BAEL’s Children – Chapter I Download APK

Download BAEL’s Children – Chapter I APK

Blitz through dungeons fighting hordes of wild demons using battle skills and upgrading your character as you go along the envolving plot!

Follow the story of Asara, picking it up right after the Prologue, as she embarks in a story of revenge and starts to come to terms with her state of mortality

2D art, with randomly generated dungeons, without random encounters. battle system is similar to some old school games like the “Tales of” series and Star Ocean. A bit inspired by other awesome RPGs like Zenonia and Final Fantasy, or those made by Kemco

Please try out the Prologue before you buy, to make sure it works fine on your phone! This game may not be free, but the prologue sure is completely free!

Action RPG with an slightly urban feel, heavily inspired by games like The World Ends With You and the Shin Megami Tensei series.

Some of the secret powers are reminiscent of animes like Dragon Ball Z, so it’s a sort of anime RPG, since the graphics are anime-ish too.

Surely, it may not be online, and it may not be 3D, but don’t you miss the good ol’ games of single player, 2D Action RPGs? I sure do.

Music by Kevin Macleod!

>>>Download BAEL’s Children – Chapter I APK<<<

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>>>Download BAEL’s Children – Chapter I APK<<<

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