Kawaii Wallpaper 1.1 Download APK

Download Kawaii Wallpaper 1.1 APK

Kawaii Wallpaper app contains many pictures for your phone!!!

Nice features of Kawaii Wallpaper consist of :

-Contain 100+ high quality pictures
-HD Kawaii Wallpaper
-3D Kawaii Wallpaper
-Set As Wallpaper
-Zoom In Out
-Kawaii Wallpaper will not drain your battery
-Optimized Battery Usage
-You can save or Share
-You can download this Wallpaper for free

If you like Kawaii Wallpaper, please leave a comment and qualify with 5 stars,
goodluck hopefully our application Can Be Useful for all of you
get the others our Apps Now!!
– New more HD pictures
– Functionality and Performance Improvement
– Bug fixes

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Kawaii Wallpaper 1.1 screenshots 1Kawaii Wallpaper 1.1 screenshots 2Kawaii Wallpaper 1.1 screenshots 3

>>>Download Kawaii Wallpaper 1.1 APK<<<

Wheres My Droid 6.4.6 Download APK

Download Wheres My Droid 6.4.6 APK

Find My Phone!
The first find your phone app on the Android Market continues to get better and better. Now with more features, it is easier than ever to track down your lost phone.

Where’s My Droid Features
~ Find phone by making it ring/vibrate
~ Find phone using GPS location
~ GPS Flare – Location alert on low battery
~ Remotely lock device – (Requires Android 6.0.1 or less)
~ Remotely wipe SD card
~ Remotely wipe phone data
~ Passcode protection to prevent unauthorized app changes
~ Notification of changed SIM card or phone number
~ No battery drain

Premium Features in Elite
~ Take pictures with the devices camera
~ Prevent app from being uninstalled
~ Geofencing
~ Auto Theft Detection
~ Passive Location Updates
~ Motion Alarm
~ Location History
~ View Contacts
~ View Device Stats and Nearby Wi-Fi

Lost Phone?
Where’s My Droid can turn the ringer volume up and make your phone ring. The app can also get the GPS coordinates with a link to Google maps if you’re not near enough to your phone to hear the ringer. You have the freedom to track your phone from anywhere with our online Commander system.

Stolen Phone?
Feel secure knowing that a thief won’t be able to access your personal information on your lost phone. You are able to wipe and lock your stolen phone. Locking your phone will make it unusable while you try to track your lost phone’s location. If there is no hope of finding your phone, then you can erase your personal information with the wipe feature.

The app does require a lot of permissions. For more details on why the app needs these permissions visit WheresMyDroid.com

* This app uses the Device Administrator permission *
Removed hidden icon feature to comply with new Google Play rules.

>>>Download Wheres My Droid 6.4.6 APK<<<

Wheres My Droid 6.4.6 screenshots 1Wheres My Droid 6.4.6 screenshots 2Wheres My Droid 6.4.6 screenshots 3

>>>Download Wheres My Droid 6.4.6 APK<<<

Free & Premium VPN – FinchVPN 2.0.2 Download APK

Download Free & Premium VPN – FinchVPN 2.0.2 APK

Surf the Internet freely, securely and anonymously

You are being spied on. Governments, corporations, and criminals all want your internet browsing data. Protect your privacy with FinchVPN.

NOTICE: You cannot use this app to get free/unlimited Internet, please READ the description before downloading | → DATA PACK NEEDED ← | No hay internet gratis | Không có Internet miễn phí | Hayır ücretsiz internet
Direct download link: http://goo.gl/FgOPvw

– Prevent hackers and data sniffers tap into your connection on an unsecured public Wi-Fi Hotspot and steal your data.
– Unblock region restrictions in your local area (school, cafe, geographically restricted)
– Encrypts all data you send and receive. Your passwords, e-mails and browsing activity are scrambled.
– Improve your connection speed when you surf, shop or watch movie online on some countries (Eg: China)
– Prevent your ISP from inspecting, prioritizing and throttling the data sent to and from your device.
– Bypass schools, governments and workplaces restricted web content. Unblock Facebook, Skype, YouTube, uTorrent, and US/UK radio!
– After connected to FinchVPN your online identity will be masked behind one of our anonymous IP addresses.
– Get a safe and encrypted connection between your device and the Internet anywhere anytime.


