magazine, Healthcare, Internet, Investor Relations, Law, Leadership & Management, Lifestyle, Marketing, Mobile, News & Politics, Presentations & Public Speaking, Real Estate, Recruiting & HR, Retail, Sales, Science, Self Improvement, Services, Small Business & Entrepreneurship, Social Media, Software, Spiritual, Sports, Technology, Travel

Download the LinkedIn SlideShare app to boost your knowledge – anytime, anywhere

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Bug Fixes

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LinkedIn SlideShare 1.6.8 screenshots 1LinkedIn SlideShare 1.6.8 screenshots 2LinkedIn SlideShare 1.6.8 screenshots 3

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AWS Console 1.19.7 Download APK

Download AWS Console 1.19.7 APK

The AWS Console mobile app, provided by Amazon Web Services, lets you view resources for select services. The app also supports a limited set of management functions for select resource types, so you can use the app to support incident response while you’re on the go.

EC2, S3, Route 53, ELB, RDS, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, CloudFormation, DynamoDB, Auto Scaling, and AWS OpsWorks customers can use the app to browse resources and view configuration details, metrics, and alarms. Management functionality is supported for EC2, RDS, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, DynamoDB, Auto Scaling, and AWS OpsWorks. Service Health Dashboard notifications provide real-time information on service availability, and users with billing and CloudWatch permissions can monitor total estimated service charges.

The AWS Console mobile app requires an existing AWS account. Simply create an identity using your account credentials and select your region in the menu. The app lets you stay signed in to multiple identities at once. Note that if you sign in with an AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) user account, you need to use the account alias that was included in the email address from your administrator. If you use AWS Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), we recommend using either a hardware MFA device or a virtual MFA on a separate mobile device for the greatest level of account protection.

We regularly release updates with new features. Tell us what features you need and how you would use them with the Feedback link in the app’s menu. We’re listening!
This update launches EU (Stockholm) region and improves app stability.

How are we doing? Tell us how we can make the app better and request new features by using Feedback in the app’s menu. We’re listening!

>>>Download AWS Console 1.19.7 APK<<<

AWS Console 1.19.7 screenshots 1AWS Console 1.19.7 screenshots 2AWS Console 1.19.7 screenshots 3

>>>Download AWS Console 1.19.7 APK<<<

SPARTA Acumen Aviation 1.0.1 Download APK

Download SPARTA Acumen Aviation 1.0.1 APK

Aircraft Inspection Management Platform – SPARTA. Property of Acumen Aviation Europe Limited. SPARTA amis to standardize, streamline and revolutionize Aircraft Inspection and Reporting. Platform achieves process improvement, accuracy and efficiency in Acumen Aviation internal / business process.
– Some enhancements
– Bug fixes

>>>Download SPARTA Acumen Aviation 1.0.1 APK<<<

SPARTA Acumen Aviation 1.0.1 screenshots 1SPARTA Acumen Aviation 1.0.1 screenshots 2SPARTA Acumen Aviation 1.0.1 screenshots 3

>>>Download SPARTA Acumen Aviation 1.0.1 APK<<<

TrackEnsure WMS 0.0.26 Download APK

Download TrackEnsure WMS 0.0.26 APK

TrackEnsure Warehouse Management System (WMS) is an application that provides a convenient mobile interface for warehouse workers to execute their tasks.

A warehouse worker (also known as a shipper in trucking and logistics) can use this phone application to interface with the TrackEnsure WMS backend system in order to receive, perform and complete tasks assigned to the worker by dispatchers and other administrators.
Integrated warehouse and yard management.

>>>Download TrackEnsure WMS 0.0.26 APK<<<

TrackEnsure WMS 0.0.26 screenshots 1TrackEnsure WMS 0.0.26 screenshots 2TrackEnsure WMS 0.0.26 screenshots 3

>>>Download TrackEnsure WMS 0.0.26 APK<<<