FinchVPN creates a secure Internet connection where your Internet provider sees only encrypted data, and the final destination sees only FinchVPN location and IP information.

Can FinchVPN connect on my phone/device that has no load or credit?
No, please read https://discuss.finchvpn.com/t/can-finchvpn-connect-on-my-phone-device-that-has-no-load-or-credit/33


Plan & Pricing
Free Plan – Free 3GB for free server every month (Limited servers)
Pro Plan – 25 GB/month
Premier Plan – Unlimited GB/month except some Asia servers.
more info – https://www.finchvpn.com/pricing
We are VPN provider, we are not ISP, you need to use your data to connect to VPN

Supported Feature
– OpenVPN (UDP/TCP) with ports selection
– Anti DPI – Bypass firewall that block VPN
– SSH VPN – Tunnel OpenVPN under SSH connection
– Apps Filtering/Firewall – Select which apps to go through VPN
– Custom Config

– FinchVPN account is needed to use the app. (You can register for free any time) with a single account, you can connect to VPN on Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, etc

Instead of rating 1 or 2 star,please email to [email protected] or leave a comment so that we can fix or improve it.

Official Telegram Group :

Leaving comments such as “Doesn’t work.” and rating 1 star surely won’t get you any help. Kindly contacting us directly is proven to give much better results, and higher levels of satisfaction for everybody. 🙂
Please write an email if you have any problems, questions or feature requests.
2.0.2 (35)
– Order in app now available again.

[Fixed] Crash, bugs
… and more!

>>>Download Free & Premium VPN – FinchVPN 2.0.2 APK<<<

Free & Premium VPN - FinchVPN 2.0.2 screenshots 1Free & Premium VPN - FinchVPN 2.0.2 screenshots 2Free & Premium VPN - FinchVPN 2.0.2 screenshots 3

>>>Download Free & Premium VPN – FinchVPN 2.0.2 APK<<<

Lounge – Klassik Radio Live Station 1.0 Download APK

Download Lounge – Klassik Radio Live Station 1.0 APK

Lounge – Klassik Radio Station FM Free is a simple app with little weight.

Lounge – Klassik Radio is very simple. Without complications, just touch play and enjoy your Lounge – Klassik Radio Radio station

The best Chill Out music in Lounge – Klassik Radio. Like a paradise with relax and lounge.

The Lounge – Klassik Radio Radio Station is your best ChillOut Station. ambient, easy listenning and Lounge.

Lounge – Klassik Radio is an Radio Render app. Download NOW in the Play Store!

For questions, suggestions and inquiries write an email (see official developer’s profile).

>>>Download Lounge – Klassik Radio Live Station 1.0 APK<<<

Lounge - Klassik Radio Live Station 1.0 screenshots 1Lounge - Klassik Radio Live Station 1.0 screenshots 2Lounge - Klassik Radio Live Station 1.0 screenshots 3

>>>Download Lounge – Klassik Radio Live Station 1.0 APK<<<

US Granny Sniper 1 Download APK

Download US Granny Sniper 1 APK

Tera ghata chief! Cover Fire lead the battle Counter terrorist vs anti gun shooting game give you classic hardcore FPS games.Play a sensational role in sniper. Use your sniper skills and shoot your target in shooting. its not a fake or prank an incoming fake call sniper to show off his skills.
Be the top shooter commander and hunt all who are hiding in strategic locations.So equip yourself with the best gun and hunt them down to be the top shooter. .
Granny us sniper keeps you locked get out of her house, but be careful and quiet.Fight against Tetracorp and lead a mercenary riot on every mission
running hiding,scary is not going to work.New Sniper attack Shooting 2018 this escape sniper, you will show your shooting expertise and shoot the enemy
sniper guns with telescope in killer games.We will give you multiple thrilling and adventurous missions in shooting games.
Sniper Games Sniper having Legacy mission to eliminate challenges and tasks freely in open city may engage you for hours of entertainment.


Free shooter and sniper experience. Take cover, aim and shoot. Don’t let the terrorists own the world in the best free shooting game ever!
sniper chief!must have to be prepared for any kind of counter shooting.As shots of rifle can be heard from the distance so you must engage their locations.
Shoot to Kill and release the fury of this war!
–Multiple camera views,
–Multiple rifles to unlock

• Realistic Sniper games play
• Learn the sniper strategies
• Thrilling action packed sniper missions
• Stunning 3d graphics of city environment
• first totally offline sniper game

>>>Download US Granny Sniper 1 APK<<<

US Granny Sniper 1 screenshots 1US Granny Sniper 1 screenshots 2US Granny Sniper 1 screenshots 3

>>>Download US Granny Sniper 1 APK<<<

PUZZLE STAR BT21 1.6.0 Download APK

Download PUZZLE STAR BT21 1.6.0 APK

◆ Exciting #puzzle game with drawing and popping
More than 4 million friends around the world are
enjoying this game!
#DaBestGame #DaBest For Those In The Know.
Play Now!

◆ All you have to do is just draw blocks at your
Simple and fun!
Start the game and draw blocks
Once you start, POW, you can’t stop it!
Innovative yet easy to learn if you are familiar with
Tetris and Match 3 genre, it’s so fun, you will
simply love it!
Add to your #wishlist !

◆ Various missions and maps – No time to get bored!
Discover over 40 exciting episodes and explore
more than 700 stages!
New episodes are available every 2 weeks!
Stay tuned!

◆ Simply and exciting missions are waiting for you!
[Crack the Crackers], [Ghost Hunt],
[Candy Collection], [Gem Collection],
[Churros Collection], [UFO Launch],
[Jelly Hunt], [Drink Milk], [Bomb Detonation],
[Lollipop Collection]
Just need a few minutes break to play!
Enjoy your free time with BT21!

◆ Collect attractive and lovely characters and
upgrade the skills!
Over 200 cute, adorable Costume characters ( #RJ
#KOYA ) are waiting for you!
Your characters will be greatly helpful to clear the
stages with their powerful skills.

◆ Get characters through events, missions, and the
Gacha System, and complete character sets.
You can get a prize every day!
Various events—Auto Match Battle mode, Group
Match Collection mode, etc.—are held every week
for everyone!
Don’t Miss your chance to get free gifts through
push message!

** #FRIENDS CREATORS’ first project, #BT21 is a refreshingly new character lineup created through #LINE FRIENDS’ collaboration with #BTS .
** BT21 is free to play, and in-app purchase is available to assist your gameplay!
** Allow “BT21” to access your photos /media /save /files /address book/phone numbers: To install, save, update the games. We only need access to your address book and phone numbers to link your social network accounts (Google/Facebook/LINE) the game itself will not access them.

■ Follow Us!
– Twitter
– Facebook
– Instagram
■ Terms of use:
■ Privacy policy
■ Customer Service
– KR [email protected]
– EN [email protected]
– JP [email protected]
– TW [email protected]
■ Dev. [email protected]
Patch Note BT21 1.6.0
What’s New

– Added Clubhouse Event
– Added Quest System
– Improved UI
– Improved Shop System
– Fixed Minor Bugs

>>>Download PUZZLE STAR BT21 1.6.0 APK<<<

PUZZLE STAR BT21 1.6.0 screenshots 1PUZZLE STAR BT21 1.6.0 screenshots 2PUZZLE STAR BT21 1.6.0 screenshots 3

>>>Download PUZZLE STAR BT21 1.6.0 APK<<<

BTS hexagon 1.0.4 Download APK

Download BTS hexagon 1.0.4 APK

A special gift for BTS FAN.
Enjoy great game BTS hexagon now!

🌟 BTS’s Members:
💕 Rap Monster (Kim Namjoon; 김남준) – Leader, Rapper
💕 Jin (Kim Seokjin; 김석진) – Vocalist
💕 Suga (Min Yoongi; 민윤기) – Rapper
💕 J-Hope (Jung Hoseok; 정호석) – Rapper, Dancer
💕 Jimin (Park Jimin; 박지민) – Vocalist, Dancer
💕 V (Kim Taehyung; 김태형) – Vocalist
💕 Jungkook (Jeon Jeongguk; 전정국) – Vocalist, Rapper, Dancer

FREE BTS Bangtan Boys Puzzle Game: hexagon, hex, hexa, bts wallpaper, bts game, bts bangtan, bts app, fandom for bts, bts keyboard, kpop game

>>>Download BTS hexagon 1.0.4 APK<<<

BTS hexagon 1.0.4 screenshots 1BTS hexagon 1.0.4 screenshots 2BTS hexagon 1.0.4 screenshots 3

>>>Download BTS hexagon 1.0.4 APK<<<

Real Piano 1.14 Download APK

Download Real Piano 1.14 APK

The best piano keyboard on the Google Play!
For pianists, keyboardists, musician, performers, artists, amateurs or beginners!
Enhance your fun with different musical instruments(Piano, Flute, Organ, Guitar).
Real Piano app with musical instruments to help you learn chords and music notes for free! Learn how to play the piano keys in many interesting ways!
Download right now and learn to play the piano keyboard on your Phone or Tablet for free!
This App will ensure the development of the your musical abilities.
Allows your children to learn while they are having fun and improve their intelligence levels.
Play piano with different kind of music with pleasure.

You can record while playing the piano. You can set the size of the piano with the plus and minus keys.


* 88 Keys
* Multitouch
* Adjustable piano size
* A complete keyboard
* Studio audio quality
* Instruments like Grand Piano, Synth, Organ, Acoustic Guitar, Flute
* A perfect real piano keyboard set
* Very easy to use
* 7 octaves
* Record mode
* Play in loop
* Grand Piano
* Works with all screen resolutions – Cell Phones and Tablets
* Free

Have a good time!
Full Size Keyboard
Added piano size adjustment feature.
Show / hide notes added.
The graphics have been improved.
More realistic use.

>>>Download Real Piano 1.14 APK<<<

Real Piano 1.14 screenshots 1Real Piano 1.14 screenshots 2Real Piano 1.14 screenshots 3

>>>Download Real Piano 1.14 APK<<<

Morpheus Merchandising 0.1.14 Download APK

Download Morpheus Merchandising 0.1.14 APK

Morpheus Mobile is a complete Sales/Field Force automation tool for managing, scheduling & monitoring team activities in real time. Morpheus tracks and analyses activities so you can plan, execute and monitor better, leading to reliable and up-to-date data. Focused at field promoters/marketers using a smartphone to capture data.

Some of the Key Features are:
– Assign Tasks
– Track Time
– Planogram Compliance
– Track On Shelf Availability
– Accurate Merchandising
– Business Intelligence
– Product Placement
– GPS and Planning
– Content Library
– Check Returns
– Works online or offline
– Admin management from center console
Added absenteeism
Added change customer to the dashboard
New customer selection screen
General improvements
Bug fixes

>>>Download Morpheus Merchandising 0.1.14 APK<<<

Morpheus Merchandising 0.1.14 screenshots 1Morpheus Merchandising 0.1.14 screenshots 2Morpheus Merchandising 0.1.14 screenshots 3

>>>Download Morpheus Merchandising 0.1.14 APK<<<